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    I've quit. Bit of a wrench after nearly 5 years and a couple of CAMRA awards but given that the bar is small I wouldn't get more than 10 people in it with the reduced footfall and social distancing. I used to take over 6 grand a week. I was paid a weekly retainer plus 20% of turnover. I'd be amazed if it takes a third of that now. Since lockdown I've been delivering 5l containers of real ale to peoples houses all over Leeds and it's been incredibly busy. I've really enjoyed having evenings and weekends to myself for the first time in years too. The delivery setup has gone to the next level. I've set up a company called The Yorkshire Ale Man. I'm having a web site built, I've got some premises and I'm moving on to metal 5l mini casks which I'll be sending out with DHL nationwide. As they say, one door closes and another opens but this was my own decision. I want nothing to do with the shitfest that pubs are going to have to deal with. More hassle than it's worth and I reckon we'll see big localised spikes in infections. I still have the app on my phone with which I can access the security cameras in the bar. I was more than a bit stunned on saturday to see an ICU nurse who I know very well and who's been telling everyone there's gonna be another spike, sat drinking in there with her husband.
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    Yorkshire Red at 8pm waiting for his mates or plod or The Gambini family to rock up
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    So you’re saying that loads of people sending you messages are too much of a massive pussy to say what they think in this thread? They come on here, read the thread, decide not to post, then close the post, then send you a message. I might not be Rico’s biggest fan, but that sounds like utter horse shit.
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    I wasn’t arsed about the drugs, couldn’t give a flying fuck what you do. It’s your hypocrisy and holier than thou attitude that annoyed me. That and you being a massive cunt.
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    Cocaine. It’s all I do these days.
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    I just can't see it with Traore. To me he's like a bulkier, faster Jermaine Pennant with a goal return to match. He's become a very good crosser and has terrifying pace but he's a touchline hugger with no natural instinct to go in to the box when the ball is on the other side. Where teams dig in and he can't just use raw pace he doesn't have the guile to create chances for himself or to get into the right spaces for others to find him. That's why he has one single premier league goal in his career against teams outside the big six.
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    Can thoroughly recommend this book on the subject. Though I believe he was once slightly brisk with a waitress who asked him if he was having a good day, so he’s a total cunt exemplar of smug white power and I stopped reading after such and such line I didn’t agree with.
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    Dave, can we have your mun down here for a TLW show ? I have not managed to convince you to do it in Frogland, and it seems she’ll be way better than you !
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    The mancs have been awarded a Premiership record amount of penalties this season...
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    Top, top Grealish analysis there, Dave's mum.
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    We finished it last night and the last episode was fucking brilliant. He’s genuinely talented. I also want to give I May Destroy You another shout. With two episodes to go, it is absolutely compelling. I have to say that watching it makes me feel the generational difference like nothing else I’ve ever seen. The attitudes to sex feel so far removed from what seems familiar to me. I think some of it is a London thing, but I deffo feel my age watching this. That said, the way she deals with issues of consent is absolutely fascinating. It is such a nuanced issue and yet she handles it without seeming preachy. In fact many of the scenes that raise these issues are incredibly powerful television and it feels like there isn’t a single episode which isn’t heavy hitting in the extreme. I can’t wait for the last two episodes this week as it is right up there with some of the best new drama I’ve seen in years and years. Certainly Michaela Coel is an absolutely incredible talent, both as a writer and a performer.
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    Watched Back to the Future last night with the kids. Disgraceful stereotyping of Arabs as loony terrorists, especially with what we know about the US’s war mongering. Promotes violence as a way for someone to be a “real man“. Portrays a woman getting violently sexually assaulted, then next minute she is fine as she just pulls herself together and is happy to kiss the next man to come along. Then horrendous racism again as it promotes the idea that Chuck Berry got his ideas from a middle class white man. God forbid a black man could invent rock n roll. Should be removed from all streaming platforms. 0/10 Watching Part 2 next.
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    "Rack up another assist for me there as I slated Wilf in the last round up for the poor season he’s having." Ohhhhhh riiiiiiight. So let's get this straight. You say someone's having a shite season, they score next game and you "rack up an assist". How does that work then? Next you'll claim an assist for saying someone's having a great season, they score next game and you'll claim an assist. Assist my arse you knobjockey. You? You want your cake and eat it. No offence. PS. Yer ma is the only one in your family who talks sense.
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    Theyre investigations have uncovered the beach views are top notch but the cocktails have dramatically increased in price over the past decade or so, the food is excellent and accommodation is clean and well maintained. The police said they will hopefully be going back next year once another made up story about another random suspect is splashed all over the scum newspaper. As for the poor child the police will conclude there is a very good chance she may well be dead, the news will inevitably be followed by a swathe of false empathy by a section of the British public who will thankfully recover from their grief in time for that nights addition of eastenders.
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    I see no problem in calling the massive political donors like the Koch brothers, Barclay brothers, big corporations the big media barons "puppet masters" or anybody you feel politicians try to please far more than they do the wider public. Saying politicians are in thrall to big money and act like puppets to their paymasters isn't about religion, race or culture. If you specifically only label Jewish donors as such then fair enough you have an agenda, there are people who do believe that conspiracy and it is harmful but their motivations would become apparent soon enough, you'd hope. The way I see it a cunts a cunt and should be called out as such. Peoples motivations are their own. There's a bloke I know who is gay and I can't stand him! he is a horrible person, I don't like him because he is a horrible person, there will be people who don't like him just because he is gay. We both don't like him, it doesn't mean our dislike comes from the same place. The difference is my dislike is retained for the individual and stays with the individual, he represents himself and nobody else. I've gone round the world just to say I find it scary how people can try to destroy others lives by creating their own motivations behind what someone else has said. People can say things without fully taking on board the implications or historical meaning behind it or without even thinking how it could be twisted or framed, it shouldn't start a vendetta and an apology should sometimes be enough if it's needed. A white kid with dreadlocks isn't thinking about his hair once being a symbol of defiance for black people, the kid just likes dreadlocks even if he looks like a tit. Our every word shouldn't carry the baggage of history it should be taken in context with what we are saying and our character, who we are. We can't create a fear of dialogue because we haven't researched our every thought and played out the many ways it can be interpreted. Surely most people have the basic sense to see what a person means and whether what they are saying comes from a good place or not. Like Evertonians saying Justice for the 39, that doesn't come from a good place, it isn't said in genuine sympathy for those lives lost, it's a means to attack a rival. You can see through the veneer it's so thinly made. So yeah. I just wish people would calm down take a step back and I don't know may be fuck off a little bit.
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    Top, top 23 point lead analysis there, Dave. Also, Saido Berahino has three goals in pre-season games for Waregem this week, and he’s as likely to sign for us as Alcântara
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    My faith in humanity is a complex beast, but I think when I fully swung towards the misanthropic was when I saw a fight break out as a man, being polite, ushered a car across a zebra crossing he was on, the guy in the car insisted the man on foot crossed. This continued in good nature for five seconds of British awkwardness before the car behind beeped. This caused the man in the first car to scream at the man on foot ‘hurry up you stupid fucking cunt’! Obviously man on foot took exception and all hell broke loose and he ran at the car and just stated unloading on the guy, who was trapped in the car by his seat belt. He managed to get out of the car and level up the playing field so to speak. The guy in the car behind is still beeping at this point, so gets dragged in to the affray. So you have a weird three way fight where there were no alliance. I have never shook my head in disbelief so much.
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    Do they serve Rourkes Draft?
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    Is this a yoga move, Tony?
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    Gold Top? Is that the milk that they don't take the milk out of?
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    The shops were out of normal milk so I bought some gold top instead. Fucking hell it's delicious.
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    About 5 weeks ago my dad went for an endoscopy, which he has every 2 years as a result of a brain tumor 30odd years ago, for the first time they found a cancer in his bowels. Within 2 weeks of diagnosis he had surgery in Aintree hospital on the Monday before the hospital cancelled all non urgent operations. Just got the news that they got it all and there's no follow up treatment. Relieved beyond words as we've all been so worried. He's home.and recovering from the surgery with my mum who, as all mums are, is a fucking hero. It's the first relative I've had who's had that cunt of a disease in my memory (I don't remember the brain tumor) and it just struck me how the word evolves. I've heard the word cancer hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times in my life but when the doctor told me and him they had found some...it became more than a word. It became a spectre of darkness, hanging over us like the sword of Damocles. When this lockdown is all over I can't wait to give the old man the hug he needs and the pint he deserves. Fuck cancer.
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    Mate I’ve got loads of WhatsApp messages genuinely laughing at your posts on this bud. I’d turn it in if I were you.