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    Alisson when sees a new South American at the club
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    The Bannon/Trump links show how far football has fallen. We're talking about a dangerous group of conspiracy-peddling lunatics here. And now they're going to see their club bought by someone with links to Bannon/Trump.
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    Feel there is some serious over thinking going on here - it is of couse all well intentioned and out of a desire to see us win stuff - but reality is we don't really have many "problems" or "weaknesses". We are a team performing at a level that has rarely been seen in history, even by all of our many great successful sides and even the most successful sides in history. We win nearly every week, we rarely lose, we score a shit load of goals and we don't let many in - we dominate games week in week out. We are regularly racking up over 90 pts a season, totals that until last few season from us and the oil cheats were rarely seen - it was very ocassional when it was - Ferguson's Man Utd teams rarely did it - Wenger's "invincibles' only just got to 90...we win more matches than they did in that season. The issue of course is that the cheats have pushed the bar up to a level where near perfection is required - where 97 and 92 pts don't win titles and as a result we as fans who desperately want our team to win titles start searching for "where we are failing" any odd draw against a non top 4 side (and even against them often) is analysed to death and seen as nigh on a disaster....we pull apart one or both of our 2 league defeats and question how such a thing as a loss can happen and what is wrong with us!.......I get it - fuck i do it myself, it is part of what what is happening and what it is doing to us with this relentless, crazy level that is required... The days of half a dozen losses being the norm are gone for now! We have to of course rise to where the bar is - however falsely raised it is, but unlimited money and cheating aside it is just a ridiculous ask and even doing what we have been which itself is incredible is not quite enough - being this fucking good is not quite enough and it is mind bending - it is simply not normal in any way...so we dig and dig and dig to find what is "wrong", to identify where we are "failing" and we end up picking at stuff that is frankly nearly perfect and is comfortably as good and indeed better than many if not most of the sides that have carried off the titles throughout history. We of course have to find some further improvement to top the cheats and Klopp and his team will be looking with laser focus to find it - but we are already running a 9.6 100m, we are already doing a 8.9m long jump, we are already doing a 3.45 mile....and we aren't juicing like the team ahead of us. We all want us to win titles and we all care like fucking no ones business, we are all obsessed - but i do feel at times we are asking for too much, it is fucking frustrating the ask is where it is and how it has got there really rankles - but we are an incredible side doing incredible things and with our incredible manager i believe we will continue to do so and if there is any fucking justice at all we will see more rewards...
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    There's only one thing I expect Darwin to do next season.
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    Sympathy for the Devil’s Club.
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    Actually fuck England fans though. They're such fucking pricks. If we can build a country I'm actually proud of, that doesn't have a monarchy, that doesn't have a perpetual Tory government, and have a corrupt connection between media, politics, and business then I might give a flying fuck about the anthem, but until then you can fuck off, and then when you get there you can fuck off some more.
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    Some big lads in the side now, the athleticism side of things will be a big differentiator between us and City 1v1 in games from next season IMO. In fact it dawned on me that with Nunez, Konate and Alison our side will look like the closing credits of Predator.
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    They are going on about money 'cos that is the only thing they can talk about right now. They *know* we are ace, they *know* we are awesome in transfers, they *know* Klopp will most likely turn Nunez into a world class forward and above all they are pissed off that their happiness on Mane leaving didn't last 5 mins. The initial sum of £64m is less than the cost of Grealish, Pogba, McGuire, Lukaku (twice), Sancho, Havertz, Dias and Nicolas fucking Pepe. If we end up paying the full add on cost of £21m it would mean we win shit loads over the next 5 years. So......a bit of perspective, eh......
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    The Boo Radleys stole their biggest hit from an Evertonian's daily schedule. 1. Wake up 2. Boo
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    I have learnt to ignore all the football-flat-earthers out there, Pete. Took a while but I realised that no matter the evidence, no matter how much of it fhere is, no matter how strong the case, they'll simply ignore it all, because they dont want to believe. You cant do anything with that,. There is no middle ground to start any conversation. Accepting rhat is liberating. Thankfully, this time at least, they seem to be in the minority by a significant margin and their voice pretty much ignored. I need to start adopting that approach with the madder Evertonian elements too.
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    Dan James went to the same school as my son, the diving cheating cunt. Dan James is no better.
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    Buying this fella is exactly the same type of shit United used to do under Ferguson. When he spent ridiculous money on Fedinand and Rooney, many were skeptical. But these were generational players, and he believed he simply HAD to to get em in, no matter the cost. We did that with VVD and Alisson, and we are now doing this with Nunez. When we bought the original front 3, we were nowhere near the big clubs in terms of competing for top talent. They were mid table players with potential. We're now blowing Spurs and United out of the water, buying the best players in their respective leagues, and taking complete advantage of the situation we're in. Just like United did in the 90s and 00s. We won't be able to complete with the oil clubs on wages, but that's a double-edged sword for them, because they'll often end up with players who don't really want to be there. It's only Real Madrid that have beaten us over the last couple of years to those 2 top talents in midfield. Their history plus salary structure is always going to make them tough competition. Klopp's new contract, the season we just had, and the fact that we're getting lots of big salaries off the books during the next few windows is giving us an unbelievable opportunity to build for the next 10 years.
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    Just scrap the fucking World Cup.
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    What a bellend. My Mrs sponsors a kid over there, I'm gonna make sure she cuts her off. Let's see you become a doctor with no books fucko.
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    I can see there are unsavoury edges to both Suarez and Richarlison, but the similarities end there as the underlying motivation behind them is so, so different. Everything with Suarez points to a genius footballer with an insane will to win, wrapped up in a flawed character. But everything he did and does can be plotted on a line that leads to wanting to win the match, score another goal or increase the chances of either. Biting players, diving, punching the ball off the line - all of it is a mentality of "one more goal, one more win." He's spoken of his love of the club since he left, how happy he is seeing us do well and seeing the fans happy and to be honest I don't doubt it - but then he plays us in 2019 and can't help himself because it's all part of his firmware. He just wants to be better, score more and win more. I can't say the same about Ricky Lad. He's an average footballer - well, maybe an average-to-good one. And I could take the unsavoury antics if I thought they were solely about wanting to score more and win more. But so much of it is just performative, with an underlying motivation of having his underachievement hyped up into legendary status by a fanbase that indulges it. He acts down to their base instincts and as a result he's among the most lauded 12 goal a season strikers in their entire history. Off the field as well. Showing no contrition for lobbing a flaming device into the crowd (or acknowledging that he's fucking lucky they're only taking action now instead of during the run-in) and giving it the full "I'm edgy as fuck me"; all playing martyr to a fanbase that think they're unfairly treated by the Powers that Be (TM). Or being a wage-thieving multimillionaire mocking Liverpool fans who were fleeced by a coach company - against a backdrop of fans being treated like shit and a massive cost of living crisis; "he's one of us look, he hates the redshite." And all along he gets away with more love than they showed to a 25 goal striker like Lukaku despite scoring fewer than half. Suarez uses dark arts - rightly or wrongly - to be a better player and make his team better. Richarlison uses them to get love for being bang average.
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    This is the last time I read that exact pun without negging it.
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    Werner's biggest flaw is that he's shit. He's got the touch of an elephant and he clearly doesn't understand the offside law. I hate him because with all of my other attributes, if I had the pace he has I'd have been a contender for the Balon d'Or. Nothing worse than a fast striker who can't stay onside. Scum of the earth.
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    Me after the first leg in the match report: He’s really highly rated but I wasn’t overly impressed. He took the goal well but I think my judgement of him is clouded by the constant diving and the dreadful fucking haircut. His record is impressive and we’ve apparently been scouting him, so watch this space I suppose. I do love a good Uruguayan striker so if he sorts the hair out then maybe I could get on board with it, but as of now it’s a hard pass from me. Me after the second leg in the match report: “Benfica had another goal disallowed late on when Nunez finished well again but was clearly offside. Good player him, despite the appalling haircut.” Me now: Spend £85m on him, he's gonna be amazing.
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    Real issues a statement and UEFA respond.