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    Just watched the interview. Jurgen Klopp is a great man and we are lucky to have him. We have a manager who has given us success, but more importantly he’s the kind of person we can be proud to call our manager.
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    As it’s National Suicide Prevention day today, just using that as a prompt to air some things which have been on my mind a lot lately. Apologies for the long post, I rarely frequent this thread for a number of reasons, so this is a bit of a Hindenturd covering all of it on one go. Had plenty of my own dark times over the years, lived with fluctuating bouts of depression and had recurring mental health challenges my whole life, including several periods where I was in an impossibly deep black hole for a year or even more, before I eventually realised and was able to gradually work on coming back out of it. 2019 was the last time I was really in the thick of that, but the first time fully contemplating not being here anymore of my own volition. I’ve since taken the opportunity to open up more and talk to people, both professionally and otherwise, about how things are and have been. That’s helped immeasurably, along with several other factors making life significantly easier in general. As many have, I’ve lost a number of friends to suicide, and it’s beyond words. A good college mate when we were 17. A lad who was more of an acquaintance, but had stayed at mine with his wife and partied with us a few times. In particularly traumatic and tragic circumstances a long-standing family friend who, as well as my brother and I, gave a eulogy at my Dad’s funeral and for whom I then repaid the tribute at his. And a really dear friend, 5 years ago already, who had done so very much for me and who the loss of and the circumstances surrounding that remain painful. His death was the final straw in me deciding to try to get qualified to work in counselling/therapy as a profession and to start taking up voluntary roles supporting people going through a hard time. Started training with The Samaritans recently and already seeing the great work they do giving people the chance to be heard and to say what’s sometimes bottled up deep within them, without an outlet or a listening ear, is inspiring. I often think how at odds all that is with me sometimes contributing to daft, spiteful online spats and arguments. I apologise for my part in those. Many of us do that on here without giving it enough thought, but despite our various differences, I know plenty chronically battle with their mental health and/or face major challenges in life which trigger such issues. I also know everyone ultimately wishes each other all the best and wants each other to be well, whatever gets said in anger. I sometimes wonder if the direction of travel is that spending too long arguing/getting irritated by stuff you read online can be detrimental to your mental health, if experiencing mental health problems make us more likely to seek such online information and interaction, or a bit of both. Maybe it’s neither, and the prevalence is just the same as it is among the general population, whether they’re regularly using the Internet like this or not. Who knows. Either way, I just wanted to wish everyone who’s struggling all the best, and to say keep on keeping on, because now and then life shows you new light when it seemed things would always remain in darkness. Talking to people can truly help in getting your thoughts - which we should always take with a huge pinch of salt anyway, as they’re not the facts we often treat them as - out of your head, so you can order and make better sense of them. Keeping hold of the ones which are useful and dispensing with the ones which aren’t serving you well. I saw this for the first time a few weeks ago, and for many of the reasons above and simply because it landed square on any humanity I have, it really affected me. Found it very powerful. The humility and gentle bravery of this fella, and his evident desire to pay forward his own positive outcome even though it was tangibly difficult for him to speak about, says more about this subject than one of my Paul Tomkins-esque diatribes ever would. What a fucking marvellous person. There’s a slightly more life-affirming overall second video with where he’s at now in the link below, which bookends the first one quite nicely. https://shiningalightonsuicide.org.uk/story/darran/ Obviously there is no one size fits all, no identical circumstances experienced and no path one person has taken which will work for everyone. We can’t know someone else’s experiences or difficulties precisely, even if we’ve lived through similar, because we’re all so different in how we respond and where our various thresholds are set. But if anyone is really struggling and needs someone to sit with them and hear them out, to talk through difficult feelings and situations being faced, though asking for it often feels very hard, it can be a great thing to do. Be it via organisations like The Samaritans, be it on the open forum, a PM to another poster (I’m always happy to listen and give my number to someone who needs a chat, I’m sure plenty of others are too) or with people who, if you’re really fucking strange, you know in the real world, away from all your Internet friends. It might just be the best thing you ever do, because please trust me, even if you’re in the headspace where you think people or life are better off without you, they’re really not. The one thing I thought at each of the funerals of my mates who took their own life, was ‘if only they could have seen this today’; how much they meant to everyone there and how much people loved and wanted them around. I wondered if that might just have given them pause and the thought that was even a possibility was absolutely brutal. Don’t really know how to end that far too long stream-of-consciousness other than to say nice one if it didn’t bore you to tears well before the end, and be well you cunts, best wishes to all.
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    Interestingly, the largest producer of Brazil nuts is not Brazil but Bolivia. Been itching to find a conversation to slip that one in. As you were.
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    I think once everyone who wants a vaccine has had one, whatever rates we're left with is the world we're going to have to live in. I don't see how more lockdowns or curbs are sustainable socially or economically. They made sense while trying to 'hold back the fire' while we developed countermeasures, but after that, they don't IMO. It's tragic when anyone gets ill or dies, and the coldness of that attitude is meant as no insult to anyone who's suffered as a result, but illness is something virtually generation before us has had to build their lives around. We're singularly lucky in that we haven't grown up in that type of world due to modern medicine, but I bet most of our grandparents had lost at least one sibling before they'd even reached adulthood, it was just the way the world was. Sadly, because of the way our society is now, even a pandemic has been weaponised against 'the other side'. Rather than solidarity in the face of adversity, it's been used as a stick to beat the bad guys with, as they too accuse you of being the bad guy.
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    Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, 3 Stacks, Terrance & Phillip; your girl took one hell of a beating.
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    This is what Klopp was moaning about Dyche you cunt
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    Can watching remember that game with my brother. Both of us were just sitting on the couch with massive hangovers having been to town the night before and literally never moved all day. When Rush scored we just laughed for about 10 minutes like a hungover Beavis and Butt Head.
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    I’m just desperate for Mayo to win it for my dad. He joined the panel in 1953, won a Connaught in 1955, injured in 1956 and then gone to the UK for work in 1957. He was back in Ireland in 1961 but was gone too long to rejoin and ended up moving to Dublin the year after anyway. It’s inconceivable that in all that time they’ve not won it again, and to lose the last 10 finals they’ve been in is insane. My dads 88 now. I’d give anything for him to see a win.
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    I thought that was his only goal for Newcastle, but just checked and he also got a league cup goal against Hull. Shame he could only score against the small clubs by that stage of his career.
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    It will be great once Ronaldo and Messi retire. All the fucking fan boys who don't support the teams they play for but just constantly wank about them referring to Ronaldo as CR7 will finally fuck off and watch Formula 1 or watch tennis. Fucking cringewothy bastards.
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    My father-in-law's funeral yesterday and I'm happy to say that his friends - and the vicar - respected his wishes.
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    Most people don't know what left wing means, they think it means having black weather presenters.
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    I've just finished this breakfast, which wasn't too bad at all. Strange it was just 1 egg and 1 toast. This is from "earthsea" on tower bridge road in London. £7.50, which was pretty good for the area too I thought. The bacon was nicely cooked. The sausages (Cumberland) were nice a peppery and juicy (although I suspect deep fat fried). Good beans, okish egg and hash browns. And there was fungus for the sick fucks who eat that. 7/10, maybe 8/10 for value in this area.
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    Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone Neil Young - Hey Hey My My The Who - My Generation
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    “I’d like a ham and cheese Whamlette, a side order of Wham fries…” “Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Anybody? Anybody at all?”
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    To be fair to Gavin he's one of the few MP's who's sent a tweet congratulating Jessica Ennis on reaching the US Open Tennis semi final
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    Cunt plate, cunt chair leg, plastic cutlery? 1 uncooked fucker of a mushroom, 1 bullied hash brown , raw tomato, a sausage that looks like a stool, the bacon is half cooked, dont even start me on the toasts I can feel the cold from it from here, they’ve cooked one half of the bacon so a mark for effort, the egg I’m my even sure it’s an actual egg and the beans hahahaha even the one that’s realised he’s a cunt is getting off. I was gonna call social services again but I might just ring the lad a priest.
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    That’s actually pretty funny. That type of stuff is quality. Like the Everton 2 Liverpool 1. Proper rivalry stuff that
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    Oxlade Chamberlain: "This season is a great opportunity for me to sit on the bench and collect £120,000 a week." Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, or "AOC" as he likes to be called, was in an unusually candid mood when he allowed reporters into the plush Cheshire residence he shares with that Geordie lass from X factor for a sitdown chat and some impromptu dancing. "I'll be honest with you, my body is shot. I never even expected to play football again, let alone represent Liverpool". He went on: "They did an MRI scan on me once in The Spire, and the doctor told me that if I changed my routine in any way, I'd likely drop dead. I took this to mean I'm invincible, but the doctor (with a frightened look on his face) told me the opposite is true. The injuries I've had are so numerous, in so many areas of my body, that it's a statistical anomaly how I'm still alive. I thought I tore my ACL twice, but he actually informed me I'd torn it thousands of times. I have a condition called "ligamentcoctaham osteotinnitus" which means my ligaments have the elasticity of boiled ham. It also causes calcium to leave my bones and escape through my ears. As you can imagine, it's very distressing." Thoughts turned to Gini Wijnaldum's summer move to PSG and the potential role Chamberlain could play for the Reds this season: "I'm up against players like Thiago and Neco Williams. There's no chance for me. This season is a great opportunity for me to sit on the bench and collect £120,000 a week - which is pretty much my thought process every season."