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    You can camp in my spare room for free Zeb. You won't need a tent and it won't cost you a penny. @Remmie
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    After managing to avoid it for so long it's finally got me the bastard. I've notified the NHS because I'm classed as extremely clinically vulnerable and they're contacting me within the next 24 hrs about some medication. I'm not too bad atm, but I am worse than I was this morning. Taste and smell are ok so I still get to enjoy a nice beer in front of the telly!
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    Tomato Sauce. As I’ve grown more tolerant in my dotage I can just about tolerate it on a burger purchased in some fast food joint. In days gone by, they’d have to do me one without. I never have it on anything at home though. Another reason why I hate the fruity cunt is how much of it my kids consume. Costs me a fortune and it’s not even something I like.
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    Feels a lot like the film a very British coup, the establishment, the toffs, public schoolboy network are absolutely terrified the working class ever has power in their favour. The media work overtime to make sure any option that swings power that way are painted as loonies, commies or unpatriotic. Milliband fucking Red Ed.. Jesus christ.
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    It won't cost you a penny. But it will make your hostel experience look like a romance novel by comparison.
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    The Royal family. I know I’m on my own here, but am just not really into them. soz.
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    I'm devoed about league - absolutely heartbroken. Simply because i wanted this group of players and this manager and us as fans to have what was taken away from them and us because of covid laws in 2020....namely a proper presentation, celebration and parade..... So for that reason i am absolutely gutted...also gutted that yet again we rack up a total that wins 99% of leagues in history but get fuck all - and lose out. It isn't as if we have collapsed or let it go or anything we've kept winning/kept being unbeaten....what is it now 4/5 months unbeaten - but to see 1 draw punished with Abu Dhabi romping to back to back 5 goal wins to take GD out of equation is sickening. But as someone else said earlier in week - what did we expect though when football has allowed a state owned club with near limitless finances and complete contempt for the flimsiest of financial rules to take hold?... If we win another trophy this season it will be really nice and it will be very special if it is the big one - but as i say i am devoed, and really fucking angry about league being lost to those sportswashing, cheating bastards.
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    Me and the boy were successful, I got the biggest hug when he got in from school, so so happy. We had a 50% success rate between us, 6 of 12, we’ve been incredibly lucky in the ballots this year. Fingers crossed to all of you that something comes up.
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    The first officer on the scene of Eddie Cochran's fatal road traffic accident in 1960 was police cadet David Harman. Harman started to learn guitar using Cochran's guitar while it was impounded at the police station. Two years later he became a professional musician, and had a number of hit records as Dave Dee, lead singer of the group Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.
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    Boom! Successful!! Get fucking in!
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    Teresa Glover, mother of Ian has died aged 83. She was one of the great campaigners for truth and justice for her son and the Hillsborough victims. May she rest in peace.
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    Because of this racism situation too many people are getting very revisionist about him. He was an absolutely brilliant player and my personal favourite. Without him,Barnes,Aldridge et al wouldn't have been as effective. He was sold way too early by Souness and haunted us while a bluenose. He was then brilliant at Newcastle where he was essential in them almost winning the league. He also had a decent England career under Bobby Robson alongside Barnes and others in a half decent England side. He might be a horrible racist but he was a superb player.
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    Negged for been a wanker.
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    Said before these boys deserve the honours for the efforts they have put in. We haven’t cheated our way to the top and done all the right things. Grown the club over decades, got a great structure and coaching set up in place etc etc. Yet this mob come along and ride roughshod over everyone and the powers that be allow it and shrug their shoulders. Maybe had it been united getting shafted in this way they’d be more done. But alas it isn’t as they’re shit. We need to keep building and growing our club, investing wisely as we can still compete at the very top, win a cup treble this season and go into next season buoyant. Be positive as we’ll get chances to truly cement jurgens legacy. He and we deserve it.
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    Has to make you laugh reading online Twitter twats tell The John Barnes he's out of touch, or doesn't understand racism just because he disagrees. As if blackness is a hegemonic hive mind, that doesn't have Tories or isn't 4 years removed from an amazingly charismatic leader drone bombing weddings. It does not need reiterating on this forum, because we all know it, but I'm going to say it anyway. John walked into a club that did chant "Liverpool are white", had bananas hurled at him on live TV, and was consistently blamed for any national team failures on his "laziness". He was the best player in the world between 87-89, the best player in the best team this country has ever seen and was an absolute model in dignity, grace and his capacity to rise above the constant humiliation black folks suffered in an era when murdering Stephen Lawrence on the straight was a vaguely 50/50 call. The guy is a God. An absolute God. And is good natured on a level that almost beggars belief.