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    Thiago, Thiago running down the wing. He came from Italy originally, however his parents are Brazilian. Fascinatingly, he represents Spain at International level unlike his younger brother, Rafinha, who has represented Brazil. Where's your famous atmosphere, oo ar ya? oo ar ya? TEN JIRMUN BOMMERS, your support is facking shit. To the tune of "Wake Me Up" by Wham.
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    Buddy Dog helping me to shake off the blues in Wellbeing Wood.
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    Hard to be cynical about that. A generation of young girls will grow up with the cherished memory of having seen their idols in the national team win a major tournament. Warms the heart. And it further cements Phil Neville's status as a failure, who stole a job in the women's game so he could cosplay as a manager, the slack-jawed fraud.
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    It's a bit disconcerting - almost like the meal is emerging from the Time Tunnel, or the hero in the Ipcress File is being branwashed by a revolving psychedelic plate spun by commie bastards. Yorkshire Red is clearly very disturbed.
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    The egg custard is a brilliant touch. Elevates the mundane to the sublime. Just needs a strong cup of tea to complete.
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    The only way to settle this is to sell him.
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    Be a big change for him, he's used to playing as part of a 7.
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    Agree with this. I do think there's probably more pressure on Haaland to be an instant fit - we can still put out a front three of Diaz, Jota/Bobby and Mo while we wait, whereas they seem a bit short without Haaland.
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    That Corn on the Cob is annoying me. It’s properly deformed and looks like the teeth of a meth head from Alabama. Your chicken is undercooked and so is the one and a half Roastie. Did you only have a thimble of gravy available? That is an abysmal roast dinner and even the attempt to hypnotise us with that plate can’t sway my opinion.
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    Where are people getting that his technique isn't great? I've watched him in three full games now, he's scored in every one and his technique looks superb to me.
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    Done nine days out of twenty for radiotherapy now. Knackered not because of the treatment but the travelling. Onwards and upwards.
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    Like how he comes deep and then just seems to amble back into the box unnoticed as the move develops.
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    That may be my favourite GF quote to date. I’m thinking of having it printed on a T shirt
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    I enjoyed it. It was by no means perfect, but there were things to admire. The best thing I can say for it really is that it doesn't diminish the films that came before it, and in some ways enhances them. I liked that it fixed some of the holes in the original trilogy; Vader says he killed Anakin, just as Obi-Wan told Luke, and you learn why Obi-Wan calls him Darth, and why Leia doesn't mention that she knows Obi-Wan in her hologram message, and why Vader abandons his obsessive search for Obi-Wan. It was good that the unfairly-maligned Hayden Christensen got to have another crack at playing Anakin, and that a few other actors who were criminally underused in the prequels got to flesh out their characters a bit. You get an appreciation for the lengths Owen and Beru went to to protect Luke, and it makes their demise in the original film that more tragic. Similarly, Alderaan is a lush, living planet, and its destruction actually means something now; it's not just a plot device. It would be easy to punch holes in the plot, there's always a few bits in these things that stretch credibility, but why would you do that unless you're determined not to like it in the first place. The writers' hands are tied by the fact that most of these characters need to survive another decade or so. We all know that it doesn't make sense for Obi-Wan not to kill Vader in his weakend state, but the narrative can't allow it. So yeah, It was fine. It passed some time pleasantly enough.
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    The interview would start something like this:- Graeme Norton: Welcome to one of Britain's best loved heart-throb actors... Simon (interrupting): Just before we start...do you know the best way to get blood off a green-room's carpet?
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    Until it affects them. And that's the mad thing, with old people being that prime users of NHS services, that they are turkeys voting for Christmas because they don't have the brio to admit they've been voting for sadistic cunts. The likes of Extinction Rebellion and strikers have the wrong idea, they should be barricading the supply depots for the likes of the Daily Mail. It's time to get to the root of this nonsense, cut the poison off. Fuck it, burn the offices to the ground. Although I suspect the offence probably now comes with a 100 year prison sentence, for obvious reasons.
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    Most of it seems to be coming from Nigerian Everton fans with 10 Twitter followers.
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    Aye, Carvalho looks the business. He also looks like the lovechild of Coutinho and Little Richard
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