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    Winning the crocodile soft toy throwing competition at Pontins Prestatyn Sands. My greatest, well, only, sporting achievement.
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    If you look for reasons to hate something, you'll always find them. The players tonight are not Boris Johnson, they're not Brexit, the National Front, the Queen, a failed legal system, horrible chants, bigotry or malice. They're a group of professionals - which include the Liverpool captain and a fella who campaigns for feeding underprivileged kids - with a limited career life span, reaching one of the pinnacles of the game. That's it. That's all they are. Anything else is projection.
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    Just watched Nomadland and part of the theme of the film is the experiences people remember as part of their lives. For me, in terms of sights, the three things I always immediately recall are: 1. Watching the Space Shuttle Discovery take off in Florida. I was a few miles away at one of the popular observation points, but it was still an absolutely amazing sight in the early Florida morning. 2. Kilimanjaro. Not the mountain itself, which is pretty impressive, especially seen from the air as you’re coming into the airport, but rather get above cloud cover and you can look out across the top of the clouds and it’s like an ocean of cloud. You feel as though you could wade out into it and start swimming. Almost surreal. 3. Kilimanjaro again. This time the night sky above cloud cover. No obscurity. No light pollution. Just the incredible sight of the universe (or our little part of it) laid out like a tapestry. You just never realise how full the night sky is until you see it like that. I wondered what it is for other people. Events, sights, experiences?
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    Fuck the haters. I'm Welsh by birth so was disappointed they didn't go further but I now genuinely hope England win it. The feelgood factor for the country is a massive boost after the last 18 months of shite. I won't be singing or cheering any of them on with the exception of Hendo if he scores and / or gets to lift the trophy. But I'll be watching avidly and hoping they win. There's plenty of time to go back to hating other clubs and their players and all the horrendous shit that surrounds the game in a few week's time. Some of you need to chill the fuck out and just try and enjoy something good happening in the country.
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    I won’t be enjoying myself. Antiques Roadshow isn’t on tonight due to the football.
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    As Paul said - brilliant thread idea. After I’d finished Camp America in 98 I went travelling on my own. Went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC. You get given a passport style book with the indentity of someone who had been there at the start and read about them as you go through the museum. At the end there’s a mini cinema area where you watch a short film before reading the last page of the passport you were given and find out what happened. There was only one other old guy and I watching the film, when the lights came on at the end we just started a polite chit chat and he asked me what happened to the guy in my passport. I told him he had been killed and asked him what happened to his? He then pulled up his shirt sleeve to show me his identification tattoo. Was so fucking surreal and moving.
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    Was also at the M.E.N when Mr " I fight for me wife and me kids, never forget" got sparked clean out:
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    So you don’t stand arm in arm with any evertonians on anything then? Anyway, I’m not arsed - each to their own. I understand the viewpoint, but I don’t share it anymore. I hate and stand against all the things you mention, but it’s fuck all to do with the English football team for me. I can hate Boris Johnson with a passion, feel forever angered about the despicable Hillsborough cover ups, and feel total contempt for dead headed and outdated chants about Liverpool slums and signing on, while still following the England team at a tournament. You think the Italians haven’t got the same skid marks within their national and recent history? I won’t feel guilty for not hating everything English. It isn’t shameful to be English. I obviously live away these days, but the buzz around when I’ve been out and about this morning is brilliant. Everyone letting each other out at junctions and in Aldi car park, cars playing that 3 lions. It’s lifted the mood big time. I’m going to get involved too - few scoops in the local with the neighbours this avvy, then round to the in-laws to watch the game later.
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    Stand with Evertonians? Not on football issues no....some social issues of course, because they are mostly cut from same cloth as us - most of the rest of this country are not.....but this is for meabout how the social/politcal and frankly culture issues breed into what wish for football. On top of all the things i have previously mentioned about other clubs fans songs to us, all the politocal and societal stuff etc (i am sure you are aware of it) to me Ingerlund fan culture is the exact polar opposite of LFC fan culture....from all the 'No Surrender' 'On tour' 'For club and country' '3 Lions' shite they display on their George Crosses even when watching their clubs, to their shite generic 'please don't take me home' 'sweet caroline' blah blah blah songs to their 'German bomber' songs etc.... The pundits who are desperate for them to win, cheering on Harry Kane's dives then no doubt next season sitting on Match of The Day calling Mo Salah a cheat and a disgrace for going down.... The national papers and their xenophobic, jingoistic shite.... But to each their own....enjoy your day/evening. As i haven't all tournament i won't be watching tonight, but i'll be hoping Italy win and i make absolutely no apology for that.
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    In 1966 did the fans of all those other clubs that make up a very, very big chunk of Ingerlunds support week in week out in games v Liverpool sing 'sign on' 'always the victim' 'in your Liverpool slums' etc etc? Had Liverpool as a city been treated like shite by the government for decades? Had the person who was Prime Minister written a piece a few years before in a magazine calling Liverpudlians 'victims'? Had the FA (who the Ingerlund football team is run by) been absolutely up its necks in the cause of and later cover up of the deaths of Liverpool supporters at a game in its cup competition? Had the queen (who the Ingerlish national anthem pays homage to) presided over a nigh on 30 year miscarriage of justice by the legal system that she is 'crown of' around those deaths? Were scores and scores of the Ingerlish public falling over themselves to spite Liverpool by sending in letters to newspapers desperately looking for the 1966 European Cup Winners Cup Final to be won by Borussia Dortmund? Fuck Ingerlund....I hope they get beat tonight and I hope it is in the most heartbreaking way imaginable.
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    In the meantime, it's been a bit busy sorting out dinner for my queueing bunny rabbits every evening. Demanding little buggers.
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    (1) Having lunch at the bottom of the grand canyon. They flew us down in a chopper and I blew chunks on the decent as I'd been out the night befor, I managed to catch most of it in an Asda bag but it had a hole in it. Flying over it and the Hoover dam though was amazing. We had lunch at the bottom with our pilot who'd been a squaddie in Iraq but retrained as s commercial pilot, and tbis nice chubby American couple. I was conscious walking around down there how relatively few people in history would have done the same. (2) dinner at some posh restaurant at the top of the Eiffel tower. The meal was terrible, nine courses of mostly raw foods, but the view at night was breathtaking. I'd never even been to France before so being up there was amazing. (3) Going on a submarine trip in Fuertaventura. It was a commercial sub that went about 30 metres down and it was crystal blue, could see manta rays on the seabed. There was a shouty German tourist onboard who was bladdered which gave the whole thing a magnificent Das Boot vibe too. (4) The first time I saw Manhatten and the Vegas strip. Vegas is basically a patch of lights with a green hue and a lazer shooting into the sky from a pyramid, slap bang in the middle of a pitch black desert. We had steak at the top of the highest point, the stratosphere hotel in the presence of an Elvis impersonator while helicopters whizzed past the window. First time you see Manhatten in the flesh, there's nothing like it. Driving through urban areas then over the hill and bang, there it is.
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    Colonel Kurtz, Captain Howdy and the lads getting ready for the big game tonight!
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    Or Owen, Fowler, Sterling, Gerrard, Carragher or Trent? Nobody knows how Elliot will turn out, why don’t we support him and see if can reach those levels instead of making snide & tiresome comments of failed youngsters?
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    Gutted with how that ends because McGregor and his dumb fans can actually think he still had a chance when the fact is, he was done. Poirier absolutely dominated him on the ground and McGregor was exhausted as soon as he attempted that guillotine. He's such a horrible fucking cunt and I am absolutely gutted he couldn't continue getting his arse beat so it at least shut him up for a few weeks.
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    Visiting the Taj Mahal. You dont appreciate what an incredible spectacle it is until you see it up close and hear the stories behind its construction ( the Moghul chopped the hands off the builders after they finished it so that they couldnt create anything as good afterwards).
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    Peroni trending on Twitter. Loads of posts threatening to twat anyone seen drinking it today. This is the problem I have with elements of the England support. It's lovely seeing kids with George cross face paints or diverse housing estates decked out in flags - it's just ruined by these cunts. For some, simply supporting England isn't enough. Its also regurgitating the same old xenophobic shite depending on who they play (my WhatsApp is still full of Hitler memes from when we played Germany). I was fully behind England in Euro 96 because it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Certainly post Brexit, this new nationalism has some sinister undercurrents that I can't get on board with. That's before how I feel about the attitude of many towards scousers. I'm not arsed if England win or lose. I'll be happy for the players if England manage to do it, especially Hendo, as alot of them seem sound. It'll also lift the mood of the nation, which can only be a good thing. Unfortunately, I also expect reports of restaurants having their windows put through if England lose.
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    I remember my uncle had a similar issue on his phone a short while back and he got it sorted.
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    Delighted Neymar and that sparrow hawk looking bellend have lost.
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    Unbelievably I reckon she now achieves this status. It makes me feel like a right old cunt seeing as I spent the best 10 years of my life lusting (w*nking) after her. Sarah Cracknell
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    It's just all for the clicks Dave. They use chartbeat to see how things trend. There's obsessed with articles which 'do well' rather than articles which actually have any journalistic value. If loads of people have clicked on articles like these, even if it was to share them and slag the story off, it wouldn't matter, a bat signal would have sounded somewhere saying 'must do more'. It's tragic. Time was the back page of the echo was where you'd go to first for transfer news, not now. They'll never be first with a story like that again, all they do is react quickly when someone else reports it to capitalise on the fact people are searching for news about it in that moment. If Liverpool signed Mbappe, the Echo would have no inkling until the Beeb, say, reported it, nor would they care. But what they'd then do is send whatsapps out to the winged monkeys to write a dozen stories with Mbappe in the web headline. 'his 10 best goals', 'his famous friends' etc. It's fall of Rome stuff.