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    It's a bold strategy during a PT session but it will at least remove all doubt.
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    Except what if – and hear me out here – all those injuries he's had actually suggest he's quite injury prone?
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    If I was 30 years younger, and we weren't in the middle of a pandemic... I'd still hate that with every fibre of my being.
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    Smart move. If we pay him based on appearances he'll be able to claim universal credit.
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    FAre you serious? A woman has a right to do a job without it being your access to her for your benefit. If she did intentionally fob you off, it means she clearly understood what you were trying to do, while she was working. That’s pretty much a dictionary definition of harassment in the workplace. if you knew she existed, knew you fancied her, and knew already she was a personal trainer, then you had another way to speak to her without forcing yourself into her presence in the workplace to do it. And you have the nerve to call her a snake?
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    Top right. 3 lines (not lions). Click account. Ignored users. Type BYORNEBYE
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    First day of the school holidays. 13 year old just been told to isolate for a week. Sulking like fuck, on the verge of tears, face like a smacked arse. She doesn’t look happy either. Test booked for half two. Whoop-de-doo.
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    Sounds just like me in my pomp..........without the pace
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    Maybe she’s already got a boyfriend and a life of her own, the stuck up, prick teasing, cheating fucking bitch. The only way to find out for sure is to hang around outside the gym, wait for her to finish work, follow her home discreetly and sit outside her house all night keeping a written record of everyone that enters & leaves.
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    Hope they make a speedy recovery mate. Quick question though, can't she just wee at home?
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    Covid has entered our household. My missus (double jabbed) and my daughter (8) both tested positive on our way home from a week in the lakes, after one of our friends and her daughter (7) we were sharing with had tested positive Friday. so far I was negative on PCR and again on lateral flow last night. missus has a slight cough and grogginess, daughter nothing much. booked a week away thinking it was already summer hols when we booked it, and my girl was upset she’d have to miss school, but we had a belting week and she loved every second. She was bloody distraught though when I told her she couldn’t go to school for the last wee of term though. incidentally, I was on the phone to track and trace Sunday morning when the news first broke about Johnson and Sunak joining this “trial”. A nice bit of added extra to how fucking insulting their behaviour is.
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    I was coming back from London once, bloke sat in my booked seat with his earphones on... "Thats my seat" Looks up with disdain "Theres plenty down there" "Well go and fucking sit in them then"
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    Ben Davies is set to leave Liverpool to join Championship challengers Sheffield United this summer after going six months without kicking a ball under Jurgen Klopp https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/liverpool-ben-davies-sheffield-utd-24566580
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    Tragic that this is actually a way of making a living these days, human clickbait.
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    I ran into the vets this morning and said to the receptionist, "Quick, I think my hamster is in serious trouble.""Hamster?" she laughed, "That's a snake."
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    Hitting 33 at the end of his current contract so it would be wise to play the waiting game in terms of his fitness/injury record. I cant see them even looking at a new contract yet.
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    I bought it on DVD from eBay a while back and have talked it down a bit on here, but I know others have been asking about it. Someone has uploaded The Magician onto YouTube. It is quite different to Mr Inbetween but I think I remember there was one or two scenes that he carried over.
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    Fucking hell! I burst out laughing when I read that. So much so that I dropped jam from a Waitrose YumYum down my chin. I made a right mess of things trying to wipe it out of my beard.
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    Limerick were 10 points down to Tipperary at half time and ended up winning by 5. They're some machine.
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    My mum and dad both have it. Have both been double vaxxed but it's hit them for 6. Dropped things off for them before and they look like bags of shite. Seems absolutely mental to end restrictions tomorrow when it's this prevalent.
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    Kelly Foran who sometimes reads the news, does the weather or operates as a reporter for North West Tonight.
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