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    Since the Palace game on 27th December Fabinho has started 13 league games. He played 4 league games in midfield and we won those 4. He has played 9 at centre back. We won 0, drew 5 and lost 4 of those. I'd prefer to leave him where is, thanks.
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    That's utter nonesense. Williams and Phillips didnt put a foot wrong. In contrast Allison's kicking was substandard and again, nearly lead to a goal when he passed straight to a Southampton forward. Robbo was again a bit careless when he sliced a couple of balls and Trent was once again caught out of position. Yet you say the 2 CB's defending was abysmal? Fucking hell, half our problems this year at the back arent that we've missed van Dijk and \ or Matip and Joe. It's Allison whose form has been very patchy to say the least, Trent out of position and caught ball watching when defending. Robbo has suffered dips as well with some very rash tackles. I find it incredible people continually blame Williams, Phillips and Kabak while the 'favourites' get off virtually scott free for the mistakes they are making.
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    https://www.dazn.com/en-US/news/boxing/billy-joe-saunders-id-rather-go-out-with-my-pulse-stopped-than-take-a-knee-like-daniel-dubois/1jooifstr5xlf1bvz5pvw4m0m4 "Fighters get in that ring and we know what’s on the line." “Every fighter needs to understand and the fans need to understand that... “Before I go on one knee I’d like to go out on my back with my pulse stopped.” “If my two eye sockets were broken, my jaw was broken, my teeth were out, my nose was smashed, my brain was beaten, I was not stopping until I was knocked out or worse.
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    The 'good guys?' Haha! Insert the words into the 1980s Everton chants 'Trigger trigger trigger,shoot that a) buffalo? b) lion? or c) dark skinned gentleman(perjorative term.) Or Everton are a)multicultural or b) white?
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    Nailled it Dave and I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you in Tribal Valley. Any of our fans talking about solidarity with united fans need to give their heads a wobble. Have they not been to Anfield never mind old trafford when we play these cunts? Always the victim Murderers Shankly 81 Feed the scousers Build a bonfire Sign on Really? And they sing some of that shit when they arent even playing us. Fucking wake up. The enemy of my enemy is not your friend. They're fucking mancs. Simple as.
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    Would have been six on the bounce if Nat had played.
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    I couldnt give a shit what team that gimp puts out against Leicester. The same people saying he'll field the reserves are the same ones saying Rodgers is shite and his team will blow CL qualification. The only team blowing CL qualification is us. We've put ourselves in the position where if the gimp wants, he can field his reserves in virtually all his remaining games although Im not certain how many of those are against potential CL qualifiers.
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    Rhys got done badly for pace once but apart from that I thought the two CBs did well. As a pairing they'd frighten me to death against top sides but I think Nat would be a useful squad player next season as we see how everybody else recovers. Rhys needs a couple of years on loan.
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    Pretty much not knowing who any famous person is now other than knowing the names of some young women because of this place. If anyone was to ask me what Rita Ora, Kate Upton and Lily James are famous for the only answer I would be able to give is "for having a thread on the GF".
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    It's been fun, lads, but we're going to leave you to it, now. All the best.
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    Even the worst Labour Government would be better than a Tory Government. I'm no fan of New Labour, but I'd also add the Good Friday Agreement, the Freedom of Information Act and the Human Rights Act to their list of significant achievements.
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    I want to like Starmer. I want Labour to be a party I can vote for. There must be millions like me
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    I should be pleased and I am but Im also feeling underwhelmed. On that performance I will be surprised and delighted if we win 4 of our last 5 and even then, Im not sure that would be enough. Nat Phillips MoTM for me. I know Alli made some good saves but he also made some pretty poor kicks and was more than fortunate Southampton didnt capitalise on it like city did. We look a shadow of the team that steam rollered its was to the title last season. We look to be running on fumes for the last 15 to 20 minutes of games. Too many players just arent at the height they were. Alli, Trent, Robbo, Sadio, Mo, Bobby were the core of that side. Sure, losing Hendo, Virgil and Matip is going to hurt any side but I just said to Bobby fuck off when within minutes of coming on, he tried a backheel to no one when in a tight spot and needlessly gave away possession. Carragher said Trent had a good game. Really? I thought his crossing was poor. Again. Mo wanted too many touches. Nothing was coming off for Jota. We could do without our players going to the Euros or any other international games in the summer. They need to put their feet up and rest. That 2ndhalf was worse than the first. We just seemed to needlessly invite Southampton onto us. That fine if we're on blob but I was just waiting forthe inevitable cock up to come along. Sure enough it did but fortunately Southampton couldnt capitalise. Thank goodness Danny was not available for them. Mancs up next, is it? Fingers crossed.
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    Keeps me off the EU thread. Anyway I've convinced everyone on here they were wrong to support them fuckers from the EU, My work is done over there. I've got loads and loads of PMs saying 'Gnash you were right all along" the only one who can't see sense is that Angry of Tue fella, like a Japanese fighter on an island in the war that fella.
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    Excellent. Spot on about the Mancs. Simon Jordan nailed it about Gary Neville, too. The thing about Salford City is not only are they losing money but other ambitious League Two clubs will feel they have to spend more to compete with them and so there'll be another Bury and Macclesfield to add to the list. Perhaps next time Neville appears on the box he can explain the consultation processes used when he decided to change Salford's colours...
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    Any love for Hancock's Half Hour on here (both Radio and TV shows)? Or is it just me?
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    Thought I was living in another dimension hearing the praise for the United fans , good to get the voice of sense.
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    If we got anywhere near even 300-400,000 deaths in this country the healthcare system would have collapsed leading to a huge increase in deaths from other causes. Despite some people blaming lockdowns for people dying from other diseases the truth is without lockdowns we would have had the worst of both worlds. Massive increase in the amount of Covid deaths and deaths from other causes due to hospitals being overrun and NHS staff being off work sick or isolating in much greater numbers.
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    Paying the rent might have just been the best bet
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    The revenue has tripled under the Glazers - and that is down to the fact that they have set up regional marketing that has built on their world wide reputation. So one of the fundamental arguments underpinning the protests on Saturday 'that we don't need an oligarch' is because of the Glazers. The fact that they have spent a billion on players is relevant - it absolutely is. Their arguments are that the Glazers are hampering them through taking money out - whereas the argument is not so straightforward. How can you be hampered when you are spending so much money on the team? And those who are supporting United - are also ignoring, either deliberately or simply seeing it ass irrelevant - the complete and utter lack of support from United supporters when we were in a much worse position, because of a leveraged buyout in 2010. That suggest to me that they are not against leverage buyouts - otherwise they would have supported us. It is just them, and their club. This isn't a wider argument for football ownership. It is them taking advantage of the current attitude towards protests (violent ones) and venting their frustrations. I am not in the slightest bit arsed about whether it was a legitimate protest or not - because if it had of been us protesting it would been laughed at, and ridiculed - and we know that because that is what happened between 2007 - 2010. If Saudi Arabia took them over tomorrow - not one United fan would protest against that. So, forgive if I don't want to include their tantrums into a wider discussion about football ownership.
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    An appeals system? This is Football, not girls under 12s fucking hockey. Football was great the way it was, bin all these stupid ideas & let's get back to the simple game we all used to love. Yes, there was the odd bad decision but you had a moan about over a pint & got on with it without a fucking circus.