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    My mate in work is mulling over banging some girl he manages. She's quite fit but is an absolute mentalist and will literally have 4 or 5 different moods a day. His brother works in the same office and he shagged her on and off behind his wife's back for a year, while she was engaged to another lad. She invited him to her house a few weeks back but he politely declined as he found out that at least another 4 lads he knows have shagged her. She was even seeing two of them at the same time but they weren't aware of it. My mate has called her "Shipman" as he says the more he finds out about her, the more victims come to light.
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    Big Breakfast at Das Bistro, Bali. Ukranian, Noggie, Belrussian nor British brekkies can hold a candle to this beast. Some of the efforts on this thread make me weep with joy that the UK has fucked off from the EU! 2 bratwurst, 6 rashers of Bacon (sent back to crisp up a bit), a haufen Bratkartoffeln, twelvty pan roasted cherry tomatoes and a mound of well cooked fresh mushrooms (none of those canned ones favoured by nonces) and two perfectly fried eggs with runny yolks. As much toasted bread as you can shake a stick at (ignoring the brown bread is for sex offenders jibe, give ya head a wobble) The price...£2.50 with a cappuccino. Ze Germans do it better.
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    Went round to my mate Ed’s to watch the unmentionable. He was good enough to provide breakfast, not a bad effort.
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    All I want is an exact replica of a prime Brazilian Ronaldo.
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    Ingerlund - Sad fucking country and sadder fucking team and even sadder set od supporters, media and pundits.If Everton were a country it would be England and vice versa.
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    It ain’t a heavy, he’s his brother.
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    Fuck it, it’s a great picture as far as I’m concerned. my girls’ team played against (and beat comfortably) a team a few weeks ago that had a captain, complete with armband, and they asked their coaches if they could have a captain. training this evening in the rain, at the end she comes bouncing over, armband in hand. She’s only been picked to be their first ever captain in the match tomorrow. fuck yes.
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    I have a random theory on Mbappe. All the rumours of Klopp being friends with his Dad, FSG taking his family on plane rides round France etc mean we’ve actually convinced him to come to us, hence why there’s been stories recently that Real Madrid have dropped out. Nothing to be announced while the Euros are ongoing, let’s him focus on that but he’s told PSG he’s not renewing and we’ve already struck the deal with PSG. After the Euros, there will be no long drawn out drama, like say Thiago. It’ll just be boom and done. Mbappe will wear Number 23, the same as Lebron James, Michael Jordan & Beckham (Beckham wore 23 as a marketing ploy). Only issue is James has just moved from #23 to #6 at LA but anyway… Nike will use us, Lebron James & Mbappe in every advertisement they could possibly imagine. The extra advertising and endorsements will make up his lower wages. The £120m Redball investment will be the transfer fee and this has been the plan all along, hence the big push for Nike last season. Fully aware I’ll be completely ridiculed for this but fuck it, I’m a dreamer!
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    Good Evening, Mr Grealish!
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    5 of the gammon choir houses in our street had England flags hanging from every window yesterday. Put the recycling out this morning and there’s only one single flag left. Put a massive smile on my face and I know today is gonna be a good day.
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    England have had the players many times. Shit Managers and even top Managers seem to lose the plot when they manage them.
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    It's almost as if Southgate wants to get sacked on purpose. Sancho and Bellingham, two players who have played in Germany and in the Champions League left on the bench while the rest of them go through slow motion aimless sideways passing. Once they get knocked out they'll be back to battering San Marino, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria and qualify top of a piss easy group and everyone will get over excited again. England are so fucking boring and predictable. The fucking fans are the biggest twats in the universe.
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    Aye , Champ will be in kicking off soon.
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    Thought Scotland were the better side and deserved to win. England were abysmal, Kane is clearly not fit but the fact of the matter is that Southgate is a fucking atrocious manager. We have some very good players but we are run by a championship manager, things won’t improve until he’s fired into the sun.
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    Okay. You have to say it in gruff trailer voice man of the 80s. It was a time of fear. It was a time of WAR. One man could stop it all... or could he? That's it.
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    I took a client for breakfast yesterday, it was near his office which is why it was chosen, but completely awful. One of the worst breakfasts I've ever had. I don't know the name of the place, but it was in Paul Street in Shoreditch. £7, so not too expensive for the area. But........ Eggs were overcooked Sausages just has a very weird taste and we're reheated and not warm enough. They somehow made toast shit. The bacon was kind of ok, as were the beans. The hash browns he microwaved then stuck on some sort of George foremen grill type of thing. No black pudding on offer. Mushrooms available for weird people. The tea was about half a cup of milk 1/10
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    Edwin Poots has replaced Gennaro Gattuso as the favourite for the Spurs job after resigning as leader of the DUP after 21 days in charge. Gattuso had been manager of Fiorentina for 23 days.
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    Now that comment is Everton.