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    Jordan Henderson has reflected on a time at Liverpool which he believes made him into the fine player and outstanding leader he is today. It is remarkable the amount of times that personal success is built on the back of adversity and Henderson is testament to that. Henderson made a dream move to Liverpool from his hometown club Sunderland in June of 2011, but with that came with it a whole lotmore pressure which the midfielder had to adjust to. One story in the journey of the Champions and Premier League captain which is now folklore is the time where he was nearly sold to Fulham in 2012 by new manager Brendan Rodgers which would have seen Clint Dempsey come the other way. Henderson’s recollection of that sliding doors moment is vivid as he told the Guardian: “We were preparing for a [Europa League qualifying] game against Hearts at Anfield. We met as normal in the [Hope Street] hotel and I got a knock on my door saying the manager wanted to speak to us. "To be fair to Brendan Rodgers, it was really just a conversation. It was an opportunity [to leave for Fulham] I didn’t want and I didn’t like. I still felt I had an awful lot to give. Anyone who has watched Henderson from close quarters knows that he has a inner determination that burns in everything that he does and others naturally feed off it and it was developed in that fateful time. “I was in a very dark place at that time. It made us a lot stronger and a lot wiser later on and, without that, you never know what could have happened. So I really cherish them moments because you need setbacks, you need adversity. “You get back up, and it makes you stronger because you want to prove people wrong. Ever since that day I had something in me. I needed to prove to the manager I would get in his team eventually. "I’d do absolutely everything to be in his team, this football club, and I’d prove them wrong. In the end I did.” The 30 year-old was extremely thankful for the support that he received his wife Rebecca, and Steven Gerrard played a crucial role in a family sense. “ She (Jordan’s Mum) was worried for her boy. "He was a little lost. The move was initially too big for him," Gerrard said. Gerrard made sure that he would keep a close eye on Jordan, but he had been around the game long enough to realise that he would end up becoming a vital player for the club. A lack of confidence and potential transfer is just one hurdle Henderson has had to deal with in his near-decade stint with the Reds. A cancer battle for his father as well as a number of injuries and a change in his midfield role under Jurgen Klopp have all significantly challenged him. However it has helped him grow into the much all-round-respected figure we see today. With what he has achieved with team.over the past few years, you could excuse Henderson for having a quiet sense of self satisfaction. While proud of the achievements, he is certainly not satisfied. “The past few years we’ve proved how good we can be and now it’s about improving, working as hard as possible, wanting more and giving absolutely everything. "We’re in a good position but the Premier League can change very quickly. But that hunger and desire will always be there for me and the team.” “I hope I can play for a very long time, because the hunger, the desire and the love for the game is still there. "I feel good physically and mentally. So I’m not thinking that far ahead. I’m just concentrating on doing the best I can over the next however many years for the club and for England and see where that takes me.”