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    My youngest tested positive this morning, so we've all just been for PCRs. He has a headache and fatigue but no cough or shortness of breath at the moment. He's had one jab, and my wife has just had her booster, so hopefully we'll all be fine. Right pisser though, I was going to take him down to my Mum's next week for half term, so that's out. Doubt I'll be able to see her until next year now.
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    It was ironic the comparisons were being made on that thread the other day, but Salah is looking like he might literally do a "Suarez' this year and push us right to the very brink of a(nother) title. What is also a good omen is, without looking too flash, Mane has banged in 4 already too. The two of them looked right in tune for that first goal, which was wonderful to see. If Salah scores and provides assists to that level, it was one fucking exciting season... and sometimes you just have to enjoy what's happening rather than worrying about what's wrong, no? At the current rate, those two are on course around 55 goals between them. Add Jota (and yes, Bobby) into the mix and... regardless of leakage at the back... and we'd have to be right in the mix. Avoid losses to the top 4 and pretty much batter the rest, and we might go very very close. Injuries, of course, are the big, big if.
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    Honours even after a pulsating second half at Anfield. The incredible Mo Salah scored one of the best goals seen in L4 and also had a sensational assist to go with it, but twice City came roaring back and both sides could have nicked it at the end. TLW Editor Dave Usher is joined by Paul Natton and Stu Montagu to dissect a dramatic afternoon full of incidents and controversy. What went wrong in the first half? Was this the best City have ever played against us? Does it change your view of the title race? Is Mo currently the best in the world? Should Milner have been sent off? Exactly how much of a tit is Pep Guardiola? Tune in for all this and more.
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    Conceding five in two league games (and conceding the lead four times) is a bit worrying in terms of both mentality and defending as a team, especially when we dropped four points in the process. We've been far too very easy to play through and City could have had the game won by half-time yesterday. The brilliance of Mo Salah is covering over a lot of cracks at the moment.
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    Fuck them, their accusations are a load of shite. Don't ever let these scumbags take the moral high ground. Just point to their despicable owners and the death and destruction they are causing in Yemen, and the million+ slaves they have toiling away in their country. City fans on Bluemoon love throwing around insults about Liverpool but are strangely quiet about their owners and their actions.
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    I thought city were on top for the 2nd half of the first half but I dont subscribe to the view they had chance after chance in the first half. I can only remember Alli making 1 save from Foden in that half. He palmed away a cross come shot as well. Overall, I thought we played too slow in the first half and when the ball went forward it didnt stick. I agree about Sadio, I said to hook him and or Jota at half time. Then Sadio scores that goal. Even then, he didnt do much after that. Second half we were much better but we missed opportunities to cut out the danger leading up to both their goals. All the talk about Milner, sorry I think if Gomez had played RB for the whole game or even the whole second half, he would have had just the same torrid time if not worse. The lads talked about city playing through us, I keep saying this, we dont win enough 50 \ 50 tackles. It's not because city are better players that they skipped away from our tackles with the ball. No one in this team seems to know how to block tackle. Give Mo what he wants! In my humble opinion, very few players are worth £350k or more a week, certainly not the likes of Sancho, Haaland and others. Mo certainly is. We dont have another player in our squad, not Virgil, not Alli or Trent, who are worth £350k+ a week.
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    Watched the f**tball yesterday in a hot tub with pizza and beer. With about 30 minutes left and the pizza and beer all firmly in my belly, my kids joined me and were going absolutely berserk about the goals and hot tub in equal measure. Even when they got out my 18 month son was strutting round like it was the best day of his life.
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    What I like best about that banner is the linking of political leaders with justice campaigns. It makes it clear that it's not (as dickheads like to claim) a personality cult: it's about being on the side of ordinary people when they are attacked by establishment power. Stand with us and we will stand with you. Starmer has picked a side, and it's not our side.
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    So sat night the woman from across the street comes banging on our door saying her love in boyfriend has hit/attacked her . I decided to call the police and reported it. While waiting she says he hit her on the head and dragged her down the stairs. One young copper comes and takes a statement from her before his cunt of a sidekick turns up , cocky as fuck telling her " If you really want to make an official complaint then he'll be arrested , and if he says you assaulted him , you'll also be arrested " She reluctantly says she wishes to proceed. Coppers go over to "her' house to get a statement from him , then come back and arrest her saying she used a knife during this altercation, thereby deciding on the spot that he was completely innocent and blameless. Next morning my wife and two friends go around to see her she's bruised and crying , he's pissed and refusing to leave the house threatening pressing charges if she kicks him out. Nice work plod.
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    Still amuses me when people try to downplay his importance to the team by referring to Van Dijk as the catalyst for our success. No, Salah was - at the very least - every bit as important at the opposite end of the pitch (he just happened to sign first), and on the evidence of the season to date, has more left in the tank than VVD. Failing to renew his contract would be cataclysmically idiotic and betray a lack of ambition that will ultimately see other top players question whether they want to spend much more of their career at the club. He’s one of a tiny handful of players who can effectively name his terms and any club that aspires to win things will match theme.
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    Pep might be a great manager but he’s a bit of a cunt as a person isn’t he.
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    Best player in the world for me right now.
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    Watching MOTD and he’s asked how the yernited fans would like to see Ronaldo start every game. He replies with “I think Cristiano and myself understand more than you, the experts and journalists.” Honestly it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but I really fucking hate his smug little grate. He’s won the square root of fuck all, just presided over a draw they could easily have lost but for Tom Davies’ lack of a set, coming off the back of three defeats in five or whatever, and he’s crowing about rotation. I’ll say it again, never has such mediocrity been so pleased with itself.
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    If he gets them in to the CL year after year and the club’s commercial arm continues to thrive, why make a change? Unless the fans really turn on him and make a big deal out of it, they’ve little reason to as a company.
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    Thread. Starmer should read it. I’ve no doubt he won’t.
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    Bissouma for me, Clive. At the right age to kick on under a top manager, physical, and will have a year left on his contract next summer.
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    When we had Hodgson supporters of every club and pundits of all descriptions where saying he was a great appointment and we treated him harshly. With Utd it's the exact opposite, supporters of every club are laughing at his incompetence and pundits all know he's miles out of his depth (even if they haven't the balls to say it). They are a stock listed company, surely they have obligations to have someone qualified for the role in the role? They can't be that stupid or can they? It's looking very likely a 39 year old Ronaldo will be picking himself as centre forward.
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    I'd like to nominate Amy for one of those Saturday night TV shows where they pop into someone's house as a surprise. Ant and Dec burst in - past the "Live, Laugh, Love" sign - only to be confronted by an armed delinquent with a glowing forehead, and a feral toddler chewing the skirting board.
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    Should have won that game, no excuses. Twice we had the lead and just like at brentford, we let it slip. Said to my mates at the ground before kick off, I fancied us to win 3-2. So close and if Fabinho had been switched on at the far post for the 2nd week going, we would have. Might seem harsh on him but he took an age to react to that loose ball on the edge of the 6 yard box at 2-2. I got in the ground ok this time. There was a small queue to get in turnstile K but there seemed a long snaking queue to get in the Annie Road where a couple of my mates are. Inside, the lads who sit next to me said one of them had taken a screen shot of their bar code, shoved their phone in the reader with NFC off and got in ok. Seems that's how the touts are getting round this thing. Certainly the turnstile reader acted very quickly compared to previous home games so may be they turned up the power as well? A nice tribute to Sir Roger by everyone in the ground as well. Overall, I thought the first half was a very cagey affair with neither team throwing caution to the wind and seemingly feeling each other out. city did seem to enjoy a bit more possession and threat in the last 15 minutes of the half. Ive seen some reports suggest they dominated the first 45 minutes. Have to disagree with that. Sadio and Jota were both disappointing and I thought if that continued into the 2nd half, one or both may be hooked. But, the 2nd half was completely different to the first. We looked far more dangerous and maybe both Sadio and Jota had been told by Jurgen to get in the game as they seemed more lively. Jota had a good opportunity on the edge of the box but either indecision or wanting too much time saw the chance snuffed out. 5 minutes later when a 2nd chance came, he didnt waste it and cracked off a shot quickly that Ederson smothered. We were then treated to a moment of brilliance when a break down the right saw Mo play a fantastic ball into sadio's path who promptly poked the ball past the advancing Ederson. A great ball by Mo and a great finish by Sadio. But the lead didnt last long which is majorly disappointing. I didnt have that good a view as the goal was down the Kop end. It seemed like a bit of play around the edge of our box fell to Foden who shot at goal. It looked to have Alli beat but I dont know if it was going in. It seemed like the ball cannoned off Jones who couldnt do anything to stop it ending in the net. Reports seem to say the goal was directly from Foden's strike but all around me thought it was an oggie or took a big deflection. The disappointment of conceeding that goal didnt last too long as another great piece of play down the right gave Mo the chance to skip inside the city defence and hit a beautiful goal across Ederson and just inside the far post. What a hit that was. I dont often subscribe to this view but, FSG, just give Mo what he wants. Dont piss about arguing the tosh whether the boy is worth it. He is, no doubt. We dont have any other players in our team, good as they are, who can really command the wedge Mo deserves. There's probably only van Dijk and even then, Id say he isnt even close to Mo. Make it so. If Mo leaves or is allowed to leave, it will be a tragedy. We should really have held out for the win. Two seasons ago, Im convinced we would have. But we seem to be shipping needless goals. No one convinces me Havertz's goal wasnt preventable. All 3 of Brentford's goals, the same. Mo lost the ball down near me but city were still 70 yards from our goal. Henderson misses a challenge to clear on the half way line. Still city come forward. In the middle of the pitch, it seemed Fabinho had a chance to intercept the ball but somehow the ball escaped him. Even then when De Bruyne had a shot it seemed to ricochet off someone and ended up in the net. I keep saying this but it seems to me no one in our team knows how to block tackle. It seems to me we lose a high percentage of 50 / 50 tackles and today's game seemed no different. Time after time 1 or 2 of our players surrounded the city player with the ball yet somehow, the city player seemed to retain possession and skipped clear. The big talking point in the game was whether Milner should have got a 2nd yellow. Im not sure what the incident was but did notice Guardiola going ballistic and making a kicking movement. It also seems some dirty twat decided to take a gob at one of the city backroom staff. Seriously, where do these knuckle heads come from? Stop bringing the club down to your level. MoTM has to be Mo who, although he has a relatively quiet game, had two pieces of sublime skill that should have won us 3 points.
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    I say the same thing about him as I did about Suarez, the highest compliment I could pay, which is that there isn't a single player in world football I would trade him for.
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    Sipping a guinness with rumours on the record player and listening to the rain outside. The eldest scored a corker to win his game 6-5 earlier. Normally hate Sundays but I'm having this one.
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    I heard something on the radio yesterday claiming OGS and Ronaldo had had a row, something about how quickly they move the ball forward or something. My 1st reaction was he's there for the managers job. He'll slowly undermine OGS to the point there's only one choice to replace him.
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    Agreed. They're crying out for an attacking midfielder.