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    I’ll reach out to her friends in a few days or so about sending some flowers to the funeral, from us lot.
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    Ah no… that’s terrible news. she seemed like a lovely girl. I don’t know the circumstances, but if it would be appropriate, we should send something to show our condolences and appreciation.
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    Picked this up from a charity shop for 33.3333333p the other week. Really good read, lots of insight about how the show nearly didn't get made and the worries they had about breaking the, "advert cliffhanger" mode which was the TV standard at the time. Good interviews with some cast members as as well.
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    And so on to our first home game of the season. It's a lunchtime kick-off and I'd expect the fans to be in great voice. Hopefully the issues with the new ticketing and stadium entry system have been resolved, or at the very least do not cause the chaos that was evident at the two recent friendlies at Anfield. What do I want from this game? Well, there is Drive, Intensity, Nous, Guile, Luck, Energy, Bravado, Effervescence, Risk, Reward, Ingenuity, Electric atmosphere and Style. I don't ask for much. In late March 1976, we met Burnley at Anfield in this fixture. At the time, we were neck and neck with QPR in the title race and were gunning for a second UEFA Cup title. We would face Barcelona soon afterwards in the semi final - a team that had the calibre of Cruyff and the class of Neeskens. We won 1-0 thanks to a Toshack goal to become the only Engish side to win there, a record that stood until 2012. As for Burnley, it was a routine win thanks to a double from Davie Fairclough. The first a header in the centre of the goal from about a yard out following a flick-on from a corner. The second was slotted away at the near post when a ball across the ball was dummied into the ginger goalgetter's path on the left of the area. One of the greatest films of all time by one of cinema's greatest directors was atop the box office in March 1976. Scorsese. De Niro. Foster. Shepherd. Cinematic brilliance, written by long-time Scorsese collaborator Paul Schrader. He was living in his car at the time, and driving around New York and seeing people out and about at night, his own feelings towards the depravity on display gave him the inspiration to create what is probably Robert De Niro's most enduring screen character, Travis Bickle. I bet loads of you have mimicked the "You talkin' to me?" scene in front of a mirror. Some of you might even have gone down the 'aviators and mohawk' route. There's no doubt that Taxi Driver is iconic. It lost out to Rocky for Best Picture and Best Director, and to Network for the big acting awards. No shame in that as the Oscars are not the be-all and end-all, and both of those are excellent films in their own right. Just not as raw and thought-provoking as the tale of a Vietnam vet going through an epic case of PTSD. The 70s has left one hell of an outstanding legacy on the movie landscape. The game last season (back in January) marked a first home defeat for us in the league since April 2017. We were poor that night, but Burnley benefitted from being handed a penalty late on for an offence that Sadio at the end didn't get the same treatment for. Burnley had gone years without being awarded a penalty in the league, so of course it was going to be us on the receiving end. That's how that shit was rolling in 2020/21. We lost, and it triggered an unprecedented run of home defeats, the likes of which had never been endured by even our very worst teams, never mind the defending champions. We owe Burnley for that one. We might have got payback with a 3-0 win at Turf Moor back in May, but This Is Anfield. Take them to the fucking cleaners. Get the job done. Make it rain. A real rain that'll wash those alehouse fall-over-at-the-first-sign-of-contact cunts off the pitch. A shit paraphrase of a famous quote, but I don't care what you say. You talkin' to me?
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    Well worthy of a bump. Can't wait to get back to Vietnam in December. And Cambodia - particularly, but not only, the temples should be on everyone's bucket list. And the drum I've been banging on forever, is still to urge anyone who's not yet seen it, to watch Ken Burns' ten-part documentary of the Vietnam War.
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    I don't think the internet could cope with both Jules and me. It would be like listening to Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins in full flow.
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    It's the need to defend them that gets me, I don't understand it. They are nothing. The club is the manager, the players, and the supporters.
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    Report by Dave Usher All it took was one weekend to show just how fucking empty and shit last season was. Right across the board, the games were just better and more intense and the players looked so much more into it and excited. This one game alone was more enjoyable than anything that happened last season. Even the good things last season were shit because fans weren’t there. Alisson’s goal was amazing, a moment we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Imagine it in a full stadium though. Totally different level. Look at the goal celebrations from the lads in this one too. Last season no-one really wanted to celebrate anything (Alisson’s goal apart, obviously) because there was no atmosphere, no electricity, everything was just sanitised and watered down without crowds. So this was great, I loved it. Seeing the joy on the faces of our goalscorers (and those celebrating with them) was just heart warming and made me feel all fuzzy inside. It’s been a while since we had this and I don’t think anybody will ever take it for granted again. The players have missed the fans as much as we’ve missed being there. I don’t just mean out players either, right across the whole of football everyone was buzzing this weekend. Except Arsenal fans, obviously. It’s not just that there are fans in the stadium though, it’s that there are away fans too. This was as close to normal as we can hope for really. It was just fucking amazing to have proper footy back and the players looked just as excited about it as we are. Having full stadiums again is probably worth 20 points to us right off the bat. I’m serious. We didn’t start this game particularly well but I barely even noticed as I was just enjoying the novelty of it so much. It feels like forever since we’ve seen games in full stadiums with two sets of fans and I was just completely engaged in it in a way I never was last season. The first team selection of the season was a little bit surprising though. Most of it was as expected but I didn’t see Fabinho missing out or Ox starting. That said, I wasn’t concerned by the line up as I thought it would be more than good enough to win the game, but whenever Fab isn’t there you know we’re going to be weaker than when he’s playing because he’s a fucking monster. Have we ever not bossed a midfield when he’s been out there? Genuine question. Milner in the six role doesn’t especially inspire confidence though. He’ll do a job there because he’s James fucking Milner and he can play anywhere, but against better opposition that midfield trio would have struggled. Whenever Keita plays we usually look more open anyway, but pair him up with Ox and that’s a concern when he we don’t have the ball, and that concern is greater when it’s Milner being asked to pick up the slack. Him getting an early yellow card was the most obvious thing we’ll see all season. On paper that midfield should be class when we did have the ball, but it didn’t work out like that. I mean, it was ok, I don’t think we struggled in any way and I always felt we were in control, but it could have been better and it was when Fabinho eventually came on. I had high hopes for Ox in this game but he was really quiet and just couldn’t really get into it. Keita was very efficient though. Neat and tidy, did nothing wrong, just a solid performance from him. The opening goal was a bit scrappy but we’ll take it. It started with Norwich appealing for a foul when Pukki went down in the vicinity of Van Dijk. The linesman wasn’t interested and neither was VAR. Quite right, there was fuck all in that and it looked like Pukki tripped over his own feet as much as anything else. Milner switched the play to Trent who picked out Mo in the box. His touch was wayward but Jota was onto it in a flash and toe poked it goal wards. Krul should have saved it but didn’t. Mo got an assist for that, which is a joke really. Worst assist since a goal kick hit Aquilani on the arse and Stevie lashed it in from 30 yards at Burnley. I know this isn’t the case but it sure as hell feels as though Jota scores every time he plays. Other than the hat-trick away in Italy, it’s never more than one, but he just chips in with a goal seemingly every time he’s out there. And he can do it from any spot in the front three too, which is a great bonus for us as it gives Klopp all kinds of options for rotation. Jota can play any of those three spots and that gives us a lot of flexibility. He’s maybe not as silky as the other three but he’s ‘johnny on the spot’ and I fucking love him. The goal had been coming as we had sustained pressure in their half and were forcing a lot of corners, all of which looked like they would end up with us having a shot at goal. We weren’t winning the initial header but Van Dijk and Matip were causing panic and the second ball seemed to fall to us every time. We had a penalty appeal ignored when Mo tangled with Cantwell. Last season that was a penalty. Not to us, obviously, but at the other end that was 100% being given. We saw it when Welbeck won that late pen against Robbo in fact. This wasn’t a pen and I’m not complaining it wasn’t given. I’m only mentioning it because there seems to have been a shift in how games are going to be refereed. This first weekend has been the best display of leaguewide refereeing we’ve seen in years. Hardly any VAR sticking its fucking nose in either, which is always a good thing. Norwich had a soft penalty appeal dismissed too, which again, last season it may not have been. No fans and constant VAR bollocks made last season the least enjoyable ever but hopefully we can get past that now. Fans are back and if VAR winds its neck in maybe this year will be fun again. It’s only one game though so I’m not taking anything for granted with regards to refs and VAR. Encouraging start though. Very encouraging actually. Keep it going and I may need to rethink my stance of us having the worst refs in any of the big European leagues. Anyway, having gone ahead the only question I had now was how many we’d score. I didn’t see any way we would let them back into it, especially after Fabinho came on to tighten our grip on the game. He was joined in a double substitution by Firmino, as they replaced Ox and Jota. Might be a while before Ox gets another start now that Hendo and Thiago are almost ready. This was a big chance for him but he didn’t take it. It won’t matter too much too Klopp as he will take training performances into account too, but in the eyes of a lot of fans this won’t have done Ox any favours. Being outplayed by Keita isn’t a good look when you’re trying to force your way into a midfield than already has three of the best in the world. In Ox’s favour he does do things none of the others can, he just needs to start producing it. As for Jota, he did what he was in the team to do and in addition to his goal he also had a long run that took him past two defenders before that little turd Cantwell scythed him down on the edge of the box. Don’t blame the lad for the foul, I’d expect any of our players to do the same, but I just don’t like him from when Norwich were last up. I can’t even remember why exactly, but the look of him alone is enough to make me think he’s probably a knob. He looks like he could be the leader of the ‘Young Conservatives’. Mind you, I used to think that about my boy Patrick Bamford and I couldn’t have been more wrong there as he’s a top lad. Usually I’m spot on with these things though so until he proves otherwise I’ll assume Cantwell is more than likely a posh little wanker. Jota was shaping up for what might have already ended the ‘goal of the season’ contest so it was frustrating to see him chopped down in his prime. Jota’s performance was fine yet I agreed with the substitution as it made sense to freshen things up, and Bobby had looked sharp against Osasuna so it was important to get him involved. He could be so important for us this season. We can still win the league if he’s not at his best (I didn’t think he had a great season when we did win it) but if he bounces back and chips in with 20 while still doing what he does, that really could be the difference for us, especially if Sadio is back to his old self too. It’s way too soon to be making any assessments of those two but Sadio had looked really sharp in pre-season and he looks like he’s got the eye of the tiger again. As for Bobby, he got a couple of goals last week and has now scored again, so that bodes well, especially with Jota being so prolific and Mo just being a relentlessly constant pain in the arse to everyone he plays against. He just never stops running in behind. Every time we get the ball he’s sprinting in behind looking for a through ball and it must be draining as fuck for defenders to have to continually try to deal with that. What makes it harder is that he never gets tired and can run just as fast and just as powerfully in stoppage time as he can in the first minute. He just wears the opponent down. And now he’s playing in his strike partners too? When he squared that ball to tee up bobby for a tap in my first thought was this scene in Happy Gilmore….. Mo learned how to pass. Uh-oh! Seriously, I know he’s done that before but in this game he was looking to do it quite a bit. Him and Sadio passed to each other more in this game than they did in the first six months of last season (although it got much better over the run in). The assist for Bobby was great because we’ve seen plenty of occasions when he’d have taken that on himself, even on his weak foot. The pass was perfectly executed and Bobby was off the mark for the season. Great stuff. It also meant the game was won. Norwich might have been able to somehow score one but they were never getting two. And then soon after they needed three. Mo’s goal was a beauty and it had been coming. He was just so dangerous all day, but that’s not just what I mean. I also felt that the type of goal he scored had been coming. In the first half there were two or three occasions when our corners fell to him or another one of our lads on the edge of the box because Norwich just weren’t defending that area. Mo had a shot blocked from a similar area in the first half but this time there was no stopping it. The first touch was exquisite, the second was deadly. Fucking brilliant goal and well deserved as he was the best player on the pitch. Norwich did threaten a consolation but were thwarted by Alisson, who made a fantastic save and then bounced back up immediately to twice clear follow up attempts. Outstanding. As was Matip, who nobody ever talks about even though he is the only centre back in the league even vaguely close to Van Dijk levels. You aren’t ever going to convince me that Joel Matip isn’t fucking amazing. Literally his only weakness is his lack of durability, because when he plays he’s better than anyone in the Premier League not named Virgil. As for the man himself, cruise control. Barely broke sweat, but him just being out makes everyone else feel ten feet tall. The front three are giving me different vibes than I’ve had from them in a good while. It’s only one game but it felt like they were having fun playing together. There have been times when they’ve looked like they were playing, I don’t want to say for themselves, as these lads aren’t like that, but they weren’t playing for each other. By that I mostly mean Mo and Sadio, because Bobby’s troubles were nothing to do with that. If anything he’s been far too unselfish. The best moment of this whole game for me was Mo spurning a great chance late on because the only thing in his head when he went through on goal was whether he could square it to Mané. He tried but it was cut out. I fucking loved that though and I’m sure Klopp did too. They were looking for each other all game and it just felt like 2018 again to me. Hopefully that continues. Just look how happy Mo was when he set up Bobby. His little beaming face. I’m sensing something already here. For all the absolute shite being spoken by pundits about how its between City and Chelsea, we’ve got the best team in this league and it’s not even really close. Squad depth levels the playing field somewhat but we’ve got the best first eleven and that’s a hill I’ll die on. People are putting far too much stock in what happened last season and as a result they’re vastly over-rating City and under-rating us because of it. Last season means fuck all because they were basically playing a different sport. It has as much relevance to this year as it would it it had been eight a side or if they’d been playing on a beach. Football in empty stadiums is so far removed from normal footy and this weekend showed that. I reckon the players sense that too. They know how much having no fans hurt them last year and you can see how excited they are now. There’s a spring in their step and having Virgil back will make everyone even more confident. This is basically the same group that ran away with the league a couple of years ago. Ok, Gini’s no longer here but Thiago and Jota are, and Konate as well now. I look at it this way. When we send a team out there that has Alisson, Virg, Joel, Hendo and Fabinho right up the spine (you can add Thiago to that too), that team is not going to lose more than a couple of games. And when the front lads are firing as we know they can, we aren’t losing any. Don’t misunderstand me there, I’m not saying we’ll go unbeaten because I don’t expect the front lads to be firing every single game. But if we get Sadio and Bobby back to the level we expect, combined with Mo and Diogo doing what they do, who’s finishing above us? No-one, especially with the quality we have in the rest of the side. We’ll win this league if we don’t have major injury problems. I don’t have any doubts about that because the last time football was normal we were light years ahead of everybody. One freak season in empty stadiums and no centre halves isn’t going to change that. Losing Robbo was a blow but hopefully he’s back soon. Kostas did well but he’s definitely better going forward than he is defending, and from about 70 minutes he was blowing out of his arse. Klopp said “someone pulled the plug on him” which was a great line and totally accurate. He looked shattered and started making mistakes. The other lads were on his case because it just seemed like his concentration went when he got tired. I’m not worried about that though, this is new to him and playing full back in this team is demanding as fuck. I thought he looked a little uncomfortable defensively on occasion and that’s something to keep an eye on over the next few weeks until Robbo is back. He’ll have sterner tests than this (Chelsea especially), but I thought this was a good start for him. Star man is Mo. Easy one that. For a while Trent was possibly running him close but by the end it was clear. Top class from him. I have to end on a bit of a sour note though. The “Chelsea Rent Boy” chant directed at Billy Gilmour. *sigh* Firstly, it’s 2021 and that chant belongs firmly in the past. 99% of those signing it aren’t even meaning it in any kind of homophobic way but it doesn’t matter. Just pack it in. I’ve got to be honest though, I think I’m more embarrassed that they were chanting it at Billy Gilmore than I am by the chant itself. What the fuck is that about? Unless he did something to incur the wrath of the away end that we weren’t privy to on the TV coverage, this is just incredibly small time and smacks of United fans giving abuse to the likes of Jordon Ibe or Harry Wilson just because they happened to play for us. Billy Gilmour isn’t John Terry, lads. Sort it out, we’re better than that. Tell you what though, I cannot fucking wait until next weekend now. Seeing the TLW lads outside the ground before the game (most of us haven’t seen each other for 18 months!!), being back in my season ticket seat watching the boys again. It can’t come soon enough. Plus we really owe Burnley a spanking after the last two games we’ve had against them at Anfield. Fucking bring it on. Team: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Fabinho), Keita (Elliott); Salah, Jota (Firmino), Mané: Please note that this is a FREE sample and Match Reports are usually only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    The TLW team provide some post match reaction after the Reds got off to a winning start at Norwich. The transfer window and potential needs are discussed in depth, while there's some dissension in the ranks as to whether the boys will be reclaiming the league title now that the fans are back.
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    Started watching it for the first time a couple of months ago; finished Series 5 last night. Fuck me, it's good. *Spoiler alert* What happened to Omar was a brilliant example of how they don't let the temptation of a satisfying narrative arc get in the way of verisimilitude. Brilliantly scripted and acted throughout.
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    Man City lost 1 player. One. Uno. We lost 3. That is, works it out on fingers, three times as bad. Not even twice! So yeah, pretty unprecedented. We used 3 centre back combos in 19-20. 20 different combinations last season. Tell you what, go back through our history, find where we won the league, then the next season lost all 3 top centre backs to season ending injuries and then still won the league.
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    I almost panic in my haste to get the butter onto the toast right away. Nothing worse than butter not melting into the toast.
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    A great player, „short fat Gerd“ was his other nickname. He played sweeper in frontof the back 4 for Bayern when they got a 0-0 at Anfield back in the day. I was in the paddock and he never crossed the halfway line; Alun Evans scored the German goal of the season in the second leg which we lost 3-1.
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    That bloke in the middle has just asked if there is a vegan option for the in flight meal and what time does the movie start
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    Besides the 14 games anomaly mid-season last year, when we had no fit senior centre backs and our best 2 midfielders joined them in the treatment room, we have 253 points in our last 100 league games. Why the fuck do pundits, football journalists and "experts" seem to think that we are 4th favourites to win the league. Those senior centre backs (plus 1) and midfielders are available. I really don't get it. Brendan Rodgers was actually asked on Friday in his presser if just between the 2 x Mancs and Chelsea this year. He gave us a nod to be fair to him but how the fuck do people who get paid to talk/write about football get to be this unknowingly stupid? I've said it already on here. Not only do I think we have a great chance, I think we should be clear favourites.
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    It's always worth watching compilations of his Liverpool goals; it's not just the quantity, but the quality of them.
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    Sturridge - what a player he could have been
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    Think you mean cunt!
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    Excellent read. I'm with you in the optimism camp. Ignoring Covid and that anomaly of a non-season, our squad performed for two seasons at about a 100 point level, we've strengthened it and nobody has reached the past-it age except Milner and normal rules don't apply to him.
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    You know what, I have no issues with the criticism of both and club and the council over many years when we were tinning properties up at a time when we were supposedly looking to move on from Anfield - even if it was only to the park. We were bad neighbours and the communication between the club and the local residents was way, way below where it should have been. And that indecision had knock on effects in terms of how the area was managed by the city council. I don't feel the need to defend LFC - we behaved badly and while we might have offered good money for people to move, there were plenty of years where we weren't offering people money to go and they had to live next door to tinned up houses that were constantly full of smackheads. It's important imo, we recognise where the club should do more - and most of this happened or at least started when the club was owned by a fan. It's better now because it's in the economic interests of the club to be better now, I don't believe there should be any pats on the back - even through the recent redevelopments and planning apps to stage non-footballing events, club communication has been less than it should be and has been nothing more than the bare minimum. But I find it astonishing they they feel able to slaughter us over this, when their club is little different. The only real difference is they've never had an ambition to stay in the area the tell us they love, so they've never tinned up houses. They can't wait to get out. This obsession with people on cruise ships seeing their stadium as their platform to get forward is effectively saying Walton holds them back. They don't want to be there, they just want out for the dream of getting tourists they keep telling us they'd never want. Personally I think L4 is one of the best assets we have and we should take care of it. They're just absolutely massive hypocrites. They love L4, but can't wait to leave. They love their parochial base, yet long for our tourists. They hate how we've hurt L4, yet they're about to leave all of those businesses in that area to fend without the income of match day and their pubs running along walton road to go into red hands ... and why? Because they think they will own town and attract tourists.
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    Off work yesterday and went up to West Derby village for a few drinks and something to eat. In a beer garden and a barmaid leads some blind fella out and asks him where he wants to sit - he says nearest the door, which was the table we were on. We said we didnt mind and had a little chat with him. He starts telling us that he is getting a new patio laid and looking forward to getting some new furniture. Cue my missus then asking "have you seen anything you like yet?" Upon immediately realising what she had said and seeing me trying not to laugh, she then quickly carries on to ask "have you been looking online?" I quickly had to change the topic of conversation!