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    4-0 against the manc rats. Fucking lovely. Vermin dipped into their usual songbook tonight even after we applauded for Ronaldo - they just couldn't leave it alone could they... Horrible, horrible shithouse rats. I hope their current slide continues on indefinitely and gets steeper and fucking steeper. Never forget, reds, no matter how shite they become and how routine beating them is (like tonight) they are horrible rat bastards who gloried and revelled in rubbing everybodys noses in it and ours especially for 20 years when they were on top....and they continue to disrespect our tragedy - never give them a moments sympathy or take it for granted......drink it in and always want to beat them even more - if it is 4 want 5, if it is 5 want 6.....there is no such thing as too much pain to inflict on them....never enough humiliation.... Horrible bastards. As for us - as i said earlier - these are the days, folks - drink it in, drink it in.
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    Keane talks about the mancs the way I talk about this generation of lads. "They're queueing up to get in the clubs, they've got no formal trousers on, no trousers to be seen, not a shirt in sight either, not even a Ben Sherman. How much is a Ben Sherman for pity's sake? Where's the pride? Where's the discipline? "They cry a lot these young lads. About the environment and stuff. Okay we talked about the ozone layer in our quieter moments, but it sorted itself out eventually, you certainly didn't cry about it. "They're friends with girls a lot of these lads too, I'm not sure I agree with that. There needs to be a healthy distance between young lads and girls unless they're courting, to maintain the mystery." "They don't drink much these lads today neither. When we were going out, we'd drink anything. Carling, blue VK in the club there if you couldn't afford a WKD, just to mix things up. But either way the commitment was there. With these lads it's green tea and coffee. I tell you now, it's no wonder they're all depressed."
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    For the second time this season the Reds completely wiped the floor with Manchester United as Mo Salah filled his boots. 9-0 to Klopp's men over both games and five goals for Salah. These are special times we're living in, not least because we get to watch Thiago every week. Chris Smith, Paul Natton and TLW Editor Dave Usher reflect on another sensational Liverpool performance and another special Anfield night under the lights. Thiago's brilliance, the front three clicking, Trent pocketing Rashford and Sancho, turbo charged Robbo, all of this is covered while the lads also set time aside to enjoy just how utterly meek and hopeless the once mighty Manchester United now are.
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    I can pay him no higher compliment than saying he reminds me of me playing 5 aside. The rest of the people on the pitch are able to understand a fraction of what we're doing. Think I might email him that.
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    Ian Callaghan, what an 80 years young absolute legend. Got on the 27 bus to Anfield to make his debut, went home after on the 26! Goodness knows how many years later, still looked spiritly enough to run rings round a united side made to look utter shite!
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    We were great last night. We’ve seen some abject Liverpool sides go up against some very good Man Utd sides. Apart from 2 games at Old Trafford where we had red cards early on (think we lost a 4-0 and 3-0) we’ve never been bum holed by them like we’ve done to them this season. Ever. Even the Rodgers 0-3 game was more comprehensive than any beating they’ve ever given us. Even at our worst we’d always raise our game against them and at least go down swinging. They really are in a terrible place and I fucking love it.
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    Martin Atkinson was an absolute twat tonight. Again. Once again he's at his old trick of trying to level up a game we're winning by giving the oppos all the easy free kicks and deliberately standing in the way of players trying to pass the ball to a teammate. I swear I saw Thiago having to dribble around the cunt to create another chance in the 2nd half. A moving tribute to Ronaldo's baby son observed all around the ground. Have those everton cunts gone on about us 'defiling' the moment by us singing YNWA? The united fans couldnt help showing themselves to be utter cunts as well with their 'Always the victim' and Won it 3 times without killing anyone' chants in the 2nd half when they had nothing else to sing about.
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    These are proper shite aren’t they, boss.
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    I'm still in a boss mood this morning. It's great being us.
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    He will be playing for them in a few seasons
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    Yeah,it was Mike Riley who sent Hyypia off. Just looked on lfchistory for details and googled referee. Absolute cunt of a referee and a big reason why current PL officials are so shit.
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    Thiago plays how I’d like to be able to play football. He’s my favourite player.
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    Has experience of getting a club out of the Championship now too. Made for them.
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    He didn’t even have an uncomfortable time time against Sancho. He tackled him any time he came near him. Defensively Trent has been solid the last two games.
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    While I normally prefer to bask in our glory rather than pour salt into the wound of others on nights like this, it's hard having grown up in the 90s not to take a moment and point out how completely fucked they are! I see some (mostly their fans/Neville) are blaming the owners, some of us are blaming the fans, their managers are getting stick, and the players are lo and behold also getting their fair share of the blame. The club is completely rotten to the core, and I just can't see a way back for them, even with the unlimited money they possess. They can easily go 10 more years without a sniff of the title. Getting ten Hag in will only be another failed project, as there is no way he gets enough time to both implement a new playing style and getting the players he requires for his system. They have literally tons of players they need to get rid of, all on extortionate sums of money. The ONE really good young player they have is having his career ruined, the others are overrated as hell because they can dribble a bit. Their club captain is about the worst footballer in the entire league, and they've got players that are more concerned with their marketability than playing acutal football. Ahhhh, I could go on all night, but I won't.. In short, it's glorious!!!
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    Beating the mabcs 4-0 in completely routine fashion....9 past them without reply this season. In for all 4 trophies still in the middle of April. These are the days, folks - drink it in....drink it in.
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    He's decided to turn into Luis Suarez, which is nice.
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    Thiago - surely one of the great Anfield performances. Just sublime from start to finish. Robertson's determined run forward really was magnificent, because it basically woke the whole team up. Maybe now a few more will understand my point about the Benfica game - at this level, and with this run-in, you can take a physical break but not a mental one, and it doesn't matter who is in the team, you cannot allow sloppiness to creep in. The way we started the second half was just ridiculous, and it's happened too often. You save energy by keeping possession and staying positive. As soon as you start aimlessly knocking the ball around, you hand over initiative, you get careless, and suddenly you have to use MORE energy to sort it all out. Hendo needs to have a long think about his game. He did so much wrong it was stunning. Passing the ball backwards from their penalty area, rushing a shot in their area when he had loads of time, trying a crazy volley that he never gets right, giving the ball away god knows hopw many times, passing the ball back whenever we started to regain momentum - he's got to sort his head out. But it was a great result, the first half was simply brilliant, Salah is back and some of the performances were just off the charts. Minus marks for the ref - we could have had three players crocked because he just let the mancs take out their frustration on bodies.
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    It’s all well and good Salah scoring against these but you need to be able to do it against the big teams as well.
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    Not one of Craig David's best.