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    I dont have any solidarity with Everton because they are from Liverpool. Fuck them, I hope they get relegated and I hope they go out of business. Which is what a blueshite told me in the days of Hicks and Gillette. And somebody on that GOT thread said something about folding the club and putting them out of their misery. I am completely on board with that
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    Not gonna win every game. Take the point and move on.
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    You should probably look at the bench then. It’s been absolutely shite since he got here cause we’re the only big club in the world that acts like paupers.
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    I hope Rodgers gets the gig and on his first day he hangs this up above where Ronaldo sits in the dressing room -
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    My missus knew what I bought her for her birthday because that much data is collected about us now they target her with adverts for things I've been looking at. Fucking data collection needs to stop, profiling us collecting everything and anything, our online profile should be private and in our control , we decide who shares and buys it and if we choose it should be deleted. On principle shitty stores or whoever should have to delete anything that's fuck all to do with them once our business is concluded. Google and all those type of companies go fuck yourselves, you're a utility a tool now youre like a fucking spoon with evil intentions, we need to chop you at the knees alongside all the super companies, way too much power is handed out to the few.
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    Angry. I'm angry. Last week we were the best in the world, this week, we are the worst. Arrrgh. I'm angry. Fuck off. I couldn't give a shit how you support your team. I'm no superfan. Far from it. But I can't be arsed with this bipolar naval gazing shite. We drew. We could have won. We may have lost. Whatever. It is what it is. One point more than yesterday. And one less drink than I had a moment ago. At least I can actually do something about that, which I will.
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    Lack of a midfield costs us, again. Hard to understand why the powers that be can't see it when literally everyone on this forum can.
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    We were shite and it’s took a fluke goal and two goals disallowed for them to get a point. Thank duck Brighton are shite.
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    There's nothing in either of his tweets about breaking terms and conditions. In his first tweet he's saying companies can deny a platform to whoever they like and that it's not censorship if they remove you. In the second he's saying it shouldn't be up to the whim of companies to remove you. He should make up his mind one way or the other.
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    Arsenal fans are clueless bellends.
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    Who gives a fuck what the prize money is? It's a trophy.
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    I fucking love Modern Toss.
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    Here she is covering a Toots and the Maytals number with The Wiggles. I'd certainly like to make her pink wiggle.
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    Would be pretty funny to have Benitez at Everton and Rodgers at Man U (although I don’t reckon they’d ever appoint him). Just needs Hodgson to come out of retirement to be a safe pair of hands at Man City.
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    Solskjaer’s the type of creep who always laughs at the boss’s jokes. ‘Haha… good one Cristiano.’
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    Out of many 'watch along' videos of Sunday's game I thought these guys giving their United supporting rivals a big 'fuck you' made this one of the best.
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    Places obsessed with Social Media or getting people to order off their website. Went for a meal at some Italian place a couple of weeks ago and asked for a menu. They said "oh we don't have any to give out because of Covid/hygiene, you need to follow us on Instagram and download the menu". I thought it was a load of shit and couldn't be arsed so I lied and said I don't have an Instagram account. She then asked my daughter if she had one and I said she hasn't because of online twats. Eventually she brought out a paper menu which they used during Covid instead of the plastic menus so they were just being awkward bellends looking for more followers. Went into a pub near Birmingham a few weeks ago and they refused to take orders for food at the bar and told me to download their app. So I have to download an app on my phone and give them all my details so they can spam me constantly with emails. All I wanted was a fucking burger.
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    No I'm sorry Lizard's not getting off the hook, she's every bit as bad as the rest of them! Fuck all this duty bollocks, they live the life of Riley, they have their arses wiped for them every single day of their lives, they're the residue of a genetic puddle the size of a spit bubble, and the moment they drop out of their mother's festering womb they're worth more than you or I will ever be! Fuck each and every one of them, Britain's biggest benefit scroungers, they're a fucking pox on society! Exile them and turn the castles in to hotels!
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    The Mabuse sisters Motsi and Oti. Both of them dancers. The possibilities.......
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