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    Cunt plate, cunt chair leg, plastic cutlery? 1 uncooked fucker of a mushroom, 1 bullied hash brown , raw tomato, a sausage that looks like a stool, the bacon is half cooked, dont even start me on the toasts I can feel the cold from it from here, they’ve cooked one half of the bacon so a mark for effort, the egg I’m my even sure it’s an actual egg and the beans hahahaha even the one that’s realised he’s a cunt is getting off. I was gonna call social services again but I might just ring the lad a priest.
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    Not sure what the fuss is about really. When I was eighteen I put my own shelves up in my bedroom, however I bought the wrong sized screws and fittings from the hardware store and being a bit stoned I couldn't be bothered going back to change them so I put the shelves up anyway, unfortunately when I decorated them with a few plants they all crashed to the floor. Not saying my achievements at that age surpass Emma's but it's got to be close.
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    I got an indication yesterday of one of the reasons the Left is fucked. I was on the march against the Arms Fair which stopped for speakers at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Some decent speakers, too. The reasons for wanting the arms fair cancelled touch on a lot of the things that are wrong with the way this country is run - our economy, our foreign policy, our policies against asylum seekers, our inaction on climate change, our undemocratic and corrupt system of governance, etc. - so it's obvious that different people on the march were there with different priorities, coming from different perspectives, but arriving at the same conclusion: that the arms fair should be cancelled. It's called solidarity. The way solidarity works is you focus on what you have in common and you work towards that goal. But that's not good enough for some cunts. They think they know better. There was a tiny handful of people (from some "Ooh, look at me, I'm more Socialist than you" group - I'm not sure which one) behind me at the Cathedral; a small enough group, but they had a mic and speaker, so they were able to loudly heckle the people on the platform. And didn't they just! All kinds of inane bullshit trying to drown out people they clearly didn't consider Leftie enough, including those famous Blaire sell-outs Dan Carden, Maxine Peake and John McDonnell. It was like a real-life version of Twitter. I think it was Mark Steel who recently said that the problem is that people are looking for traitors, not converts. As long as we keep ourselves divided, we're fucked.
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    Hasslewanks pre match tactical analysis has been spot on...
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    Its worth remembering that Mane is one of the most gifted footballers we've had at the club. He's having a bad patch.
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    That's the fourth time you've pulled this stunt , Grinch , surely the police are starting to recognise your voice by now ?
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    So, vaccine passports not to be made mandatory, and yet a promise that we will have Christmas and that lockdowns are unlikely. Let's get this straight. Not only are vaccines optional, not given to the biggest cohort of spreaders, but there's no enhanced freedom for the 44,500,000 Brits that waded through petrifying disinformation to stick their necks on the block for the country, and our reward is that we get to rub shoulders at indoor venues with selfish bellends who have no regard for Covid, or personal hygiene, or other people's safety or comfort. Never before have so many done so much for so few. You bag of rancid pricks.
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    Definitely. Interesting that Cameron, Osborne, Johnson all went to the same school/were part of the same crowd. May was an old school Tory as were many of her allies, captain Mainwaring in a skirt. Cameron, Osborne, Johnson don't care about the country, the flag, tradition, all they care about is money. They'd sell the ministry of defence to the Kremlin for the right price. Interesting that they're all clearly, spectacular thick too, vein and completely lacking in empathy. The most dangerous of human character traits.
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    I’m buzzing off the idea that you were stood at the till showing the cashier comments off here. ”Look, look! This one here goes as far as accusing me of kidnapping my own son and force feeding him. This one calls me a scruffy cunt. This one says my son probably hates me. There are numerous questions about what food this part of the meal even is. See - what do you think it could be? He ate it as well!” “Ok, sir. We can do this one at half price” ”I’ll take it”
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    Multiple screenshots below, hopefully its in order.
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    It's not the end though. I don't watch Barcelona or Bayern Munich games so I've never seen him be a top top player. He was underwhelming all last season until the last few games, where he played his part in our winning run & that was about it.
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    Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, 3 Stacks, Terrance & Phillip; your girl took one hell of a beating.
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    Nothing screams cunt more than someone abusing the rules to try and make some sort of point against a group. Not sure it's representative of the trans community any more than the things done by cis individuals are representative of me or you.
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    My driving licence has to be medically reviewed every 3 years. I am disabled, so my car has been modified with hand controls, which make me just as competent a driver as I was before. I filled the form in when I received them with all the relevant information and posted it to them on the 16th of June. I still hadn't heard anything last week so after trying to contact them for virtually the full week, I finally managed to speak to someone. They took receipt of my application on the 28th of July, which is 6 weeks after me posting it. After asking how much longer it would be, because it was 3 weeks late last time, his reply was it would probably be considerably longer this time, using Covid as an excuse. I asked why they didn't issue the forms earlier if they knew there would be delays. The excuse was it's the computer. Such convenient excuses for the lack of foresight, ineptitude and incompetence of the Ministry of Transport. My licence expires tomorrow, so now I won't be able to drive for weeks, possibly months, and to top it all, if and when my licence gets reissued, it will be a continuation of my old one and not from the actual date it was reissued. How many people are waiting for them to do what everybody else who has to work for a living does, and actually do their job? Fucking pisses me off. Wankers.
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    Even not at his best, struggling with a jumbled team where most players in it were out form and with a season where most things that could go wrong did, he was our best ball winner and basically the most progressive passer in the league. There is no reason for pessimism at all.
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    Since our last visit and following forum feedback, Morrison’s have halved the price of my youngest’s breakfast to £2.75. Still shit obviously, but marginally less shit than last time. I also got a refill in my Latte. This may be allowed anyway, but I’m pretending I’ve stuck it to the man through my sneaking up to the machine and back without detection.
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    Grew up listening to Brian moore on the big match on itv. What a commentator. The 4.0 against united in 90 was a particular highlight. Any excuse
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    Was a bit worried about tomorrow but had one of these with my tea and suddenly felt more confident.