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    That one is for Sean Cox you horrible bastards.
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    100 percent a cult. Nothing sticks to these fuckers, they could murder kids in the street as long as they are waving a flag and shouting out 3 word slogans. Boris is a self serving lying, corrupt twat.
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    ‘What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?’ was the question posed. This, does not, none of it in any way answer that. Horror show.
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    “So, Raheem, how you uh, how you comin' on with that Champion’s League Winner medal you're working on? Huh? Gotta a, uh, little gold disc there? Gotta, gotta nice little gold winner disc you're working on there? Your Champions League Winner medal you've been working on for six years? Huh? Gotta, gotta winning run? Yeah? Gotta obstacle that you overcame? Huh? Little story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? Yeah, talking about that six years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some losses become draws, some draws become wins? At the end you’re a winner and financially richer from the experience? Yeah? Yeah? No, no, you keep fucking it up.”
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    Fuck Chelsea. Them winning was the lesser of two evils but they deserve no credit either the cheating cunts.
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    Another Everton first. The only club to lose two European cup finals in the same week.
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    My little boy a big Chelsea fan, he spent all day making a banner to put on our garden fence. I didn’t think they had a chance. Pleased for him tonight.
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    McDermott v Tottenham Hotspur
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    Ha ha, just realised, my lad is now in the youth set up of a Prem team!
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    People have been saying this every time they take any measures all the way through it. “Riots if they extend lockdown or close the pubs again”. Never going to happen. Not to mention no one, least of all Johnson, is talking about there being another lockdown. The only thing being discussed is delaying the final lifting of restrictions on June 21st. And even then, it’s likely he’ll lift some and keep a few others for a month or two. So things like masks in shops and public transport, keeping the work from home if you can rule or the one metre plus rule in pubs and restaurants. Absolutely no chance there will be unrest if they keep some of them for a bit longer. The Times said the other day he wants to lift the social distancing rule in pubs, theatres and restaurants on the 21st as they think that’s the most important for the economy but keep the masks and wfh rule. That’s not a lockdown.
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    Today was gonna be the day, you were gonna win a European Cup By now you shoulda somehow realised that you’d fuck it up...
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    Genuinely disappointed for the couple of decent City fans I know. But, them aside (and even with it being Chelsea), I'm chuffed they lost. The sportswashing stuff. The desperate attempts to artificially create a rivalry with us. The acting like a couple of bottles hitting a bus was like the Battle of Omdurman. "Pep" and his selective championing of human rights. Their whole victimhood when it comes to all things UEFA, despite them bring serial cheats. And, mostly, that song on the plane. I can understand fans singing it about a team they're desperate to manufacture a rivalry with. But, players singing mocking songs about a fellow professional getting injured and supporters getting beat up? Nah. Classless cunts. Six fucking nil, you financially doped Wigan Athletic shitehawks.
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    Fair play to Chelsea. It's a wonderful story when you think about it.Last year they had a young coach and decided to do it the right way with youngsters, things weren't working out, so they pissed on FFP, fucked off the manager, benched the kids, spent a few hundred millions on a player or 5, and here they are.
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    Oh dear both Manc bastards shitting the bed in both European finals you hate to see it you really do
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    Where’s the vid of the fat lad eating his breakfast in a VW camper van in a diner in batley? anyway, just pretend I’m replying to that... went this morning with my missus and my little girl and, in the fat lad’s words, “it were lovely, that” one significant issue is that on all three of ours (they both had pancakes with bacon and syrup, I had the skillet hash thing fatty had, with added sausages) they barely cooked the bacon. wasn’t such as issue for me cause there was plenty of stuff for it to hide behind and thankfully there was chopped up crispy bacon in the mix of potatoes and cheese anyway, but seriously I was sad for those two. my eggs looked like they still were a bit jelly on the top at first glance, but they weren’t. Very good eggs in the end, though I wish I’d asked for over easy as they’d have looked better on arrival of I did. if they’d have cooked the bacon properly, would’ve got a 8/10, but can only give it 5 cause it was so far away from being sufficiently cooked, and you can’t get away with that at all with streaky bacon. Place was great though. Could easily be tacky and shit, but absolutely wasn’t. Would go again, but will be sure next time to ask specifically for any meat to be cooked.