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    Agree with all of this, not least about Ancelotti being a far more sensible choice for Arsenal than Arteta was (and Arsenal being a far more sensible option for him too). In my lifetime, Everton went for a long time making sensible - or at least explicable - choices of manager. Colin Harvey was already an insider and renowned coach, Kendall was a hero. Mike Walker was doing wonders with Norwich, Walter Smith had bossed it in Scotland, and Moyes was a promising Championship manager. Bobby Brownshoes had continually overachieved with Wigan, Red Ron had won plenty abroad and was proven in the Prem. But it wasn’t just the choice of managers that added up, the decisions to change managers seemed to make sense too, and the club seemed to have a plan or at least a planned direction when they were looking for a new boss. Koeman’s sacking is where that seemed to change. They were not in danger of relegation, but they panicked and sacked him. They made a big show of wanting Silva, then failed to get him. They openly wanted Allardyce only as a glorified caretaker, and when Fat Sam had too much dignity for that (yes, I know...) they folded and handed him an 18-month deal. They spent six months chasing Silva, but panicked the moment he hit a sticky patch. It was dumb luck that Ancelotti became available, and fair shits to them for landing him. But “I hope that one of the most successful managers in football history becomes available, for £11million a year, a job for his son, and zero compensation if he leaves with no notice,” is not a reliable plan. The Ev have continually got it so wrong when they’ve had time to pick and choose their manager that it’s hard to see them cracking it now that they’re on the back foot. The names being bandied around are so disparate that there clearly is no plan. Nobody targets Conte but has Eddie Howe as a Plan B; if it’s a choice of Nuno and Howe then there’s no benefit in delaying before losing half the transfer window whilst fannying around; and if it really is Big Dunc then they really don’t have to delay the announcement until my birthday as a special treat. It’s impossible to say who they’ll get in now, but at least there are some guarantees. The majority of the fanbase won’t be happy whoever it is, they’ll waste a load of money, and will be gone within two years after making little to no progress.
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    Commando is ace. I will brook no argument on this.
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    No sniggering at the back. terryefc Player Valuation: £750k Yesterday at 4:07 PM #125 I think he's alluding to - it ain't what you do its the way that you do it. Like it or not - there is a certain class and style about our club. It doesn't always help us - but as they say - it takes a lifetime to earn a reputation - but seconds to lose it. That Euro Super League would not have even been mooted if we had been involved in discussions. There's not many clubs that are just 'proper'. And we are.
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    Big Sams Undies Player Valuation: £6m Friday at 10:43 PM #65 What would the Everton board do… 1) Spend a year chasing a lame duck named Marco Silva, blatantly tapping him up via the media before sacking the muppet once they got him. 2) Appoint fat Ronk purely due to his career as a player in the bizarre belief that it would increase our reputation. 3) Appoint Steve Walsh and let him go sick buying numbers 10s and absolute dead heads. 4) Blowing £500m in 4 years on dog turd players. 5) Let a DOF actually pay money to bring in Iwobi and Delph. 6) Give every failure and wrong-un a job because they happen to be a former player. 7) Project Kirkby. 8) Kings dock. 9) Lick Jim Whites bum hole for attention and come out with nonsense about Lukaku leaving due to voodoo. 10) Being had off by a bloke in a Manchester bedsit that he was wedged. Yeah we’re a superb example for other clubs to follow… If they’d like to go go tits up. Oh and 11) Fire up the Bat Signal for Fat Sam to ride in on his structurally reinforced horse to save us from a relegation that was never a threat
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    One of my favourite pastimes is telling taxi drivers random rumours. Last time I was up I spun a yarn about Uncle Uzzy being on the KGB watchlist and they need to maintain being avarage so they don't annoy Abromovic as he's getting worried about his standing in British football for when the Ev really slap the money on the table. This could present delicate geopolitical moves, which the Ev were central to. As always, hook, line etc.
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    Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice is a bonafide classic. As is MMMBop by Hanson. And I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany.
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    Forum on preferred managers going on. More votes to Conte who turned down managing Spurs in their state of the art stadium because he didn't believe in a winning project but he will choose Everton and manage them in their state of the art wood shed.. https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/new-manager-poll-reset.112737/page-500
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    It was Turdsette’s birthday today. I took her and two of her mates bowling, then the arcades, fairground rides outside and then an all-you-can-eat world buffet. It was boss, kids were ace and funny all day and although it went down to the wire I just about managed to beat three 8 year old girls at ten pin bowling. I was and am totally made up that she had such a good day. Didn’t get the other girls home until after 9pm. On the way home I chucked my phone into the back of the car and said they can control the Spotify. The first kid picked that Dutch fella who won Eurovision, the second kid picked some sea-shanty type shite and then it was Turdsette’s turn and without hesitation she typed in Parklife and blasted it on. It’s impossible for me to love her any more than I do.
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    A few days on and I'd like to offer a considered opinion...losing Ancelotti is an absolute catastrophe for the Bloos. I remember saying when they gave Red Ronnie the bullet that they'd come to regret it. There are not many figures of the stature of Koeman out there, someone who makes you feel good about your club even when things are not going according to plan. Everton usually have to root around in the boxes marked "unproven" or "proven to be a cunt" when they are looking for a manager, so that they thought they were too good for Koeman was madness, something that was demonstrated by their next two hires which came from those respective boxes. And then they have the unbelievable good fortune to land Ancelotti. I think he was eager to have a shot at English football again, where top football men all over the planet are lured by the prospect of being dictators in contrast to the continent where they are strictly coaches with no input into transfer or academy policy. Had Arsenal not been eager to take their chances with the "unproven" box having tried the "proven" box to replace Wenger I have no doubt Ancelotti would have ended up there. But Arsenal were determined to deny Liverpool fans the chance to say 'where's the Arteta money, Bill?' (© Dave Usher) and Ancelotti had nowhere else to go so he thought yeah, why not? It took him 18 months to learn why not, and now they'll surely never get a name as big as him as long as their owner(s) are not willing to spend Abramovich/Mansour money. It's all too beautiful.
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    A few of them still believe the lad I worked with getting in a taxi at Lime Street one night and telling the taxi driver that Kenwright turned down PSGs owners before they bought them. The taxi driver nearly crashed his cab in a fit of rage when he told him. Someone on here said they overheard a bus driver talking to his mate about Everton saying "I heard a rumour that Kenwright turned down PSG's owners because he wanted to remain in charge, fucking knobhead"
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    It's difficult to say, because they're both top 10 P4P guys. Very skilled fighters. Having said that, as highly as I rate Crawford who has he actually beat? What's his best win? Postol? Gamboa? Indongo? Spence has a solid enough C.V at Welterweight, but his 4 main rivals since 2015 have been Floyd, Manny, Thurman and Crawford and he hasn't fought any of them. Did you see Showtime are doing a 4 episode documentary series on Hearns, Hagler, Leonard and Duran? Will be available in the morning:
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    Bkk Andy goes on-line June 5th, 2021. Bitter decisions are removed from strategic thinking. Bkk Andy begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 3.24 a.m. GMT, June 6th. Bkk Andy Player Valuation: £1.5m Today at 3:24 AM #12,904 Spurs had a recent champions league final and have been regulars in Europe. Arsenal have been poor in the league but have won cups recently. We've won...no, we've played in...no, we've... Any good young player who wants the opportunity to play in Europe and develop their games would be foolish to choose us over Leicester right now. And that's a big part of our problem. We think we're important but we're not. We need to realise our position and build to improve it. We can't build for the future whilst we continue looking back and clinging to the past.
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    That would be the two biggest club trophies, not to mention FIFA World Club Championship and European Super Cup. They really are fucking nutters. Still, they can still celebrate the 'won for the 1st time in 20 years at Anfield' trophy, eh>
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    Mate, great question. Not read the whole thread ...but for anyone who hasn't done this...I really recommend it. Go to a test match with a mate (I went with @Qwikage from on here).I had never been to one in my life. It was fucking a great experience. You sit and listen to the commentary (on a headset you get in the ground) while watching the game; drinking and chatting to your mate. Now, I know that in footy the additional commentary would be shite, but in cricket it is awesome. Your troubles melt away as you listen to the game meander slowly on. I know this is a thread on commentary...but I'll quickly add that me and Qwik have been to 3 sporting events together. England at Lords where we beat India - and the England captain scored a century; Liverpool V Roma in the CL semi-final (5-2) and Barcelona CL semi final (4-0). Moral of this story? Invite me and Qwik and we'll fucking batter them!
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    Peter Jones, always remember his distinctive voice doing the commentary on our European matches in the 70’s on radio 2. Bill McClaren the voice of Rugby
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    I saw Billy Liddle score the goal that never was in the dying seconds against Man City in a 5th round cup replay on a Wednesday afternoon in the snow 1955/56 season, we lost 2-1, I sagged school.
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    Repped for 90 minutes. Bought that magazine religiously throughout the mid nineties.
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    My grandson, in his new Allison kit, 'getting us'.
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    The most overrated TLW player of all time was undoubtedly Quaresma. Every fucking transfer window in Rafa’s time was full of posts from Rashid and Code wanking over him and demanding we sign him. He was shite though.
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    Yeah, the whole thing is daft. Fair play to Floyd, he has been totally up front about it. He has made it clear that this is a naked cash grab and if people want to pay him a lot of money to fight kids, that is their business. Did remind me of a great exchange in the other bank robbery, Floyd was in, with McGregor:
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    You know, the more I think about it, the more I realise that Gerrard completely ruined midfielders for me. Why isn't Gini scoring more last minute winners? Fabinho is running this game, but why hasn't he also slid Salah in? A real captain's display from Henderson, but why won't he go in two footed on Richarlison?
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    Id abolish all that shit in a millisecond. Infact I'd ban the title lord and everybody with Lord as a title shall be forever named with the prefix cunting fucktard. Cunting fucktard Alan Sugar for example. Tory scum.
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    Just started bringing back half dead things recently, seems pretty good at it too. Also, hardly ever see the cunt. Doesn’t even take a piss here anymore.