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    “now let's say we get a few of the players we have been linked with in - the likes of Tristan Nydam (0m), Charlie Ward (0m) and we go for Ben Alnwick (0m) and Martin Crainie (0m), we buy Jerome Sinclair or David Nugent on a free thats 0m spent, and probably looking at around 10k in wages (again a generous estimate) leaves the club with 190m debt and 500k in wage deficit still burning a hole in our lovely Iranians pocket, but no statement sale, just some very good ones that will make the balance sheet slightly competitive, say we then sort a 3m sale on Richy lad (current flavour of the month after his 5 goals this season and also an asset we depserately need selling) and we give him parity with ronald koeman on continuing to pay his wages - so another 14k and 3m gone we are then left with a 187m and 486k pw situation, to go out their and target a 'statement' sale for the club to propel us into league one, go begging to Tottenham, ask them to pay our asking price for DCL and see what they actually say when we admit wer're fucking desperate, and see what his agent says when we offer to let him go for free just to get the wages off the books.  Honestly it sounds mental even typing this out, but money talks in football, and if we are serious in hurtling into administration then we couldn't make a bigger attempt than this"
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    The petrol price increase will have no effect on me, I just stick £20 in at a time.
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    Oh dear, they slapped too much money down on too many tables. Woe is me.
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    If only the Premiership were this proactive with Man City.
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    Inter needed a plan as they were 2 nil down from the first leg Ref was shite but he wasn't just shite with us Sanchez should have gone in the first half As good as Martinez's goal was, they didn't threaten all that much and even the commentator said VVD was owning Martinez We didn't play great but still hit the woodwork 3 times and Diaz nearly scored at the death (Matips header goes in and we win about 3 nil) When we won this a couple of years back we had a massive scare in the group stages against Napoli, lost 2 nil away in Belgrade (relied on Alisson) and also had a drab 0:0 at Anfield with Bayern Munich We are in the quarter finals Calm down.
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    A Saturday lunchtime kick off down on the south coast means a very early start for the fans travelling down. And it’s against a team that has caused us to stutter in recent years and made us appear disjointed. They can do that to a lot of sides in the division so it isn’t specific to us. That said, there’s a balance to redress, so what do we need? Nous. Organisation. Grit. Attitude. Yer ma. Just do it. Order. Know-how. Energy. Skill. I don’t ask for much. Last season’s corresponding fixture was a hugely frustrating one. Having seen a penalty awarded against us for a foul by Neco, Maupay dragged his effort wide. Mo at the other end thought he’d put the Reds ahead after Bobby’s inch perfect through ball played him in, only for VAR to intervene and disallow the goal for a non-existent offside. At the time, it seemed as though we were having goals disallowed every week. Into the second half, and Diogo finally got us ahead. Sadio thought he’s doubled the advantage with a header from a free kick but again VAR deemed it to be offside. That was a more obvious call. VAR wasn’t done yet though. Right at the end of stoppage time, Welbeck hit the deck following the faintest of touch from Robbo as he looked to clear the ball. As soon as the ref was told to view it on the monitor, you knew he would succumb to VAR pressure and point to the spot. Gross converted the spot kick and that was that. 41 years earlier, things were more straightforward. More physical stuff was let go by the officials, and it didn’t look like officials were queuing up to screw us over. We went to the Goldstone Ground and spanked the Seagulls. Souey and Kenny set us on our way and David Johnno added a third before a consolation for Brighton from Ray Clarke. Kenny added a 4th and the points were heading back to Anfield. The reigning league champions would go on to retain the trophy that season. Here’s the match report. The top film of mid-November 1979 was a rom-com starring Dudley Moore and directed by Blake Edwards (he of the Pink Panther series with Peter Sellers as the hapless Inspector Clouseau). Edwards could do comedy, and obviously Moore was known for his double act alongside Peter Cook. I’ve never seen the film 10, and I imagine there are many who, while they have seen it, don’t really remember it much. Having read up a little about it for this match thread piece, it seemed to have retained a reputation for being very funny without being brilliant. Like most people though, I know of it because of the stupendous Bo Derek and her body frolicking on a beach, which drew attention away from her weird corn row hairdo. What’s that? You want a photo? But of course! What we need in this game is a return of our ruthless edge. We’ve allowed Brighton to have too much of a say of proceedings over the last 3 or 4 games. This season, they’ve tended to look organised and move the ball well, without being able to make it count. Take that away from them, go there with the right mentality, focus and application, and show that it won’t matter what they try and do, we have the answers and can pose questions that they simply do not have answers for. 3 points and onwards.
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    I would love them to go down but making them play 7 teams on the final day of the season is a bit much.
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    Gambling ads. Really dissapointed to see Carragher and Souness in the latest ad for Sky betting. The misery that this industry causes in this country is well documented, rips families apart, condemns millions of kids to a life of poverty and causes countless suicides. There may be as many 2.4 million gambling addicts in the UK. Why these already highly paid presenters are willing to associate with this industry is a mystery to me. Just greed really, they don’t care about the social impacts of the industry.
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    Great pod. Regarding the Trent v Reece James debate, I dont think Trent is actually defensively inferior now. In fact, there were stats knocking around last year which showed Trent was better than him at defensive metrics like tackles and interceptions. Tbf, I dont have the stats for this season so I'm open to being shot down based on those. I do think we shouldnt ignore the fact that James plays as a wingback with the security of a center back behind him due to Chelsea's 3 at the back system. This ensures he doesnt have to do as much defending compared to Trent who has to cover a lot more area in his fullback role. Overall, I think Trent is the better player defensively and offensively. Especially with the noticeable improvement in his defending over the past year.
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    She's got a habit of asking me what's happening on telly even though she can see it, or asking me what someone has just said on telly as she missed it while she was on her phone. "Ukraine has destroyed a Russian tank with a bazooka" "What was that I didn't hear?" "Ukraine has destroyed a Russian tank with Kate Bush singing babooshka."
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    Not sure that's the best way of celebrating International Women's Day
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    Catcher in the Rye is Delusional/talks out of his arse/has a massive red chip on his shoulder/ seems to be a bit of a cunt. Delete where applicable (or not).
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    Fuck 'em. It's come round now to bite them on the arse when they celebrated us being on the verge and joined together with those Manc cunts to send social media posts to FSG, telling them not to invest in us as we were "murderers". If a points deduction does happen, I can feel a double measure of JD Single Barrel passing my lips and a quadruple for when they finally drop.
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    The Arteta money would come in handy right now.
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    Fuck em, get relegated and then go bust. Useless cunts.
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    I didn't bother reading the "Bramley Moore update" last week, beyond the headline that the contractors were saying that they're still committed to the project. Of course they are. They're committed to being paid. Once the money dries up, they'll fuck off, leaving nothing but a sandpit and a load of exiled fish.
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    We’ve been a bit off recently, passing poorer than normal, chances not being put away, even Matip’s poor pass out that led to their goal, not the sort of thing we’ve been accustomed to. However, we are through to the quarter finals and we’ve won one of the four trophies that are available to win. Of course, overall we need to improve, (but then you should always be aiming for perfection anyway), but sometimes you meet a team who’s style and application just seem to prevent you from playing the way you normally do. A bit like Athletico Madrid, and although not as cynical, I felt Inter were like that tonight. I also agree with Dion Dublin, who said on Radio 5, on the way home, that he felt we kept Inter where we wanted, bar for an unexpected worldie from Martinez, and that we could have gone up a gear if needed in his opinion. We lost, but we didn’t, which is a big plus, and I expect things will be getting addressed by Klopp and his back room staff tomorrow at training. What we’re trying to do is a very big ask, and it disappoints when we fail at anything, but I’m sure the players are as disappointed as we are. At least we’re not Everton.
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    Some proper bellend on Granada before, he's a gym owner and has gone over to fight with no combat experience. He looked exactly as you'd imagine, he was even showing off the camo rucksack he'd bought from famous army stores.
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    I find the best thing you can do with them is just ignore them and don't say anything when they lose. If you do they think you are still arsed or even obsessed with them despite the fact that they claim to despise us but can't stop talking about us. One lad on mine keeps tagging me into shit posts about Liverpool and Everton trying to keep some sort of banter and rivalry going and I just ignore them. They need us to keep them relevant and if you don't keep them relevant they hate it because they have no rivalry with anyone else seeing as they suck off the mancs and try to cosy up to anyone who has a chance of beating us.
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    Spend £500m in transfers to get worse and then get a points deduction for overspending on shite players. The Ev, the gift that keeps on giving. Like a piñata, keep on hitting it and treats keeps coming.
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    This has just reminded me of the time I was around 12-13 and we were doing footie in PE. The teacher had a go at the class for bottling challenges and appealing for fouls when barely touched, and then proceeded to join in the game. Obviously he’d opened the door so we hacked him to shit, people were throwing reducers in all over the place and he couldn’t say a thing about it. It was amazing, the twat.
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    "He's not a right back, he's a Trent back." – Fantastic. You know who started all this with Trent? Southgate. EDIT: As you've subsequently gone on to say.