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    The third of 4 away games in a row since the international break. If the green-and-gold brigade have there way though, it might go the way of last season's fixture and not even take place. Despite spending over £100m in the summer, along with the lavish spending year after year, The Glazers get all sorts of shit from fans for not investing in the team. What the hell would the entitled gobshites do if their club had owners with FSG's level of prudence? Anyway: Order. Lethalness. Energy. Speed. Audacity. Tactical flexibility. Tenacity. Heart. Effervescence. Wiliness. Heads screwed on. Endeavour. Electricity. Last laugh. I don't ask for much. Last season, their fans decided to go on the rampage, blocking team buses, breaking into Old Trafford and slapping some stewards and coppers around. Supposedly because they were up in arms about their club's involvement in trying to set up the European Super League. They weren't fooling anybody though. It was really a protest against the Glazers, and Sky's Manc cheerleader Gary 'man of the people' Neville was busy stoking the flames that led to these incidents yet, like Trump after the January 6th Capitol invasion, he then tried to say his words had nothing to do with it. He was so outspoken about it that he can't backtrack and claim his words were taken out of context. Anyway, the rearranged fixture came shortly after the Mancs had laid down in front of Leicester to help the Foxes in their quest for a top 4 place while simultaneously derailing ours. We went behind when Big Nat deflected in a 'Bruno' shot that was going wide anyway. The shit twats who decide on the goalscorer gave it to the Portuguese cry-arse anyway. Probably because he was in their Fantasy League team. So far, it was going like practically every other corresponding fixture. We were even denied a penalty by Manchester's finest, and then got an equaliser when Diogo backheeled in an effort from Big Nat. And right on half time, Bobby got clear at the far post to power a header past De Gea (or was it Dean Henderson? I'm not sure.) Into the second half and Bobby got on the scoresheet again, reacting first to a rebound in the six yard box. We were suddenly looking something like the team of a year earlier. Then we allowed Rashford space down the middle and he rolled the ball past Ali to bring them within one goal. The late onslaught and the helping hand from the ref never came, and in the final minutes Mo broke clear to race onto a first-time volleyed pass by Curtis and place the ball into the far corner to confirm the win. The Mancs had dropped 6 points at home within a few days, and would go onto lose on penalties to Villarreal in the Europa League final. Boxing Day 1978 though saw us visit Old Trafford. We were having a cracking season in the league and wold go on to regain it convincingly, possibly aided by an early exit in the European Cup when the eventual winners Forest overcame us. They'd won the league the previous season so they were obviously a strong side. Efficient rather than exciting. The Mancs were probably more exciting at the time but far less efficient, and we battered them 3-0. Ray Kennedy, Case and Fairclough got the goals. Can't tell you much more as I can't find any clips either, so here's a match report by Alex Ferguson's arse-kisser-in-chief Paddy Barclay from the Guardian. The big movie for the festive period in 1978 is one of my favourites. The effects are obviously dated but the fella in the lead role knocks it out of the park. Superman: The Movie made Christopher Reeve a household name and has left a huge legacy on the cinematic landscape. Kal-el's story was known from DC Comics, and their two big superheroes Superman and Batman had both had outings on the small screen, but this was another level. Awesome theme music and excellent performances from Gene Hackman as the ruthless but ever-so-slightly camp Lex Luthor, Margot Kidder as the fiesty Lois Lane, Ned Beatty as Lex's bumbling sidekick Otis and Valerie Perrine as the sultry Eve Teschmacher helped the movie to transcend its comic book roots. That helicopter rescue of Lois Lane is majestic even now. The sequel is also superbly enjoyable with the big bad coming in the form of Phantom Zone escapees General Zod, mute Non and ice queen Ursa. The franchise went downhill after that, and what's come since hasn't matched the 1978 original for spectacle or enjoyment, and especially the sense of humour. Reeve's comedic chops as Clark Kent really help sell the dual identity. The Mancs have a wealth of attacking options, but they are very much reliant upon individual magic to create moments and win games. It will be effective more often than not against most of the league thanks to that attacking depth, but there are times when this attacking strength cannot overcome glaring deficiencies further back. Let's render that attacking depth impotent and highlight the defensive issues and lack of overall cohesion this weekend, and take them to the fucking cleaners. Do what we know we can, and get the points. We have a forward doing a very passable impression of Superman at the minute. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
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    Don’t listen to him @Kevin D. I still chuckle.
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    Beast Milk - Climax When I saw the band name and album title I was fearing that it was a second one of @Skidfingers McGonical's picks that I was going to hate. I thought it was going to be Norwegian death metal with songs about bestiality and necrophilia. Turns out I was wrong, they're from Finland. Also turns out it's not death metal, more 80s influenced indie/goth rock stuff (perhaps a touch Interpol-y in places). Also turns out I quite liked it. Still maybe not there with the lyrics, but the music was pretty good. Favourite song is probably "You Are Now Under Our Control". I'll give it 6/10.
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    Not matter how good we are, you never ever look forward to this one. I hope Mo can make his most emphatic "best in world" statement yet. I'd always settle for a draw here, but I think we need to win it.
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    If you’re going to have to use marg (I have to for her when she’s on slimming world) it’s easily the best. But it ain’t fucking butter.
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    Naby Keita would be a good signing for them. A real statement signing to beef up their midfield.
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    Should give a simultaneous trial to both Koke and Pepi. Could call it the Pepi challenge.
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    Some light aircraft have pressure seals and oxygen, most don't. Some have anti-icing equipment, most don't. This crash is a classic example of get-there-itis. Unfortunately, the pilot was under huge pressure financially and professionally to get his cargo to the UK. Weather was utterly shocking and the plane wasn't a great deal better. He should never have taken off, but to shoulder him with all the responsibility for this crash is unfair. There has for many years been a grey area between commercial operations and private. It's akin to a mate asking you to drive one of their mates somewhere for £50. It's illegal, but if you're "only covering the cost of the fuel", is it? David Ibbotson piloted the plane. He was a very experienced pilot with a lapsed Instrument Rating. Lapsed isn't necessarily relevant. Imagine your MOT certificate being a few years out of date. The car could still be completely operational and pass a test the next day, if you could be arsed taking it. His mate Henderson has plead guilty to organising the flight and I'm almost certain the issue of what constitutes a commercial flight will be raised, and hopefully clarified. Ibbotson should have refused to fly that fateful evening, but had he not, someone else would have. There may well be a parallel with a large drug dealer getting a "mule" to import drugs. Who's to blame? The "mule"? If the plane hadn't been leaking carbon monoxide into the cabin, they'd likely still be here. Had it been fitted with a decent, functioning CO monitor/alarm, they'd likely still be here. I suspect ice, but it's difficult to prove it was a factor. There should have been no pressure on Ibbotson to attempt that flight. He should definitely have made a different choice, but that's easy to say in hindsight. Whatever the outcome, two people who should not have died, did so in a dreadful way.
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    Only just realised this thread was started by the beef. Imagine being called fucked up by the beef.
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    I love the Test Dream, and Calling all Cars; can’t stand the Kevin Finnerty stuff except the very end when Buscemi’s at the big house and Paulie’s inane chatter brings Tony back from ten brink. I still think that Tony on peyote in Vegas after Chrissy’s death might be a dream - total dream woman - smart, sexy, no responsibility, never mentioned before or after - sequence begins with him watching Mrs Chris breast feed (like he sees Isabella breastfeeding in season 1). All the hints about the afterlife and Livia are fantastic. Also quite into the idea that Dickie is dreaming/fantasising the sequences in prison with Liotta in the movie. And his little league heroism.
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    Their defence is shite.we show them far too much respect when we play them at Old Trafford.Their defenders must be having nightmares this week knowing they play us on Sunday.Lets go for it from kick off and slaughter them three or four nil to us I reckon.
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    Hate them Hate this fixture Hate how we all too often play there They are shite, they should be absolutely there for the taking.
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    Definitely. Whatever you think about people like them, or the likes of John Major and Heseltine for that matter, they look like intellectual powerhouses compared to the current crop we have. Imagine when the history books and TV shows are written about this era? "Afghanistan was on the verge of collapse, Raab was on holiday and had left strict instructions not to be disturbed while he was by the pool." "As the Pandemic began to escalate, The Prime Minister asked a vacuum cleaner company to make some ventilators. Then he went camping."
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    Ruddock breaks more chairs than Durango
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    Yeah I know but here's yet more Lynda Carter
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    Should have stood? One of the clearest dives you will see. Blatant cheating.
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    This is what the opinion seems to point to though, and I agree. No disrespect to Terry Mc - this gives a better overall balance and is a better 11 in my opinion…
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    Otterspool Prom 1900’s. Stringvest in the background on the right waiting for Istvan to turn up for a duel over a neg.
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    Still makes me laugh.
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