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    When I was on chemo, you pretty much live by the covid rules, except nobody else it playing. I stopped getting public transport, but I got loads of taxis and just opened the window, and used alcohol cleaner on my hands when I got out. I'm not saying it's a fool proof method, but I lived like that for a little over a year. There's no right answer, but I found sitting in the back of the cab, windows open and keeping my hands clean was effective.
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    Cautionary tale of consistently trying to appease the unrealistic expectations of an entitled fanbase.
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    We're already going down that route in Scotland. A fucking disgrace. If people can't stomach a cartoon or a piece of art, they should really just go & take their face for a shite. Comparing defacing property to drawing a subversive cartoon is also absolutely ridiculous.
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    Johnson says this "isn't the moment to go demob happy or feel this is the end of COVID" The cunt called it fucking Freedom Day. What was the benefit of stopping mandatory use of masks in shops and public transport? It only has a downside. Stupid fucking cunts.
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    You can take the horse to the well but you can’t make it save FSG millions.
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    My wife is clinically extremely vulnerable. She doesn’t have a car and is worried that she won’t be able to get on buses due to other passengers not wearing masks. She is even more concerned that she won’t be able to find taxis with drivers wearing masks, given that adequate social distancing is impossible in a car.
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    Dele Alli can't play midfield and can't play on the wing. If you don't have a formation with a classic #10, he's useless, and he's not even really good at being a #10 anymore. His lack of being able to play a different position exposes a bit of a lack of intelligence and work ethic, really. But I've never rated him, except the year he exploded onto the scene.
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    When the Internet first took hold it was a very short scroll to my birth year now I feel like fucking Bill and Ted.
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    On a forum? Of all places? If you'd pointed out all the things you disagreed with, and we could have had a conversation. Howie disagreed with me, but he didn't' see the need to act a complete cunt. Be more like Howie.
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    Considering how they made so much of Klopp's record in finals, they weren't so hot themselves in the 80's. Fine against teams suffering from nosebleeds from the altitude like Watford and Rapid Vienna, but the moment they ran across anyone with a pedigree they folded like a cheap suit. First team to lose a Merseyside derby final (couldn't score a goal in 210 minutes of football) First team to lose against ten men in an FA Cup final First team to lose a Merseyside derby FA Cup final (having led at half-time) First team to lose a Merseyside derby FA Cup final in extra time (against a team who were playing their sixth game in 17 days)
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    Second jab yesterday, the first one knocked me for six so was hoping the second to pass by with no incident. Not quite, felt bit nauseous yesterday and woke up cold and aching today, nowhere near as bad as first jab so I will take that but yeah, not feeling great today.
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    Enjoyed it , elevated by the fact that all of the actual protagonists ( bar the murder victim obviously ) appear themselves which is unusual. Loads of twists and turns. Could probably have shaved an hour or so. ( Didn't look properly at Tony's post at first and thought he was suggesting this was heartwarming stuff , and was about to call the Garda )
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    I dont think a shift should be longer than 6 hours. We should aspire to life beyond work, families should spend time together, people should have more free time, the 8hrs or more seems arbitrary. The option to work longer if you want to should always be there. I remember the tories giving a big push for the gig economy saying its great for everyone that flexibility you can choose when you want to work, if only bills were so flexible. Where I worked if anybody on zero hours said I'm not coming in tomorrow they where told then you won't be back at all. The flexibility was entirely in the employers hand. One tory Mp said he has a vision of people bartering for their pay saying I'll do it for 10 quid and hour and somebody then saying oh I'll do it for 9 quid, like it was a great thing the exploitation of desperate people.
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    If it impacted on any side more than the others, it was Liverpool. Any claim that Everton would have gone on to dominate Europe is optimistic at best. Dynamo Kiev won the Cup Winners Cup the following season, but I don’t remember them going on a long spree of European title wins. The next season it was Ajax - historic European giants who nonetheless still didn’t pick up another continental trophy for another five years. And then it was Mechelen, whoever the hell Mechelen are. Liverpool actually used to win the European Cup on a regular basis. That very bunch of Liverpool players used to win the European Cup on a regular basis, and it’s not hard to see the next group of players - Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge - being worthy winners too. Everton would have qualified for Europe in four out of five seasons during the ban. Liverpool would have qualified every season. But apparently Everton suffered the worst. Or maybe it’s the impact it had on the club? Was that what meant Everton suffered the most? In which case why not concentrate on how it meant that sides like Oxford, Coventry, Luton, Norwich and Wimbledon all missed out on a first-ever European campaign? Hell, why not talk about how Clough never got to lead Forest back into European competition after rebuilding the side, or how Derby missed out on the same? Spurs missed out three times, and are a club with a far greater European pedigree. Everton were the real victims? Absolute nonsense, as ever.
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    Turns out Rafa wasnt first choice- Jossy was offered a 5 year deal but turned it down
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    Come on @Bjornebye lad, get the next round up. You seem to think we all have lives outside of movie drafts, we don't. This means more.
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    Sporting Lisbon Feyenoord Glasgow Rangers Melchester Rovers
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    I’m so sorry for you both. This is the type of thing I’m talking about. So much unnecessary worry and anxiety, just to placate a lunatic fringe of culture warriors.
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    You can’t live the risk of infecting someone else, that’s literally not your risk to take.
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    Her real name is Thiago.
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    Fucking gutted about the mask thing to be honest. There's just no need at all to scrap those. Wearing one is an absolutely effortless gesture. It takes nothing to pop one on when you go the shops or get on the bus. Worried about my mum working in her local shop. The people who care will continue to do it, of course, but some cunts have never ever managed to realise that the masks aren't to protect themselves, they're to protect everyone else. It's sickening.
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    That reminds me: When I used to live in Estonia, a bunch of friends and I were watching a football match in a pub with a huge screen. Two teenage girls decided to locate themselves under the screen and started making out with each other, checking every so often to see if we were all watching them. Desperate attention-seeking slags. Other guy at next table quite reasonably shouted at them: "Get fisting or fuck off!"