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    Page 1 of thread: Page 365 of thread: Expectations well and truly managed.
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    Been updating the Bobby song Si Signor Pass the ball to Bobby and he will make an unnecessary back heel which will strand the full backs and midfielders upfield , leading to an opposition break. Needs work like
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    Told this story on here before but it still amuses/horrifies me so I’ll tell it again. We went on a caravan holiday in Towyn years ago and on the day we got there we went to the Asda in Rhyl for some shopping. There was a couple in front of us with two small kids at the checkout. When all their shopping had been scanned (including numerous crates of ale) the girl on the till told them that the money they’d handed over wasn’t enough. They didn’t have any more, so instead of returning just one crate of cider or something they instantly snatched the magazines out of their kids hands and handed them straight back. Sly bastards. I couldn’t believe it.
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    Your glass may be half full but it's of warm, flat Carling and someone has put a ciggie out in it.
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    The way Anthony Taylor handled Chelsea's time-wasting really boiled my piss.I saw Mendy had been yellow-carded because I was right in line with the scoreboard when it was flashed up, which was also how I was told Reece James had been sent off. God forbid that you might find out because it was clearly visible on the field of play thanks to a ref who was in control of matters. Anyway, within five minutes of the start of the second half I knew that there was zero chance that Mendy would get a second yellow for time-wasting, and you can be sure Mendy knew it too. He'd wait ages to pick up the ball, occasionally stopping to take a swig from his water bottle, then trot across to the other side of the six-yard box from where the ball went dead, then take an age to tee up the ball. Only now would the ref signal for him to get on with it, which meant Mendy had license for all the nonsense that had taken place up to then, and he exploited that license to the full. At one point Taylor waved his watch in Mendy's direction to say that he'd be adding all this on, yet given there were four second-half substitutions which are worth 30 seconds each, he added on one minute for everything else! You have to marvel at how someone so impervious to the bleeding obvious can succeed so spectacularly in his chosen field. The fact that it is so prevalent among referees makes me think it is a feature, not a bug. With all that out of the way, I'd reiterate my post-match comments that I had an absolute whale of a time at the ground on Saturday. When I rocked up to Anfield for the first time way back in November 1996 to see Liverpool play Wimbledon, it was seven seasons removed from the last time Liverpool had won the title. The previous occasion Liverpool had gone seven years without winning the title, they won it (1973). You could sense that the drought was beginning to wear on people, and when the Reds played out an insipid 1-1 draw having taken the lead after only 35 seconds, boos erupted around the ground which I believe was the first time that had happened under Roy Evans. Ever since then, the gnawing sense of frustration at that gap became ever more present, no matter how well they might play on any given day. Well, I think it was gone in general around the ground on Saturday, and it was definitely gone in my mind. It's been two years since Liverpool won the title, and there was a swagger around that overwhelmed the mind-numbing chants of their support. To sing "Fuck off Chelsea FC, you've got no history, SIX European Cups and NINETEEN Leagues, that's what we call history"...this is the way football is meant to be. You go to a game and you enjoy it alongside the spectacle. If you win, great. If you don't, you still had the game and the spectacle. It also helps that getting a ticket wasn't a chore thanks to my wife's season ticket. Having for many years felt match-day going was an experience fraught with that x-decades-since-the-last-title frustration, I now can't wait to get back.
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    And now, to lighten the general aura of disappointment, an Allardyce break.
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    Let’s face it FSG are just happy to have their very own Arsene Wenger in charge, a man who can get them champions league footy every year with very little outlay and if a shiny cup pops up along the way then all well and good. We could and should be dominating the league and Europe with this guy in charge but with these cunts pulling the strings I’m afraid we’ll look back when Jurgen has moved on and think “if only”
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    As predicted on my twitter. Expect Salah in a few days to calm down the uproar
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    As regular as the sun rises and sets, this was always going to be released today. Laughable.
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    Let them (and anyone else who wants to use those stats) do so, anything that puts Ole on a much higher pedestal that he deserves is fine with me.
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    Basically all we've done this window is replace Lovren who we didn't replace last year.
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    I'm glad that Dave mentioned the Main Stand side linesman as he was doing my head in as well. Couldn't spot the blatant foul on Trent in the second half from a few yards but could see a slight deflection on the opposite side of the pitch from 30 yards or so away. You could see why the Chelsea players carried on the way they did and it had the desired effect. The three minutes injury time (not that we would have scored even if he had added on thirty three) summed it up. They spent so long time wasting in the second half yet none of it was added on.
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    Agree that it's hard to know what to make of this result and performance. It did feel like we should have caused 10 men a lot more trouble than we did, but as you say there's no better team than Chelsea in this situation. It's not even just a current thing under Tuchel. They seem to have had managers and players who have thrived in such situations for years. I remember them being down to 10 men protecting a 1 goal lead for the whole of the second half against Barcelona's vintage team and Barcelona just looking completely bereft of any ideas of how to break them down and just having cross after cross easily cut out. It will be a lot more concerning if that failure to break teams down, or even looking like doing so, becomes a common problem against lesser teams. I've loved the first few weeks of the season but this was definitely a bit of a downer. Not just our second half performance but Taylor's as well. I'd almost forgotten how infuriating the refs consistently were during our bad run last season. Not always in terms of big decisions (although there were plenty of those as well) but just the accumulation of numerous small decisions going against us that made it impossible to ever build any momentum and eventually just seemed to wear our players down. I'd hoped it would be different this year with fans back in the ground, but that might not be the case on the basis of this game. Those stats on the foul counts are ridiculous. Klopp would no doubt get lambasted by the moronic British sports media if he complained about Taylor's performance in this game, particularly in light of the game's biggest decision going in our favour, but it would be great if he just mentioned those stats in the press conference before the next game we have with Taylor in charge. That sort of bias needs greater scrutiny.
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    And another thing, with all the shithousery surrounding the penalty (mobbing Taylor, Mendy getting in Mo's face, Chelsea players not getting out of the box etc) and in the second half it was as though Mourinho had never left Chelsea.
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    Haha, I always say to my Mrs… ”Imagine the heating bill”
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    Its being so happy that keeps you going
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    Taki Minamino joined LFC 20 months ago & has played the equivalent of 5 Premier League games. Was loaned to Southampton last season yet was sent back. Divock Origi joined LFC over 6 years ago & has played the equivalent of 38 Premier League games. Only 10 of which were in the last 2 seasons. He was loaned to Wolfsburg who did not want to buy him and sent him back to Liverpool. This is Liverpool"s attacking ‘depth’.
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    The behaviour of the Chelsea players was pathetic especially in the second half, Azpilacueta going down screaming holding his face when the replay clearly shows there was no contact at all with his face, Alonso blatantly throwing himself to the ground right in front of the linesman yet the linesman still falls for it. How many times did they hound the referee? I lost count. Their behaviour was completed glossed over on Match of the day yet I bet the next time Salah goes to ground easily it will be mentioned.
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    I don't understand the narrative that it is impossible to keep the two factions in some sort of balance . As far as I can see Starmer made a reasonable start and things were fairly quiet with the Left generally acknowledging his mandate and lookng for him to stick to his election promises , with the polls also looking healthy. In my opinion he simply needed to keep a few token lefties in the cabinet , leave Corbyn in the long grass and either keep or pay lip service to the majority of his ten pledges , but at that point he decided that a full on war with the Left was what was required and started manoeuvering to get the few young left cabinet members to resign , removing the whip from Corbyn and being linked to the likes of Mandelson and Evans. Time will tell if he has made the right call , but it's not looking particularly rosy and if I were a cynic I might think that the old centrists are not that bothered one way or the other and Starmer is probably perfect in that he seems happy to do their dirty work internally but has turned out that dull and inept politically that they can get him out pretty easily if needed.
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    Unorthodox but no doubt he returned it and won the point.