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    The thing I’ve enjoyed most about Jamie Carragher’s podcast is the incredible forthrightness of the interviews. The shared context, friendship and experiences with his guests provides an incredible platform for honest conversations – far exceeding the cookie cutter Q&As we hear in the vast majority of interviews conducted by actual journalists. Carra’s standing, and aversion to sugar-coating anything, enables him to frame questions in a way that would be downright insulting coming from a reporter. It’s what made the recent episode with Michael Owen such a startlingly brutal and uncomfortable listen. If you came out of that interview still unwilling to bury the hatchet with Michael Owen and finally welcome him home, then I’d advise you to contact someone with a stethoscope. Michael’s story, as told on The Greatest Game, sounded like the clichéd sports movie, charting the incredible highs, then the depths of despair. It was set-up for the final act – the inevitable, uplifting redemption, but in Owen’s case, there is no feel-good ending. If the Robbie Fowler story could draw comparisons to Rocky, Owen’s could be likened to the end of Raging Bull. Put it this way: Michael Owen, who scored 158 goals for his club and thrice tried to get back home after his initial departure, now feels intimidated when he walks into Anfield. “Any Liverpool fan has the power to break my heart,” he said. Jesus, I don’t know about any of you, but hearing that just about broke mine. It’s not right. Owen brought as much joy to the old stadium as any individual in the last quarter century; that much is indisputable. Yet, as Carragher brutally pointed out, Owen gets no love, his career and contributions are glossed over. Or, to use Carragher’s word “dismissed”. I’ll be honest with you. Michael was my guy. At the time I’d have argued “Michael over Robbie” with anyone. My best mate and I still joke about it to this day (how lucky were we to have those two to playfully argue over by the way?). I’d never really resented him for leaving, but it did break my heart. I never hated him for signing for Newcastle because I was privy to information he desperately wanted to come home and was distraught to be going there. I wasn’t among those screaming “where were you in Istanbul?” in his face, because what was the point? It wasn’t even as if I felt signing for United was unforgivable given his predicament. For me, a fissure tore into a gaping crevasse the day he scored the winner in that Manchester derby (as unreal a finish as it was). I hadn’t seen him celebrate quite so exuberantly in a decade. I hadn’t seen that joy since he was a teenager and, as he raced behind the Stretford End goal, hadn’t seen him run that fast either. How could he be that happy doing that, there, for them? At the time when we were in the utter depths of the Gillet and Hicks era, with Rafa’s tenure coming to an end, it was an absolute sickener. For many, it confirmed what they had felt all along. It was the first time I believed it too – that Michael Owen cared only about Michael Owen. It didn’t matter which shirt he was wearing. On that day he was happy for himself, not for Man United. And now, in the context of his interview with Carragher, it’s a little bit easier to see why. Many will still feel like Owen got what was coming, that he made his own bed and thus doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as other Liverpool greats. That’s fine. But there’s also a staggering hypocrisy here that’s bothered me for decades. It seems you can be terrible, as a man and a footballer, but as long as you’re pushed out of the door, rather than leave on your own terms, you’re welcomed back to Liverpool with open arms. The ovations afforded to a returning David James down the years, for example. Here’s someone that made an absolute mockery of us, his manager and the entire club, quantifiably costing us a title during his time on his PlayStation, or modelling, or whatever else he was doing while flailing around between the sticks. James and Owen both broke my heart. Michael for leaving us when he did, James for being abjectly terrible at his job and causing us to lose football matches. One of the two feels intimidated walking into Anfield for fear of abuse, the other would probably get a standing ovation if he turned out for one of those Liverpool Legends games. More recently, the reverse is somehow true. It seems a player can force his way out in the most egregious manner and still be remembered fondly. His recent roasting at Anfield aside, the esteem in which Luis Suarez is held absolutely staggers me. Carra mentioned this too. Some of my best mates have him in all-time Liverpool five-a-side teams. I can’t scream this loud enough, but to Hell with Luis Suarez. This bloke went on strike to force a move to Arsenal (to Arsenal), bit opponents and racially abused others. Our reputation is yet to fully recover from our association with that ‘loveable little scamp,’ as evidenced by the recent, long overdue apology to Evra and the coverage it received. I feel ashamed for supporting him at the time. Between Owen and Suarez, which is the club annually falling over itself to wish a happy birthday? Here’s a clue: It’s not the one who ran himself into utter physical degradation before his mid-20s, while wearing the red shirt. Nor is it the one who won a Ballon D’Or in the same year he helped us to a cup treble. Owen’s contribution to the modern history of Liverpool far eclipses Suarez’s season or so of giving a damn. Even Stan Collymore enjoys a higher standing than Michael Owen among some Liverpool fans on social media. Seriously. Even the aversion to Fernando Torres has faded these days. Everyone seems alright with him again with the club often commemorating his contribution more and more often. I promised myself I’d never love another footballer again after he went to Chelsea; then Klopp’s lads came along and now I’m besotted with the lot of them, but that’s beside the point. Speaking of Chelsea, remember when Steven Gerrard tried to force a move there? If Gerrard’s explanation for how that situation came to pass (Papa Rafa didn’t show him enough love, etc.) is understood then why can’t Michael’s reasons for heading to Real Madrid, when all along his plan was to just “do a Rushie” and come back after a year? The answer’s rhetorical, if we’re honest with ourselves. After developing an Alan Shearer-like reputation for bland, guarded interviews during his playing career, Michael has been an open book since his retirement. Especially regarding his injuries and his self-professed rapid decline. We’ve had a window into Owen the person. Maybe that’s what has me warming to him again? The fact that, away from his horses, his millions and his media career, he’s a guy with insecurities, with regrets, with fears and apprehension. It’s a great leveller. I don’t know how the current impasse changes. Maybe it starts with the club affording him the same respect it does to other, less deserving folks, through its constant content output? If they can get off Suarez’s lap for five minutes that is. For all their talk about the “LFC family” they aren’t half choosy about who is treated as such. People shouldn’t need reminding just how good Michael Owen was, but if that’s what needs to happen, it should. There’s no reason for this continued antipathy or, perhaps even worse, utter apathy. That might be the hardest thing about this for Owen. Right now, he doesn’t matter. He’s not loved, nor particularly hated. Just irrelevant. Some will say that’s his punishment. After listening to his side of the story, I’d counter by saying, “for what exactly?” Carragher brutally pointed out that, while he finished his career with a guard of honour and a Kop mosaic, Michael went out coming off the bench for Tony Pulis’ Stoke. Wasn’t that punishment enough? Enough is enough. It’s time to recognise Michael Owen’s contribution for what it was. On the stat sheets, to the numbers on that increasingly-active “Wall of Champions” and in our mind’s eye. “One-nil down, two-one up, Michael Owen won the cup.” Remember that? Like many others, the story isn’t straight forward. There are complications. But Michael Owen is unquestionably a Liverpool great and deserves to be spoken of as such. It’s time to end the story in the right way. Chris Smith @ByChrisSmith
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    There are many reasons why Andy Robertson is one of the most popular players in the current Liverpool squad.Not only is he an outstanding player with a terrific work ethic, he is someone who relates to the fanbase.His journey from Queens Park in the Scottish Third division to playing on the biggest stages for one of the best teams in World Football is one of immense hard work after countless knock-backs.There is an old adage that 'you never forget where you come from' and Robbo is testament to that.He is as normal and grounded that a Footballer can be and proof of that was where he spent his recent winter break.Not in a glamorous island location, but back home in Glasgow.Robertson spoke to the Daily Mail about his time off.“It would have been no good if I came back here with heat stroke, so I did everyone a favour and went back up there and spent time on the golf course.To make ends meet coming up the ranks, the left-back worked for a time at Marks & Spencer.Once again, Robertson shows his quality as a person by not forgetting about those tough times but reflecting on them.“For people to say it was a fairy tale leaving Marks & Spencer behind — how many thousands of people work in these supermarkets, I felt that was a bit disrespectful.“These are normal lives and people can have a very good life working there. “How many of them are in our stands over the weekend and there am I saying: “I have left this terrible life behind and moved on”. “Of course I get better paid. Would I be happier playing football than at M&S? "Yes, of course, but if that was my life I’d be the same person I am today. “Money doesn’t bring me happiness, but from three or four I wanted to be a footballer. That was my dream in life.The Scotland captain also spoke about those who doubted him along the way.“I am one of the lucky ones who have said I wanted to be a footballer through my whole life. "I held on to that when I was at Queen’s Park and people probably laughed at me when I was 16 or 17 and they asked me what I’d be.“People were looking at me and thinking “get a grip, it’s gone now”. "For me, my dream was always to become a footballer. That’s why I say “yes, of course” I’m happier than if I were at M&S. “Of course me being able to set my kids up for life is an added bonus and being able to give them a good start in life is an added bonus, but for me it was all about just kicking a ball every single day.”The grass-roots history of Robertson extends to his ability of sticking up for his teammates on the pitch.He is not an hatchet man by any sense of the word, but there is certainly a crafty subtleness to the way he goes about putting things right.Like what happened in the Club World Cup Final in Doha against Flamengo when he put Rafinha in his place after he had enough of his physicality against Sadio Mane.The sideline microphone picked up the former Hull man say “Sadio, I’ll get him, don’t worry.”He talked about what occurred.“I know how to deal with Sadio. “That was me trying to calm my own team-mate down. I know sometimes things can affect Sadio. “In that game he got targeted Once he gets booked, there is nothing he can really do. So if I were to say something short and sharp to Sadio, it might have a little effect.“Unfortunately, the camera and the audio picked it up. “I don’t want to come across as that player, but if it comes to protecting a team-mate I like to think my team-mates protect me as much as I try to protect them. “We’re a family and if one of them is getting targeted then we will all back them up.“That happens in any good team. Like the Man United team of old. Like with Roy Keane. They never shied away from protecting each other. Arsenal with Vieira. That was the same. "At Man City, Fernandinho does it.“ For me as a team we protect each other. We are like a family. We are like brothers. "If one of them is getting targeted or picked on it is up to the rest of us to protect him. That’s what I try to do.” While the 25 year-old does not believe in regrets, there is one moment in the Anfield miracle game against Barcelona which he does not take any pride in. “I do look back on that moment with Messi as one regret. I don’t like seeing it. “When I saw it afterwards I was gutted.“We all had the attitude that day that nothing was standing in our way to get to that final and we created that atmosphere around the stadium and me and Fabinho were tracking him and there was a tangle of legs and we were on the floor. “To do that to the greatest player that has ever played…“ I have nothing but respect for him and Barcelona, but we went into that game with the attitude that we were 3-0 down, we needed a miracle, we needed something special and if that little thing stopped the best player in the world playing to his highest potential.“But I do regret it. That’s not me as a person. That’s not my personality. But that night a lot of things happened that you don’t really remember.“It was the loudest changing room I have been in before the game. You could see the focus and the determination in all of us and maybe I went over the line.”“But Liverpool fans like the edge, I think. I feel that maybe this whole team is quite good at representing Liverpool right now. “Liverpool is a big working class city. We go out and show hard work. “We get beaten in games but what you can’t question is that every time we go out there, we give 100 per cent.’While many fans are dreaming of the moment that Jordan Henderson lifts the Premier League trophy, Robertson is wary of saying those very words.A fan came up and said “You are going to win the league, aren’t you?’ “I said to him: “We are doing well so far”.’“I didn’t want to give him too much hope. Look, we’re a team that loves winning games and are very good at it and we need five wins now and we believe we will be able to get those five wins and more.“We know what position we’re in. “Do we believe we’re going to win it? “Not yet. "Not until the Champions sign is over our heads."
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    The FA Cup fourth round takes place this weekend and the Reds make the journey to New Meadow to play League One side Shrewsbury Town. The Shrews also made this round in 2019 taking Wolves to a replay after previously knocking out Stoke. This season they have defeated Bristol City and will be certainly up for the challenge in taking on the best team in Europe. @B_and_A_Fanzine creator and Podcast host of @salopcast Glyn Price talks us through the recent history of the club, which players to keep an eye on and his recollections of being at Anfield for some memorable moments. Can you talk a bit about Shrewsbury Town and the ups and downs you have been through as a club over the years? The last ten years or so have been one of an upward trajectory for Shrewsbury Town. Having been relegated to the conference we escaped after one season, then established ourselves as a league club. We progressively got better in League Two, as well as building a new stadium, incurring no debt and finally achieving promotion to League One. After a yo-yo period, we have now settled in League one and starting to consider ourselves better than constant relegation battles. Paul Hurst took us ninety minutes away from the Championship, but that last hurdle alludes us. It has been well documented how tough it is for clubs in the lower leagues to make ends meet in the current Football environment. So can you explain what this tie means for a club like Shrewsbury? Like most clubs, the TV money is the big one for us, and it’s one of a few televised games we have had in the last few years, which is more than welcome. But one thing we pride ourselves particularly in this climate is that we are one of a handful of clubs doing things the right way and not gambling with our future. We are debt free with money in the bank and a decent turn over and great grasp of wage controls as well as a stadium we entirely own. We work smart and there is little worry whether will have a club to support in 10 years. It’s not the most exciting, but as clubs have gone boom and bust in lower leagues; we have slowly edged ourselves up. So games like this are an added bonus to secure our strategy. We won’t waste it; it will be reinvested in infrastructure and the right players who will have a sell-on fee. Supporters are so often the lifeblood of clubs like yours, so how excited are they and can the Reds expect a hostile reception? It’s a great reward for us as club and fans for digging through from round one and of course fans are looking forward to playing Liverpool. More so I guess due how good Liverpool (and your reserves) are at the moment. It will be a sell out and due to how we have sold tickets it will be pretty much all STFC fans in the home end. Last year against Wolves the tickets were sold differently and loads of Wolves fans got in and no one enjoyed that! In terms of the reception, it will be loud and passionate for our team. When we get these games the club pulls together and both our singing areas get in tune. It likely won’t phase any experienced pros though. You have a very young manager in charge in former Bolton Wanderers and Hull City full-back Sam Ricketts. Have you been pleased with his tenure so far and what is his customary style of play? Tough one. In the league the form since he took over has been pretty average. We don't score many as we play a very defensive formation. But we are very hard to break down and that’s something to be proud of with three experimental centre backs. But he does deserve credit for his FA cup management. Last year he brought us back from 2-0 down at half time against Stoke to win 3-2. Then he came very close to masterminding a win over Wolves. We were 2-0 up with not long to play before Wolves brought on 40 million pounds worth of players to rescue a draw. Even the replay was a good battle. No reason why the same can’t happen this week! In general though, the fans are content with Ricketts this season as long as he keeps us well clear of relegation trouble. Who are some of the players that Liverpool fans should keep an eye on during this fixture? Arron Pierre is a Centre back we signed in the summer, who’s running away as our player of the season and capped it all with the winner late in the game in the last round. He’s all action. Piles forward and is as solid as a rock at the back. We also have a striker called Jason Cummings who if we are to do anything, he could be the one to find a bit of magic. Natural finisher, tricky and mad as a box of frogs to be honest. If we play him up front with the equally impressive (former Liverpool junior) Callum Lang then we might have some joy! Do you keep half a eye on the Premier League and if so, what do make of the work of Jürgen Klopp and the progress of Liverpool under his tenure? Yes and a bloody brilliant job he is doing. As a kid I grew up with football in the blood. My Dad took me to all the Shrewsbury games, but as Liverpool was my Prem team growing up he regularly took me to Anfield as a kid. Was at both Newcastle 4-3 games (where as a young lad my dad tells me it was the first time he heard me swear when Collymore scored) saw loads of UEFA cup games and the Cup Winners Cup semi final against PSG. So growing up in the Man United dominated era, which along with Salop being rubbish at times kind of ruined being at school. I’m more than happy to see Liverpool back on their perch. Klopp seems like a rare breed, a manager who is perfect for the club. Is there one particular Reds player that you admire the most? They are all pretty good, but I have a very big soft spot for Firmino. Absolutely love the way he plays, skill, determination and fun. A joy to watch when he’s at his absolute best. Big fan of the Andy Robertson story too, particularly his shithousing. They are all great to watch at the moment though, I think it’s an era for Liverpool fans that will be up there with their very best when it is all said and done. And for a club with the history of Liverpool, that’s saying something. The majority of football loving fans across the nation will be cheering on The Shrews on Sunday. What are your realistic hopes regarding how the game will play out? Depends on just who turns up but it’s going to be very tough. We won’t come out and attack other than the occasional structured counter attacks, so the game will come down to how long (or if) Liverpool can score. A replay would be absolute magic. It’s a long shot but we have to dream of that and more. Would love to score at least one, and that player will go down in folklore for us likely. Probably it will be 3-1 or 3-0 as we are hard to break down, but if you don’t score into the second half, that spark of the dream draw will fire our fans up massively!!! Either way, I can not wait.
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    David Ngog has recalled his greatest moment in a Liverpool shirt after Mo Salah’s strike on the weekend against Man United brought back some fond personal memories.The Frenchman’s stint on Merseyside is not what you would call prolific or particularly memorable by any means, but one moment clearly stands out above all others.The late substitute wrapped up victory against Liverpool’s arch rivals when he was put through on goal by Lucas Leiva and side footed it past Edwin Van Der Sar in the United goal.The jubilant crowd reaction after sealing a victory following a poor run of form was matched by the players with goalkeeper Pepe Reina running the length of the pitch to jump into the arms of the striker.A similar reaction took place on Sunday with Allison and Salah embracing and Ngog certainly noticed the parallels as he told the Official site. “It's unbelievable how close it is.“It's different play of course – he has a longer run and he read it well against the defender. “But that was in the last minute, against Man United, it brings back memories.“ I was at home but I was with my family as well. I saw the two goals and I was happy because it's Liverpool and it's really important this season. "It was exciting. To be honest, at that time I was just watching, not thinking about the goal before. "But when I saw the replay and saw it was similar – and the celebration, of course, with Alisson running. It was really, really funny to watch."Ngog who is still just 30yo, has made many stops in his football career since leaving the Reds and English Football, taking him far and wide to Greece, France, Scotland and currently in Hungary.But it is the moment in October of 2009 which he recalls with pride. “I think it was one of my great memories when I was in Liverpool."Especially the celebration with Pepe, who was a great teammate, a great player, goalkeeper and a great guy.Ngog said that the celebration that took place was a pure spur of the moment thing that Football often delivers.“It was a surprise for me to see Pepe when I turned back to celebrate! Afterwards, it was just joy and you want to share with the fans and everybody. "It was a great memory. “The celebration is one of the best and it's just improvisation. “You don't really prepare for it, it just happens in the moment."Despite being well removed from playing for the club, he still holds the Reds very closely to his heart. And just like any fan, he hopes they go one step further this season.“They're in the best position possible.“I think Jürgen Klopp did a great job in getting everyone involved. “They play with a lot of energy and it's just great to watch. "I really hope – and I think – they will succeed this season."While Ngog struggled for consistent minutes, he views his time at the club where he made 94 appearances and scored 19 goals in an extremely positive light."I was in at a young age and had plenty to prove."I was surrounded by great players with great experience and I think I learned a lot from it. "For me, it's all good memories. "Of course you always want to do more but for me at that age it was a good achievement for me in my life and my career."
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    Trent Alexander-Arnold says that the team was made to show their fighting qualities but were well worth their 2-0 victory against Man United at Anfield on Sunday.After a goal in the first 15 minutes by Virgil Van Dijk coming from a pin-point corner from the 21 year-old, it appeared that the Reds were in the mood to put their bitter rivals to the sword.But despite carving out a fair share of chances, the scoreline stayed the same until second half injury time when Mo Salah finished superbly after a sublime clearance from Alisson.Alexander-Arnold is sure to be one of the key men for England this summer, and if you like England's chances then you should take advantage of some of these euro 2020 sign up offers. Speaking to the Official site after the game the right-back said it was a deserved victory.“I think it was well deserved from us. “They never had many clear-cut chances, we should have scored more than two goals but to get that goal at the end was the icing on the cake really – especially the fashion we did it.“Ali getting the assist which is unbelievable. “There’s comparisons with one we scored [against United] about 10 years ago and then he’s ran up and celebrated like Pepe Reina did! “So yeah, it was a good way to end the game.”However Alexander-Arnold said that there were things that they could improve on.“They obviously came to defend really and it was hard to break them down, but we created chances. Obviously we got the set-piece goal quite early on which helped us, scored a few that were ruled out in the first half and then should have finished the game off early in the second half. We were all over them for 10 minutes, they couldn’t get out, and obviously we’re disappointed with that because putting it to bed earlier then you’re not nervous near the end of the game. “That’s something that we obviously need to improve on a little bit.” The England international also discussed the impact of Van Dijk at set-pieces“He’s probably one of the, if not the, most prolific centre-halves in the league and to have someone like that, who is going into the box and putting his head on the end of things is fantastic“I think he’s showed that he’s probably the best centre-half in the world over the last 18 months and he showed that again today.“His defensive work probably goes a bit unnoticed because we’re so used to seeing it but you can’t take it for granted. "He's always there in the right places, the amount of headers he was getting out the box for us, winning headers off corners, is priceless for us.”
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    Liverpool fans can rest a little bit easier with reports emanating that there is is little opposition to the Reds been crowned champions for the 2019/20 season.The coronavirus crisis sweeping the world has put all major Football leagues on hold.The Telegraph (via Fox Sports) reports that although the date of April 4th was identified as the resumption date for the Premier League, sources say that is remarkably optimistic.“You tell me whether you think there’s the remotest possibility that anything in the science is going to tell us that it’s going to be safer to play on April 3 than now?”There is a growing belief that it will be almost impossible to re-start the competition in the months ahead, so you may ask what does that do to the final placings?With Liverpool a massive 25 points clear, common sense would think that they are more than deserving to raise the Premier League trophy, even in less than desirable circumstances.Although there has been a campaign that the league be voided and started from scratch, that leaves way too many questions unanswered and the Telegrqph reports “there is no desire from rival clubs to deny Liverpool the trophy.” The other main bit of business to be sorted out is promotion and relegation.This report continues to say that because of these exceptional circumstances, the league will be expanded to 22 teams with no relegation and the current top two teams in the Championship Leeds and West Brom being promoted.The League Cup will be suspended for a season to allow more space in the fixture list while five teams instead of three will be relegated in 2020/21.In terms of European qualification the reports suggests:“Champions League qualification would allow the teams who qualified for this season’s tournament to keep their places next season and then enter any additional sides currently in qualification positions into an expanded qualifying phase.“That would mean third-placed Leicester going into a qualifying round for the Champions League, with Liverpool, Manchester City – subject to the Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing – Chelsea and Tottenham holding on to their places in the tournament.“But Manchester United, Wolves and Sheffield United, who are all above seventh-placed Spurs, would no doubt object to this.”As you can see there is very few winners in this extraordinary situation but one individual with a voice of reason is our very own Jürgen Klopp.In a statement to the fans he said:“We don’t want to play in front of an empty stadium and we don’t want games or competitions suspended, but if doing so helps one individual stay healthy - just one - we do it no questions asked.“If it’s a choice between football and the good of the wider society, it’s no contest. Really, it isn’t.“The message from the team to our supporters is only about your well-being. Put your health first. Don’t take any risk. Think about the vulnerable in our society and act where possible with compassion for them.“Please look after yourselves and look out for each other."Simply put, Jürgen is a man we as Reds fans, and the game in general can be truly be proud of.
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    Jurgen Klopp has given little credence to those individuals who are using any possible reason to downplay the achievements of Liverpool this season.The Reds are just four wins away from their first league triumph in three decades, and are on the verge of wrapping up the title in the quickest period of time in the modern era, currently holding a 22 point lead over Man City.But as recent games against relegation threatened sides such as Norwich and West Ham have shown, there is certainly no such thing as a easy win.The fact that this team has only dropped points once this campaign is remarkable, however there is a theory around that it is to do with the failings of their main rivals, not so much the overall strength of Liverpool.Speaking ahead of the game against Watford on Saturday evening, Klopp was having none of that.The Daily Mail reported the manager as saying:“I couldn't care less (what people say).“Look, it is completely normal. “I don't think that we should have any concern for things like this. If other people think like that – if they think City are not as good as they were – they ARE!“They have scored a little less goals than us, conceded a few more, and if you look why it is clear they have been missing some players. “The other teams are really strong too. “Yes, Bayern beat Tottenham and Chelsea [in the Champions League] but they are really strong over a season.“Yes, they (Spurs and Chelsea) have had some problems, that's all true. “But in the moment that you play them you don't feel that they have these problems.“The points they have, we have no influence on that apart from the games when we play them.“So it says nothing about the quality of the Premier League, especially when you look at City v Real Madrid. “I know that people look at these things and you saw that one of the best teams in the world maybe in the moment and City were clearly better so that shows as well how strong the League is. Despite the outstanding consistency and success of the past two seasons, Klopp is certainly not one to rest on his laurels and be content.“There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of space for improvement.“You see our games and result wise it looks okay but performance-wise there is a lot of space for improvement. “That is what we work on and try constantly through the week.“Result consistency is maybe difficult to improve because that is close to perfection, obviously, but it is possible to improve the performances in all departments. “There are so many things you can improve that that will never end.”
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    Steven Gerrard says he will be keeping an eye on whether the Premier League look to take further action against Man City following the ruling by UEFA that they will be banned from European competition for the next two years.While nothing is concrete, there has been some speculation that Man City could be stripped of their Premier League title of 2013/4 which no Liverpool fan needs reminding of. The Premier League have got a rule which allows retrospective action if severe breaches are seen to have taken place.At this point of time, the period being looked at is between 2012-2016.Gerrard was careful not to delve into the intricacies of the case, but naturally he was very interested.The Daily Mail reported the club legend as saying:“I read that myself this morning.“We will wait and see. From a UEFA point of view, it is a real strong sentence or punishment.“I’m sure they will appeal so we will wait and see what the outcome is on that. “Then we will see whether the Premier League act from there."I will give you a comment once I know that the Premier League decide to do. But if you look at the severity of the punishment from UEFA, something has gone badly wrong. “So I’m really interested to see the outcome of that. “Until I get the punishment from the Premier League, I won’t comment. “But I’m really, really interested in it… for obvious reasons.” Gerrard said to this point, he sees Man City as the trophy holders for the 2013/4 season.“It’s all ifs and buts. It is what it is. Manchester City were champions. “As I sit here right now, congratulations to them. “Until things develop, if they develop, it’s all ifs and buts. I’ve got nothing to say on the matter. "All I say is I’m very interested because of the severity of what UEFA have put out there.”
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    Brazilian legend Cafu says that he sees a lot of himself in the way that Trent Alexander-Arnold plays his Football.It is not the first time that the two-time World Cup winner has spoken about the talents of the young Scouser and he believes that the right-back has what it takes to go all the way in the game.The Mirror reported Cafu as saying:“I think Alexander-Arnold is one of the best in the world, no doubt about it.“He’s a great player – and I would say he has the same characteristics as I did.“He has got big potential. He is strong and skilful, he really takes the game forward and he’s a player who sets up goals for Liverpool.“So, yes, I can see lots of similarities between him and me when I was playing.“I would say he’s got a Brazilian instinct in the way he plays.The former AC Milan star his one piece of advice is to not change a thing. “My advice for him is simple: just keep doing what you have been doing for the last few years.“Alexander-Arnold shouldn’t change his way of playing. Even if he makes mistakes, he should carry on doing what he’s doing.Cafu also believes that defenders are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to individual awards, something that he believes the 21 year-old can achieve.“I think he has what it takes to become a Ballon d’Or winner.“We have to change this paradigm where the Ballon d’Or is only won by attackers and strikers.“People have to see that defenders are just as important as attackers.”As Alexander-Arnold’s all-round game continues to evolve, there has been discussion whether a switch to a midfield role is on the cards.But Cafu believes the England international is best suited to where he currently is.“The role of full-back suits him better and I think he now has to get even better at doing what he already knows how to do.“He has to play like one of the great full-backs, adapt to the position, become the best full-back in the world and then maybe there could be some sort of adaptation in terms of midfield.“But, for now at least, he has to be the best full-back he can be.It is not only Trent who Cafu is a big fan of at Liverpool, the dual Serie A winner with Roma and Milan gave a deal of praise to Jürgen Klopp.The Reds are nominated for Team of the Year and Comeback of the Year (for the Barca CL Semi Final) at the Laureus Awards this evening in Berlin where the Brazilian will be in attendance.“Liverpool had an incredible season last year and they are repeating that this time. I think they deserve their nomination.“The comeback against Barca was unbelievable and Klopp deserves 100 per cent of the credit for how the team has now grown so well.”
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    This Saturday sees top play bottom as the Reds make the trip to East Anglia to take on Norwich City. Despite their current position on the table, the Canaries have held their own against some of the big hitters in the division. Video producer for Total Football NR @ben_ambrose23 gives a detailed rundown of their season to date and explains why Daniel Farke is still seen by the fans as the man to lead them up the table. It has been six months since the two teams opened the Premier League season, so how have assessed your campaign and what has been the high and low point so far? As crazy as it sounds, I have been genuinely impressed with Norwich this season. If you look at the table you’d naturally assume that I’d be slightly more negative, but for me to assess the campaign so far you have to look deeper than that. The performances of the pitch have, in the majority, been excellent from Norwich. You look at games such as Newcastle at home, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Wolves and a few more and our performances have been superb. We’ve played with confidence, created some free flowing attacking moves that are very easy on the eye and scored some fantastic goals. But sadly not enough, which I’m sure I’ll speak about more later on. Beating Manchester City at home has got to be the highest moment of the season for me. How could it not be? This was a Norwich City team plagued with injuries, most noticeably with only one fully fit centre back. But, very fittingly, Norwich showed no fear and took the game to a Manchester City side that had just dominated England for two seasons, and quite comfortably might I add. The game was the best atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of at Carrow Road. Norwich set-up to play on the counter, but with style, and they absolutely nailed the plan. Obviously there was some luck in Man City wasting a couple of decent chances, but it was a fantastic and deserved win. For me, the lowest point was losing by a goal to nil away at Aston Villa. The game came towards the climax of what was a really unlucky spell for Norwich where we would take the lead in games, but not see it out. Of course, in that game we created some fantastic chances in the first half, some of which leaving me scratching my head as to how we didn’t lead by three or four at the break; again, much like the games prior and a few following. Given where Villa were at the time, it made it hurt more as it was a sign that we couldn’t even beat the teams around us. Fans closely dissect decisions made by their manager on a game to game basis, so how would you view Daniel Farke's performance across this season and has he maintained the faith of the supporters? If there’s one thing 99% of City fans agree on, it’s that we love Daniel Farke. The guy has come into this club, and worked absolute wonders with his colleagues on and off the pitch. His style of football, for me, is the way every team should strive to play, consisting of being brave with the ball and playing through the opposition, rather than over. That said, he’s not immune to criticism, of which there’s one piece I and a few others continue to give which is his substitutions. For me, he leaves them too late. If you look at the context of some of our defeats this season you’ll notice that we concede in similar periods within the second half, which has been costly this season. To address this I think Daniel needs to be looking to make more proactive substitutes to prevent this from happening, rather than reactive subs in the 80th minute and sometimes even later. You could argue it’s because of a lack of depth due to our financial situation, as well as the injury crisis that I’ve already alluded to. But every manager is open to criticism. Overall, Farke has our full support and will continue to for a very long time.. Can you talk about some of your players, which have greatly impressed the Canary fanbase in adapting to Premier League Football, and perhaps a couple who you need a lift from? There’s a handful of players that have impressed. You’ve got the likes of Emi Buendia, Teemu Pukki, Tim Krul, Ben Godfrey, Todd Cantwell and Max Aarons. I’ll pick out Buendia & Pukki as the two for me, for the same reason. That being they're two fantastic footballing minds. They might play in different positions, but the way they read the game is something that I haven’t seen with my yellow glasses on for a while. Their movement on and off the ball is what has been fundamental to the scoring of goals both this season and last season. Buendia is definitely up there as one of the best dribblers in the league, when you see him with the ball at his feet you get the sense that the man is destined for greatness. It’s almost crazy to think that he’s still only 23 years old. If he could add finishing to his game a little more, he’d be one of the best attackers in the league. Players who I think need a lift? That’s a tough one. Onel Hernandez would be one, and also Marco Stiepermann. It’s tough to say that as they’re both players who were so important last season and two of my favourite players coming into this season. But that said, it’s just not really worked out for them this season. Both play with little confidence, which shows on the pitch as they don’t look to offer the team much at this point. However, it can be argued that neither have had a fair run in the team, as well as enough time to be able to adapt to what is the biggest step up in football. Is there an opposition team that have impressed you more than anyone else this season and if so, what made them stand out? Well, I could take the easy road and say you boys; that I shall not and will instead opt for Sheffield United. Chris Wilder has done an unbelievable job and it’s important to stress that it’s no fluke either. For the past two or three years they’ve been knocking on the Premier League’s door and they finally find themselves here and my God they are taking advantage of it. Some of the business has been key this season, but it’s worth noting that before the season started most would’ve called Wilder crazy for some of it! You look at £15m on Mousset, who’d never scored in the Premier League and Oli McBurnie who was bought for £22m after a decent season in the Championship. But they’ve proven to be decent signings. Although, the most impressive aspect of their team has to be the players who’ve been kept in the team from the championship and done so well. John Fleck, Dean Henderson, Ollie Norwood, John Egan, George Baldock. It’s a credit to both themselves and the manager for finding a way to, not only adapt, but to thrive in the Premier League and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see them finish in the top six by the end of the season. Any promoted team will testify to how difficult life can be in the top league. So in saying that, how do you view the performance of Sheffield United and do you think they can be the template for teams coming from the Championship on a seemingly low budget compared to their rivals? I wouldn’t say Sheff Utd have a low budget, as they have splashed out on a few aforementioned names, but they’re definitely a team to study and to learn from. I’d look at the way they play instead, in that their speciality is not conceding which at any standard is vital; especially in the Premier League. Wilder quite clearly focused on that in the season, which saw them promoted, and they are reaping the rewards of it now. They have a clear no-nonsense approach to defending, which is as simple as the fine balance between clearing the ball and playing your way out. It’s as simple as that. It was then a matter of if they could add goals and with a few decent signings, they have. Currently seven points from safety, is there a belief among your fans that Norwich can produce the great escape? ‘The great escape’ is a phrase ringing around Carrow Road both in the mouths of those with genuine belief and those who mock the idea. Football is a funny old game and it would be naive to just write Norwich City off, despite no team ever coming back from this position before. Although it’s worth mentioning back in the 04/05 season Norwich almost pulled off the unlikely in the PL until we got battered on the final day of the season at Craven Cottage. However, given our consistent conceding of cheap goals I think it’s fairly unlikely, although that said if we were to take a few more of our chances, which is easier said than done, then I couldn’t see why we wouldn’t have a good go. What are the games left on your fixture list that you have earmarked as potential 'six pointers? Every single game for the rest of the season is a must win, given our position. It’s as simple as that. While many would see this fixture as an insurmountable challenge for Norwich, it can also raise a team to inspirational heights. What you you like to see from your team and from those supporters wearing yellow and green colours inside Carrow Road on Saturday evening? From the team, I would love to see bravery on the ball, much like we saw at Anfield, back when the sky was more blue than grey. From the fans, I’d like to see relentless support through a fantastic atmosphere. Of which is a given. Norwich’s support at Carrow Road over the past two seasons has been the best it ever has. I genuinely believe we’ll see another fine display from the fans in the ground, as well as a performance to match it on the pitch. Best of luck to you guys for the rest of the season, you deserve everything that you’re going to win this season.
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    Philippe Coutinho has spoken publicly about his joy in seeing the progress of his former club.The Brazilian star is currently on loan at Bayern Munich looking to kickstart his career after a difficult spell at Barcelona who he joined for £142 million in January 2018.In truth he struggled with the expectation that comes along with such a hefty price tag, and was frequently a target of fans for his below par performances.The 27 year-old who spent five impressive years at the Reds has been linked a number of times for a return to English Football.While that has not come to fruition, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t keeping a close eye on his old teammates and is very happy to see their progression as they look to claim a long awaited Premier League triumph. The Mirror (via Sports Illustrated) reported Coutinho as saying:“Liverpool is flying, and it doesn’t surprise me.“We’ve seen it already last year when they won the Champions League, but I’m also not surprised because of their fantastic squad and manager."I am so happy for them, because I have so many friends there, former team-mates, so I’m just so happy for them, but that’s all.”Coutinho has scored seven goals and contributed eight assists for the German giants in all competitions this season.And while not at his scintillating best which made him adored at the Reds during his 201 appearances, it seems that he has regained some of his confidence and a smile has returned to his faceCoutinho has reportedly told his parent club that he does not want to return and is more than happy staying at Bayern.“I don’t look back. I took another path, and now I am on another journey, much like everyone else. 'I’m focused entirely – just like them – on reaching my dreams. I’m happy with what I did in the past, and now I can only look forward.”
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    Jamie Carragher believes that the steady improvement of Curtis Jones and Neco Williams could save Jürgen Klopp a lot of money in the transfer window.The teenagers have won rave reviews when coming up against seasoned professionals in recent times and Carragher believes those performances bode well for the future of the club.Carragher is a man who knows all about taking the big jump from the youth ranks to the senior level and told the Echo it is all about timing. “They just make a jump and you're never quite sure when it's going to happen but they have to make that jump if they're going to rise to the ability of the first-team and it looks like he has made that jump now. “Curtis has kicked on this year but that's what young players do.“When he plays in the younger team, it almost looks like he's a first-team player dropping down to play with the younger players.“The one criticism of this Liverpool team is sometimes a lack of creativity from central midfield, and I think he could provide that.“Whether Liverpool go into the market to change that, or Minamino maybe changes that, but Curtis Jones and some of the other younger players will be putting things in the managers head about whether he needs to go into the transfer market."The Reds legend also gave a deal of praise for the Right-Back in Williams who claimed Man of the match honours for his performance against Shrewsbury on Tuesday evening. “We haven't got great cover at full-back - James Milner is there but he's a 34-year-old midfield player and when you consider Liverpool are the champions of Europe and how good they are, there should probably be another recognised player in those positions."But I do think Neco Williams, with the way he has played, you wouldn't think about going into the market to buy anyone and you've got Ki-Jana Hoever there as well.“These young kids now and what they have done are going to save a lot of money in the summer.Carragher says Jürgen Klopp is going about things in a perfect fashion by giving the youngsters a taste of the domestic cup completions, which in turn builds experience and confidence.And from there, he can pass judgement whether they have what it takes to become regulars.“ I think Trent Alexander-Arnold should be happy where he is and Neco Williams should be happy playing cup games for the moment but if anything happened to Trent, he's of course still very young, but Neco could come in a gain more experience.“It could come to a stage where Neco Williams wants to play week in week out and then he and Liverpool would have to decide if he has the right quality to do that. "There's a difference between quality to play week in week out and being a squad player."At the moment I think it's right that Liverpool shouldn't go into the market to buy someone in cover for Trent, and then wait for the stage to see if Williams is good enough to play for Liverpool every week."And when that stage comes, then you may think we may need to move Trent or you might say Trent's our right-back and unfortunately he's that good and you're sorry but the transfer value would be really good because he's a top player."
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    Liverpool have opened up contract talks with midfielder Gini Wijnaldum according to reports.The Dutchman is arguably one of the most underrated players in the league and his workrate and ball retention qualities are second to none.It is those strengths which have seen the 29 year-old one of the first picked on Jürgen Klopp’s teamsheet over the past three seasons, despite added competition in the shape of Naby Keita and Fabinho coming to the club.While his tremendous aerobic ability is one asset, so too is his versatility to play any role asked of him in the midfield three.The Reds have been experts in locking away their key assets over the past few years, but the popular player has played his cards close to his chest about the situation. “What would I like? It is difficult to say.“It depends on what the club wants and how the situation is at that time. We will see"However a resolution may not be too far away.The Express(via the Athletic) say that talks have opened between the two parties and there is confidence an agreement can be found in the near future.It is clear that Wijnaldum loves the club and the respect he holds within the squad is extremely high.So let’s hope this report is close to the mark and we see the smiling Number five dominating the middle of the pitch for a few seasons yet.
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    Rio Ferdinand says that Liverpool’s body of work over the past two seasons is worthy of the highest level of respect.The Reds currently stand head and shoulders above the pack in the title race, a season after pushing Man City all the way to the finish line and claiming their sixth Champions League trophy.The former Leeds, Man United and England central defender knows a thing or two about winning trophies, and says this Liverpool team deserves all the praise it is getting.The Mirror reported Ferdinand as saying:“You have to respect it, I think Liverpool have done a tremendous job.“In the last two years the amount of points they have accumulated has been phenomenal.“You're not lucky to win the league, I know that from experience. "You haven't got to be lucky you've got to be good enough to win a league and Liverpool are more than good enough." While Liverpool have added the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup to their growing tally this season, Ferdinand senses the Reds are far from satisfied and are men on a mission.“I think that is the scary part for everyone else is that Liverpool, this isn't about today, they're going to be in this for the long haul.“They look like a team that is being built for the long-term."Ferdinand was not finished in his wholesome praise, saying that the running of the club has been first class where everyone has been on the same page.“I think others team, other owners, can take a lead off of what Liverpool have done. "They've invested in their manager, they've invested in his ideas. He's been allowed to implement them over time.“He (Klopp) didn't have success immediately, but you're seeing it bears fruit four or five years on now from the beginnings of that.“He was given time and the resources and now the trophies are coming."
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    Neco Williams has hailed the Fourth round FA Cup victory over Shrewsbury Town as a special night for the entire Liverpool team.The youngest starting X1 in the history of the club produced a composed performance well above their tender years.The Reds won the tie courtesy of an own goal from Shrews defender Ro-Shawn Williams which came from an cross from the Welsh right-back who was involved in many promising moves on the evening.Speaking after the game to the Official site, the 18 year-old was naturally over the moon with the performance.“It was just unbelievable.“I think it was a night that we’ll remember for a long time, especially the debutants. I thought the whole team dug in and we kept on going until the final whistle. Williams gave particular praise to the crowd who was raucous in their support for the next generation of talent which meant the world to them.“I thought the crowd were excellent, they were there from the first whistle to the final whistle.“It was a special night for the whole team. “I’ve known some of the lads out there since I was about seven years old so you go through all the stages and to play a first-team game at Anfield with the crowd, and to get through to the next round, is just a special night for a lot of us.”Jürgen Klopp has trademarked the phrase ‘mentality monsters ‘ for the amount of times that his first team squad have overcome deficits and stayed strong in tough moments.Williams said that kind of strength has trickled down to the youngsters.“I think whatever team Liverpool puts out we’ll give everything we’ve got and leave everything on that pitch. “That’s what we’ve been doing this season, as you can tell from the league, and from when the young lads have stepped in and got results against the likes of Everton, Arsenal and obviously today.”
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    Stand-in Liverpool manager Neil Critchley was a man full of pride after his youngsters produced a performance belying their tender years in defeating Shrewsbury 1-0 at Anfield..The Reds were certainly the better team on the night in creating the better opportunities but the decisive moment came in the 75th minute when Ro-Shawn Williams turned the ball into his own net after a cross from right-back Neco Williams.Speaking at his post-match press conference the U/23 boss was certainly a content man, giving off the happy vibe of a man who had cleaned up at crazy vegas casino en ligne.“Obviously with young players you’re never quite sure, but I have to say from the first whistle the maturity those young boys showed to play that game was remarkable. “They have done the club proud.“They actually calmed me on the side and I think over 90 minutes we had the better chances and were just about the deserved winners on the night.“It was so intense. (At full time) We let our emotions go but we were deserving of that because of our performance. “We were outstanding at dealing with their long balls and winning the first balls and second balls. We changed the momentum in our favour."I thought if we could handle the first ten minutes- I've worked with these boys- I felt they could have control of the game. At half time the message was 'We should go and win this game now.'"The visitors thought they had opened the scoring through Shaun Whalley, but VAR overturned the on-field decision for offside.Critchley understood Shrewsbury’s frustration but says you have to roll with the ups and downs throughout the 90 minutes.“VAR is there for a reason. And we had some luck with our goal. But you need that in the cup. I was really proud of the boys."Critchley confirmed that Jürgen Klopp had been in touch before the clash with a good luck message and after the game to say pass on his congratulations. Finding ways to win games against the odds isn't as easy as just clocking a link to find the best online casinos for usa players but Critchley managed to guide his young side through to the next round, where Klopp will be delighted to take over.“Yes, the boss was in touch this afternoon with some words of advice and encouragement, which was really nice of him. “We had a little message – I’ve not checked my phone yet – but we had a message from the staff at the end there and he is absolutely delighted with the performance. "He is buzzing. We’ve given him a game against Chelsea away to look forward to.”As Neco Williams mentioned, the support from the crowd on the night was outstanding and Critchley was quick wanted to give credit where it was due.“The support we had was incredible, a full house – absolutely ridiculous for them to turn up and support those young kids. “They were so appreciative of it. They stayed right to the end because they saw boys giving everything on the pitch. “We played like a Liverpool team and I’m so proud of them.”So with such a momentous win in the books, what is the next challenge for this talented group of youngsters?Critchley wants this to be just the beginning.“This is a step forward but we don’t want this to be a defining moment of their careers “Hopefully it just gives them a taste of it and a thirst to go and whet the appetite, so to speak, and they want more of that."
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    Jürgen Klopp says that Roberto Firmino is an unique talent who brings a direct aspect to the number nine role.The Brazilian is known for his outstanding work ethic in being able to defend from the front and win back possession for the team.While he is not as prolific as his front three partners in Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, Firmino has got a great knack of scoring important goals such as the winners against Wolves, Flamengo and Crystal Palace in the last few months.The 28 year-old may not have scored at Anfield this season but his contributions stretch far and wide.In all, Firmino has 12 assists (eight in the Premier League and four in the CL) and on Saturday against Southampton he produced a hat-trick creating the goals for Mo Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jordan Henderson.Klopp is certainly someone who sees how important Firmino is to the success of his side and referenced a iconic manager in his praise for the striker.The Echo reported Klopp as saying:“Arsene Wenger said he is unique.“He is. He is just exceptional, a very football smart person, obviously.“In the first half, in between a really tight formation of Southampton, the way he drops and keeps the ball, how he makes things happen is very special, absolutely. “Then even a player like Bobby needs an address where he can send the ball, because he can not take the ball and turn and run alone.“How he uses the skills of his mates is special. I do not know a player like him, that is true.”“A selfless number nine? Yes but surprisingly he had to catch up assist-wise with the other boys. " Until Saturday I think he was behind the other boys and now he has more.“The good thing is he never stops being greedy to score himself in the right moment, or to pass to the guy in a better position."While Firmino has won praise for his selflessness, in contrast Mo Salah is viewed in some circles as being a “greedy” footballer.However, Klopp was having none of that.“People were talking about Mo Salah.“Mo was never selfish, or more selfish than he should be.“A striker in the right position. we have seen goals from Mo where he scores in between four players and finds the roof of the goal. “Then when you do not score people say you should have passed here or there but life is not that easy. “On Saturday he was very unselfish and he got the balls (passes) back, so he could score.”
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    Jürgen Klopp has admitted that he continues to be amazed by the consistency of his Liverpool side but also says that his side is far from perfect.The Reds made it 42 straight games without defeat and a total of 100 points from a maximum of 102 with a 4-0 win over Southampton on Saturday afternoon at Anfield. The best sports betting sites canada are shortening the odds every week now on a Liverpool treble, but despite the final scoreline, the visitors caused the European Champions their fair share of problems with Alisson called into action a number of times.Speaking after the game, Klopp spoke of his pride about the resilient nature of his side to keep up their form game after game.The Liverpool Echo reported the manager as saying:“I have never seen it (the consistency).“If I was on the outside looking at this, I'd be asking the same questions.“I can only say I don't feel it. It is not that I feel stronger and stronger and stronger after each win. "It's not like this. It is just one great celebration - sometimes more, sometimes less - and then relief, settle and go again.“ I have no clue how it should feel. It's not that I think we are close to something special.“So many things can happen in football and even when there is any decision made in the future, why should we stop thinking the same way?“We have to use the skills of the boys, the character of the boys, we have to use the power of this club and especially this stadium. It is our duty to win football games.” While Klopp is naturally an optimistic person, he said he never takes an excessive amount of confidence into a game, although www.worldbookies.com would surely disagree.“I promise you I don't lie, but we don’t feel it. My main feeling before the game (today) is that I was concerned.That concern was warranted especially in the first half, and the manager was mightily relieved that he had his Brazilian custodian to continue his elite form.“Today Southampton had absolutely too many shots and finishes but what Ali is doing with these finishes, I have no clue.“At the end it looks like the finishes aren't good – the finishes were good but Ali is there.“We are not perfect, not even close. "We don’t care about being perfect. “We just try and use our skills in the best possible way. “The boys do that for a while pretty good and that is why we have these kind of numbers.”
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    Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was determined to keep the focus on the team despite another fine individual performance in Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Southampton at Anfield on Saturday afternoon.For the second time in three games, the midfielder scored one and assisted in another goal as the Reds produced a blistering second 45 minutes after being held scoreless by an impressive Saints outfit in the first half.Mo Salah made it five goals in his last six league games with a double while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got on the scoresheet for the second game in succession to give the Reds yet another win. Speaking of wins, check out https://www.bestusacasinosites.com/ for the best places to win big.Speaking after the game to the Official site, Henderson spoke about how much pride he has in the development of the team this season. “I'm enjoying this season, we've put in some really good performances. "Everybody is enjoying their football but it's also about the work ethic and giving everything for each other – and that's the most important thing to me. 'Just give everything you can for your teammates, which we have been doing. If you do that then you get your rewards at the end. "For us, we just need to continue that, give everything we can right until the end of the season and then see where we are.Henderson said that it is always a great feeling to hit the back of the net at Anfield, but the most important thing was keeping the winning feeling going."It's always nice to get a goal, especially at Anfield of course. But the most important thing was the three points of course. "The goals are important obviously and we scored some really good goals in the second half. “Delighted with performance in the end, especially in the second half. Some really good goals and we've got to be delighted with the three points."Henderson kept to the well spoken line that despite pushing the lead atop the Premier League to over 20 points with their 24th win of the league season, the overall focus remains the same. Eyes on the prize, just like when playing new zealand online casinos.“We're getting closer to our target but I don't see why we need to change – I keep saying it every week but it's the truth. "We take the next game as it comes, that's the next challenge and the biggest challenge. "We're focusing on that 90 minutes and giving everything we can, respect the opposition like we always do and just focus on each game as it comes. "That's put us in good stead until now, so there's no need to change. "We just need to continue on our journey, keep focused, keep learning at the training ground and then when we play on a weekend, give everything we can."
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    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain said that the team are keeping focused on the job at hand after another trademark performance on Wednesday evening.The Reds have now beaten every team in the Premier League this season after their 2-0 victory over West Ham, which is a first in the illustrious history of the club.The victory also saw Liverpool reach the 70 point mark from 24 games which is the quickest of any English top flight side. Even the best usa online casino would struggle to produce the number of wins the Reds have this season.Despite the accolades that are flowing their way, Oxlade-Chamberlain says it is business as usual for the players. The Official site reported Ox as saying:“That’s obviously nice but I think teams never get to those sorts of positions and have those accolades and records by thinking about those things.“They just go into every game, go to work and do the business. “You keep that mentality, you give yourself the best chance of coming away with wins.“There are a lot of tough games coming up so we’ve just to keep plodding along and keep doing what we are doing to first and foremost achieve what we want to do in the league. “That’s the most important thing – finishing as high up as we can – and we are in a good position." That's an understatement. Some sports betting companies have already paid on the Reds winning the title and it's almost impossible to envisage any scenario in which Liverpool's 30 year wait to become Champions.The attacking midfielder scored his seventh goal in all competitions this season when he produced an adept finish after being put through on goal by a Mo Salah pass which doubled the visitors advantage after a Salah penalty in the first half. “It was a great pass and I knew Lanzini was close to getting there, so I needed to get in front of him and even make him foul me.“There was a bit of contact but I managed to stay on my feet and just tried to stay composed and finish it, so it was nice to see that one go in.“I don’t always find myself in that position so it was nice and I think it set us up for a controlled performance to see the game out.”
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    Jürgen Klopp says that he does not have a particular points target in mind as Liverpool continue their march to a Premier League title.The Reds made it 23 wins from 24 games after a composed 2-0 victory over West Ham on Wednesday evening.With the win, Liverpool also achieved the full card of victories over Premier League sides which is a first in the illustrious history of the club and only becoming the second team in the history of the league to do so following Man City in 17/18. The victory also saw the club hit the 70 point mark in the shortest timeframe seen in English Football.Pep Guardiola made a deal about reaching the 100-point mark during Man City’s title runs but it is not something that Klopp believes in.Metro reported the manager as saying.“Not sure if I have to. I was never in that situation, to be honest. I didn’t do it so far.“Last year we had 97 points, I’m not sure if we could have had 100. Ninety-eight would have been possible, if we’d got a point maybe at City, so no, I didn’t do it.“In the moment when I see I have a problem motivating the boys then I will have to use different things, but so far it’s not necessary. We are Liverpool and we have a proper history and everybody knows what we have to do.“So the motivation is to reach that and not any points record. “If that will happen as a side effect, we will take it, but we are not only concerned about that.” Klopp also said he did not get extra satisfaction from beating every opponent.“Nothing like that. I don’t feel anything like that. It’s not about feeling satisfaction or whatever. I really don’t. ‘“I was in the game completely, wanted to win it, my boys wanted to win it desperately. “No-one thought before the game: ‘We’ve won against 18 different teams in the league so let’s make it 19.’“A season is like you have to dug in, and you don’t breathe pretty much, or you jump in the water and you don’t breathe and then you come out after 38 games and then you have a look at what happened.“So that’s how we really see it. "So nothing like that in the dressing room. I don’t want to be extremely – what’s the right word – boring, but it’s just it doesn’t feel like that.’
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    Jürgen Klopp says that January signing Takumi Minamino took a big step forward after getting a extended outing against Wolves on Thursday evening. Like many of Jürgen Klopp’s signings in the past, the manager has looked to ease the Japanese international into the Premier League.But when Sadio Mane went down with a hamstring strain just after the half hour mark, he didn’t think twice to insert the 25 year-old into the action.He displayed plenty of calmness in possession making 28 passes and a couple of dribbles.It was his ability to be versatile in a number of formations which made Klopp sign him and the manager said that he showed that again against a tough opponent. The Official site reported Minamino as saying:"He's exactly the player we expected to get – super, super boy, super player.“You saw so many things of his ability. This game was a proper fight and he was completely ready for that.“We had to defend in a 4-4-2 then played offensive in our normal system. "If now Div [Origi] is coming on, who would deserve it, 100 per cent, because he is in incredible shape, it’s really very offensive very early in the game.He was fighting like crazy and closed gaps, was involved in a lot of situations. That was just a super start, to be honest. He’s pretty versatile so he can play different positions. “On (Thursday) night, it was exactly what he had to do and he did it. “It was a big step for him.”The manager said that his performance is just a brief snapshot of what he can produce especially as he is still learning the ropes.“For him, [it's] still kind of a new environment with a new team and then really adapting.“That's what we see in training. Then we see, of course, more of all the finishing stuff, the creating stuff. “It's just the player we wanted and now he's ours."Klopp also spoke about whether the minutes against Wolves will mean that he may not play a big role in the FA Cup tie against Shrewsbury on Sunday, especially as he battled through some calf tightness in the second half.“With Taki we have to think about what we do exactly now because yesterday he played much longer than we thought."I have to see how he reacted now on the intensity of that game – I don't know him long enough in this part, so we have to see. “But each game helps for sure."
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    Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has once again praised the mentality of his team after the Reds showed great resolve to defeat a very impressive Wolves outfit on Thursday evening.Henderson put the visitors in front converting from a Trent Alexander-Arnold set corner in the eighth minute, but Wolves who are well known to save their best for the top echelon of clubs, gained parity when the outstanding Adama Traore set up Raul Jimenez as Liverpool conceded a goal for the first time in 725 minutes.A grandstand finish was now guaranteed with both teams pushing for the winner. Wolves were carving out the better chances, but as everyone knows, Liverpool just finds ways to win.And so it proved when Mo Salah and Henderson each played a role in setting up Roberto Firmino who scored the winner with six minutes remaining.Speaking after the game, Henderson said the team knew it was going to be a great challenge.The Official site (via BT) reported Henderson as saying: “You know it's going to be difficult here as we've seen over the season. “They're a good team, they make you work. “It was an intense game. We knew it'd be difficult but we knew to keep going, keep fighting. We defended really well, the big man and the back four were brilliant again.“We had some chances as well to put the game to bed, which I keep saying over the last couple of weeks, so that's something that we want to improve on and kill the game off earlier. "But [we] showed mentality again to keep going and finding that winning goal."Meanwhile Virgil Van Dijk who was again a colossus on the evening, echoed the thoughts of his captain. "First of all, you need to give them credit. “They played good, they have good players, they're difficult to break down. “In the second half they came at us more, creating more moments of danger. "We had to dig deep, we had to fight – that's something we can do as well. “Obviously we're not happy about the goal conceded but how we reacted on that is a good thing. We know we're always going to have chances. "Great three points."With another win, the Reds contributed their blistering pace atop the Premier League table, but Henderson once again gave the stock standard line that the players and manager has given all season.“You're probably bored of me saying it, but it's just about the next game.“We want to keep going. “Every game is the biggest game of the season – as the manager keeps saying to us. We've got the FA Cup on the weekend now, so we need to prepare for that. “But we just want to keep going, give everything like we always do and keep building on what we've achieved so far."
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    Luis Suarez has said that in his opinion Liverpool supporters are the best in World Football.The once-adored Uruguayan was public enemy number one for Reds fans in the semi final Champions League tie against Barcelona last May due to his running battles with Liverpool players, most namely Andy Robertson.The pair clashed on numerous occasions and Suárez was at his snidey best when he put the left-back out of action with a kick to the calf just before half time in the second leg.However as we know all too well, Robbo had the last laugh on that occasion. The antics were a taste of what opposition fans had known for years about the 32 year-old.You absolutely love to have him on your side, but when he wears the colours of the team you are coming up against then it is a whole different story.He is the ultimate competitor, he may not always go about it the right way, but it is his way of making sure his team is successful.Currently on the sidelines with a serious knee injury, Suarez spoke about how much the supporters meant to him in his 3 and a half seasons at the club.The Liverpool Echo via OTRO reported Suárez as saying"I would say amongst the best.“ They are amongst the best football fans because of all the love they always gave me during my time at Liverpool.“They have always loved me and treated me exceptionally well. “That's why they are amongst the best football fans in the world. "For me, the best."There has been plenty of discussion about the future of Suarez and if Barcelona will look to move on the veteran in the summer as they look to freshen up their front line. Suarez will always be remembered for his outstanding performances at the Reds, and it is nice that he still respects those who spent their hard earned to watch him play.Losing a player who could easily be described as a generational talent is always incredibly hard to overcome.There have been some dark times over the subsequent period, but the recovery has been executed superbly.
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    Gary Neville says that the Mo Salah goal will go down as the moment that Liverpool fans truly believed they will become champions this season.In a match where Liverpool made most of the running, they were made to wait until second half injury time to seal the three points. Virgil Van Dijk put the hosts in front in the 14th minute with a strong header from a Trent Alexander-Arnold corner.Liverpool remained on the front foot, but they had goals by Roberto Firmino and Gini Wijnaldum chalked off meaning that the game remained in the balance. The visitors belatedly came to life in the final 20 minutes but were unable to find the finishing touch when they needed it the most.They were made to pay the ultimate price when a pin-point clearance from Alisson found Mo Salah on the break and he was able to hold off his opponent and finish with aplomb.It was a goal that had a clear sense of symbolism about it, as Salah celebrated his first goal against the Red Devils in truly joyous fashion in front of a ecstatic Kop. The Reds are now strong favourites to clinch their first league title in 30 years so why not discover the new customer offer for paddy power. While it would have been hard to take for a Man United stalwart like Neville, he has been a part of enough winning sides to understand what the moment felt like for the supporters. Speaking on his own podcast Neville said:“We’ve just witnessed Liverpool there today announce that they are going to win the league, even though we all knew it.“In this stadium at the end of the game when Mo Salah ran through you just felt they knew that was the moment.“I don’t think they are going to get what would be a euphoric feeling of a last minute goal to win the title on the last day.“Yeah it will be emotional when they win the title. But that today felt like a huge moment, and being in the stadium to witness it… I’m glad I witnessed it. I’m glad I witnessed it as a Manchester United fan because you need to suffer sometimes and you need to feel pain.”While Jürgen Klopp understood the emotion of the moment, he was certainly not willing to join in the euphoria, keeping to the line he has maintained throughout the campaign.“They can sing that. They have sung that a couple of times in the past I think. l have no problem with that. Everyone should celebrate the situation, apart from us. Nothing has changed, we have the same situation plus three points.“I will tell you immediately the moment if it feels different, at the moment it doesn't. I have no idea whether we will be caught or not, I don't care.“First and foremost it's the Premier League. We play Wolves on Thursday, it's our next exceptional challenge. I don't have enough space in my brain to contemplate anything else."