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    Fuck them, if Rafa wins something for them good luck to him, he's still welcome at Anfield as far as I'm concerned. Forget the football, the stuff he did for the Hillsborough families is enough for him to be more than welcome.
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    No. It's not a fact. I have no doubt we'd have plenty of fans doing exactly what City fans have done for years, and Newcastle fans are doing now. But I also think we'd have plenty who actively went against it. I know that I'd be done with LFC (and that is a fact) and I think many others would step away too. Yes, I'd still read the score on a Saturday evening, but any success would be extremely tainted and I wouldn't care about. Even just look what happened when the club were finalising the signing of Lee Bowyer and the fans rallied to get it stopped. That wasn't because we didn't deem him good enough, it was because he was a racist scumbag. I think it's important we are not all lobbed in with the same cretins.
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    Bring British or American doesn’t make you responsible for the historic or current acts of tye British or American governments or monarchy. Not does being Saudi make you responsible for their human rights abuses. you know that. being the Saudi state does, as would being the US or British state. But only one of those three just bought a football club.
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    Sheriff Tiraspol have only existed for 27 years but already have a better record in the Champions League than Everton
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    Nice moment from yesterday's game. My lad went with one of his mates (who has a couple of Brentford season tickets) wearing his Liverpool top under his jacket. As Curtis was walking around past the home fans when he got subbed, you may have noticed him laughing. This was because, in the midst of the stick he was getting from the home support, my lad frantically waved to get his attention. Curtis looked right at him and instead of the expected abuse, my lad thought it would be funny to blow him a kiss.
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    A man who had a journalist murdered and dismembered will have control of an English football club. This really is a new low. If Fred West had the money, the PL would let him buy a club and rebrand it Fred West Ham.
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    Feel for you having to make that decision, but I agree with most that you have to. I’ll almost certainly never share the full details in here, but I’ve seen in the last year with my ex mother in law just how fucking awful a family can be, and so we’ve reached the point where we’re probably going to be sending a solicitors letter for confirm she can’t attempt to contact my daughter unless it’s through formal channels, and won’t get to see her unless she first pays for a mediated meeting with me, and even then not without supervision. I was astounded at how she was behaving and couldn’t believe a person could be the cunt that she has been, but my missus - how knows of her actions but has never met her - seemingly knows her to a tee and has met her hundreds of times before through being in the police. her shithouse games and tactics were unbelievable to me, and yet to her we’re just run of the mill, by the book behaviours. breaks my heart that I had to take my girl out for a walk and a talk the day after her birthday to explain what something written im her birthday card meant, and that her grandma isn’t being very nice (euphemism) to her (dying) mum and that if she can’t be a good mum, then she can’t be a good grandma because being nice to your mum is the most important thing. cunt. sorry to hijack. Sort of spilled out.
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    I've got something in my eye so it's difficult to write. He gave me so much joy as a teenager. First and second division champions, FA cup winner ( at at when that really meant something), World Cup winner and he'd have had a shot at a European Cup medal if it hadn't been for that cheating cunt of a Portuguese referee. Nickmannion write this as a comment in the Grauniad today and I can think of no finer tribute to this wonderful player and human being. A long story as short as possible.1965 and my gran insists I say hello to the famous (as fame went in '65) footballer who was courting the girl next door but one. An awkward 6 yr old shook his hand and he gave me an autograph and made me laugh and a lifelong devotion to a player/club was born.My first time seeing him play was 67/8 when my uncle took me to watch Liverpool v Blackpool. We were in the paddock and he sat me on the wall as the players warmed up. A bullet headed Scot prowling the sidelines said 'ye alright son?' 'I've come to see Roger play' 'Aye there's 11 guys in tangerine come to do that too'He scored twice.1970 am long term seriously ill in hospital, life threatening at first. Via my gran word got to Roger that this little lad who worshipped him was in dire straits. He came to visit me unnanounced. Sat for 30 mins and brought in and gave me to hold an England cap, one of his league medals, his FA Cup medal and I think a Euro Comp. losers medal.Then out of his jacket pocket in a velvet box in my hands to open...yes...his World Cup winners medal. Aside: In the private ward was a parent of someone as world famous as possible in 1970. A nurse told visiting son about my plight and he came to the childrens ward to chat for 10 mins and I bored George Harrison all about Roger Hunt!Fast forward to 1982. Me working in a pub, busy tea time shift full of a gang of lads talking bollox about the coming world cup in Spain...Keegan this/Robson that/Mariner the other...A lorry cab had pulled in to the car park and the driver came in and ordered his bar meal and half and was sat no more than 5 yards from the 'knowledgeable' footie crew. Not one recognised they had a World Cup winner in the same room.I went over to collect his plate and glass with a 'you wont remember me but...' to thank him. He asked how I was and how my gran was and remembered his visit.For everything you ever did on the field and for the above showing what an exemplary and humble human being you were I want to express my heartfelt thanks and it is a while since I have shed a tear but today is the day I did again.
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    I think it's a form of brainwashing, I honestly do. They've got most of the media sewn up, unlike in the States where the opposite is probably true for their 'Conservatives'. It's not just the press but the programming too. Daytime TV mostly revolves around property shows, second home shows etc, interlaced with stuff about bailiffs for the 'scumbags'. Everyone's got their head up their arse chasing an ideal that's been outlined to them day after day. New build house, car each, job title with 'executive' in the title, kids that sing, dance and do karate - whether they want to or not, and a genetically designed dog. It goes beyond being told who to vote for, it's reinforcement of values, the notion that if you've got something, anything, worth having, it's because you're talented and hard working and you therefore now have a god given right to pontificate. If someone doesn't have these things, it's because they don't work and aren't talented. The 'red wall' thing was made into a big deal at the last election, but it's been coming for years. The most hateful, right wing cunts I've ever met in my life have been 'working class' or 'aspiring middle class'. We've been spiritually re-engineered over the course of decades into being walking, talking products who view their kids as products and their public image as a product.
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    There’s something incredibly moving and emotional about the way that family held themselves and articulated what they did in court, to see justice served for someone they loved (from a purely legal perspective). Literally the only thing left they could do for her, and they did it with aplomb and enormous dignity. In cases like this you obviously see the worst of what humans can be, but often see some of the most impressive elements too, contrasting sharply against it. Theirs deserves to be the last word on this really. Your heart can only go out to them.
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    Something very weird happened tonight. I watched the first 10 mins and all of the second half of a United game, where they got absolutely battered by a fairly average team, and yet even though they won, with a spawny goal in the 5th minute of injury time scored by a fella I’ve detested almost as much and for almost as long as i detest the club as a whole… I enjoyed it. While Ole is in charge of them, they are absolutely no threat to us whatsoever. They have as much chance of winning the CL this season as Everton. they were absolute garbage and got passed off the field by a side full of players that didn’t make it in the premier league, including the lovable but brain dead Bert Moron, and made Etienne Capoue look like Lothar Matheus in his prime. And to cap it off, they finished the game, chasing a first home win in 3, after losing their opening CL game to Young Boys, with 3 holding midfielders on the pitch, including Matic who effectively retired 3 years ago, and Fred who is worse than half my mates. Ronaldo and Sanchez were shite, They’re a club with Bruno Fernandez as captain, and they’re celebrating a prison break of a result like it was the PSG game that first put Ole behind the wheel. I will never be happy to see these cunts win a trophy, but for the first time in my life, seeing them win a game made me smile. Fuck these. They’re absolute shite.
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    Mrs is ok in fine fettle hopefully home tomorrow praise the Lord.
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    But if a dodgy Uzbek gives them money for naming rights on a stadium that doesn't exist and an Iranian tax dodger who lives in Monaco gives them £500m to spend on players and goes begging for money to a skint council that is perfectly OK. High Horse FC not seeing the irony again.
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    And so on to what has become quite a heated rivalry over the past few years. Their club and fans have had a real sense of entitlement over this time, believing the rules and regulations simply do not apply to them because they're rich. Well, their owners are rich. City are nothing more than a sport-washing exercise aimed at getting any sort of spotlight away from the human rights abuses and dependency on oil continuing to be a valuable global commodity. FFP? Fuck that! Tenacity. Wilyness. Incision. Impudence. Ingenuity. Intelligence. Imagination. Courage. Energy! I don't ask for much. Last season's corresponding fixture came at just the right time for the visitors. We were in the midst of a real slump in home form, decimated in defence, incapacitated in midfield and impotent up front. Even the more reliable players were suffering from a downturn in form as we had to select both Hendo and Fab in the centre of defence. With no fans present, it suited City as they thrive in conditions that resemble a training exercise. Anyway, it was a much happier outcome in August 1969 when Joe Mercer's side visited Anfield. They'd won the FA Cup the previous season, and the league title on goal difference the season before that. They had the likes of Lee, Bell and Summerbee so were clearly a very good side. The Anfield Iron scored an own goal and Ian Bowyer netted another for the visitors, but thanks to a pair of fellas now having a kickabout behind the Pearly Gates, we came away with the 2 points. Saint got two goals and Sir Roger got the other. A fine result but Shanks' team were in need of some new blood, and stalwarts like the two legendary strikers, goalkeeper The Flying Pig and centre half Big Ron would soon be on their way. The guys that took their place did pretty well though! I can't find a clip of that game but here's a newspaper cutting. Not just on the pitch at Anfield, but also in everyday life there was a changing of the tide. The short-back-and-sides stuffy conservatism of the early 60s had slowly been giving way to freedom of speech, anti-war protests, hallucinogenic drugs, a harder edged rock music, free love and the catch-all term 'counter culture'. If ever a movie captured the zeitgeist, it was the August 1969 box office top spot holder directed by and starring Dennis Hopper, written by and co-starring his friend Peter Fonda, and effectively bringing to the mainstream conscience a young upstart and budding acting legend by the name of Jack Nicholson. Cali to The Big Easy. Harleys. Copious drugs. Steppenwolf's counter culture anthem 'Born To Be Wild'. Easy Rider is one of the films that ushered in America's version of France's cinematic New Wave. Directors, writers, producers and actors who actively shunned the old Hollywood studio system and used their independent spirit to secure the finance needed to tell stories that were begging to be told. A bona fide classic. This will be our toughest test of the season to date. I'd imagine the City lot will be thinking the same thing. Unlike in recent fixtures where they've thrashed us because half our players were drunk (post title-win 2019/20) or incapacitated (last season), and when no fans have been in the ground, this is more like what they'd have come up against when Anfield was packed to the rafters, our team were well up for it, and Pep the oddball had his meltdown. We just need to know that we can do that again, and that they know we can do that again, and then actually do that again. As ever, the right focus and the right attitude will see that we stand a great chance of getting it done. In an era where it's become normal for money to put paid to ethics and where the perpetrators never get their comeuppance, Jurgen and the team are almost like the counter culture to that mentality. Get your motor running...
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    The problem for us in the first half was that we were outnumbered in midfield. Both BGJ and Robbo were playing as orthodox full backs, and this was why City were able to close our midfielders down quickly and cut off any passing angles, especially going forward. It was an effective tactical play because it rendered our midfield ineffective, our attack impotent and freed them to get runners on us. They were targetting Milner and got a lot of joy. It looked as though Klopp spotted the problem and, rather than change personnel, he re-jigged the set-up by pushing Milner and Robbo slightly higher. We weren't looking so outnumbered and suddenly Sadio and especially Mo were finding space. Stunning goal from Mo. Shades of Spurs in 2017/18, and like that one, we didn't see out the win. Fab could have done it but City tend to pull out a last ditch block every time they play us, so it wasn't especially unusual. Some of the bleating on these match threads is shameful. All some people want to do is throw blame around every time something goes against us in a match. If a pass doesn't land? Shite. If an opponent has a yard of space and does something productive, our player should have been touch-tight. If our player is tougch-tight and still gets turned, he's a soft cunt who wants bombing out of the club. If a player shoots and doesn't score, he's shite. If he shoots instead of passing, he's a greedy cunt. And that's before you get to those who do the equivalent of the Mancs' green and gold if we fail to win a match.
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    I got my test results back this week (required because I need a referral to a Long Covid clinic) and they proved of interest. The ECG was absolutely fine, as expected. The latest chest x-ray showed that my lungs have both healed. This is surprising because I still can't take a full breath without feeling pain in my left lung. The blood tests showed up some anomalies however. Firstly, a severe deficiency in B12. They tested for pernicious anemia and that was negative, so no need for B12 injections, but I'll be on another 3 tablets per day for the next 6 months at least. The blood tests also flagged up a deficiency in iron, so that's another 3 tablets each day for the next 6 months, possibly longer. These recent developments though, I view them as a positive. Since I've been out of hospital I've experienced spells of immediate crushing exhaustion and fatigue, hits me like a ton of bricks and just comes from nowhere. I've also suffered from breathlessness and the inability to take a full breath. Apparently this could be down to the iron deficiency, not converting my haemoglobin into oxygen efficiently. Apparently Guinness is a great source of B12 too so I'm ordering a load of West Indian Guinness on today's Asda shopping list, although I doubt it'll come free with my NHS medical exemption card. Onwards and upwards, these latest developments give me some optimism that I can get back some of that spring in my step and start living again.
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    Caption: Don't cry for me insane Tina
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    So are all clubs copying our murals idea now then? We lead, everyone else follows. Amazing how everyone hates us but end up trying to replicate us, the same goes for a lot of our chants.
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    Home. Totally made up.Thanks to all for the support and well wishes X
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