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    The revenue has tripled under the Glazers - and that is down to the fact that they have set up regional marketing that has built on their world wide reputation. So one of the fundamental arguments underpinning the protests on Saturday 'that we don't need an oligarch' is because of the Glazers. The fact that they have spent a billion on players is relevant - it absolutely is. Their arguments are that the Glazers are hampering them through taking money out - whereas the argument is not so straightforward. How can you be hampered when you are spending so much money on the team? And those who are supporting United - are also ignoring, either deliberately or simply seeing it ass irrelevant - the complete and utter lack of support from United supporters when we were in a much worse position, because of a leveraged buyout in 2010. That suggest to me that they are not against leverage buyouts - otherwise they would have supported us. It is just them, and their club. This isn't a wider argument for football ownership. It is them taking advantage of the current attitude towards protests (violent ones) and venting their frustrations. I am not in the slightest bit arsed about whether it was a legitimate protest or not - because if it had of been us protesting it would been laughed at, and ridiculed - and we know that because that is what happened between 2007 - 2010. If Saudi Arabia took them over tomorrow - not one United fan would protest against that. So, forgive if I don't want to include their tantrums into a wider discussion about football ownership.
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    Also, to clarify. I get why United fans want the Glazers out and why they look at it and think "that billion quid they've trousered could have gone on signings". I'm just saying, fuck them. I'm not backing their 'cause' or sympathising with their 'plight' and I'm not going to say what they did on Sunday was ok.
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    That's absolute bollocks. Never in the history of broadcasting - while live mass violence is ongoing, in part directed at the actual broadcasters - have people thought: You know what, ignoring all that abuse and those flares and any potential threat to the safety of all those around us, we really ought to consider the legitimacy of these drunk fuckers' supposed grievances! Souness wasn't having it. And even if he talks shite about the Man United ownership, he's under no obligation to take seriously the idea of just peaceful protest in that instance. Neville and Carragher were cultivating that lie for their own reasons. But it remains a fucking lie. As all available footage illustrates. And Souness was the only member of the Sky team who questioned it.
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    From a City fan so I'll take no moralising from him.
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    You need to not take is so personal scott, this is an Internet forum full of opinionated cunts, some will give their opinion and leave it at that, others will keep throwing it at everyone at every opportunity they get. Individually it is up to the poster what type of cunt they want to be and no amount of arguing is going to change their type, might even make them more entrenched. Your not a bad poster but recently you are coming across as "I'm special cause I have been to loads of games and protests" if you are ok with that don't be surprised when people want to take a pop at you.
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    Like Keys wouldn’t do exactly the same the hypocritical, lying cunt.
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    I'm just so tired of these people, what exhausts me the most is that it's not even genuine, it's actually a 'job', in modern Britain and the USA, saying inflamatory shit is actually a career option when your career hits the skids, something that gets you called on radio shows and Questiontime and lets you sell mugs and keyrings. If that's not fall of Rome shit, I really don't know what is. "All fat people should be gassed" "OMG can't believe he/she said that" "Hi it's Pandora fuckbucket here from Newsnight, would you come on our show for three grand?" "yes please."
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    Liverpool fans who say ‘good on them’ for Sunday’s protest probably get out of their car and apologise profusely when somebody intentionally rear-ends them.
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    Had the AZ an hour ago. Already feeling it
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    My daughter is bang into unicorns, so using her Peppa Pig foaming soap I fashioned a Unicorn horn and placed it on my head. It went wrong. Badly wrong. .
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    The mancs are planning another protest for the rearranged fixture, if anything stops this game going ahead again, then they should give us a 3-0 win. I couldn’t give a fuck about them and their “plight” they laughed at us when we had the other 2 clowns. They sing always the victims and murderers. The cunts hung a banner on the motorway calling us murderers. Anyone climbing into bed with them should remember that. Fuck them. Glazers in.
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    Easily the worst home shirt we’ve ever had.
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    I think until a verified word for word transcript of what Souey said is produced, it's putting one's own slant on his comments saying he effectively said this or that. I'll be honest and say I dont recollect him using those words about 'good owners' or putting their 'own money' in. Generalising, he said the owners have not prevented the club spending nearly a million quid. His point was the fans have used the Euro League debacle as a vehicle to resurrect the glazer out movement because they havent won a title for getting on 8 years. I totally agree with him on that.
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    And so to today’s offering from budding Dick Whittington and all round top fox, Laurence Fox.
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    Souness would have far more right to rant about greed in football than Neville does. Sounsss's generation are all part owners of carpet shops and shit because they hardly made a penny despite winning everything in site and getting brain damage from heading balls. Neville owns hotels and a football club, was getting paid about 30k a week at the age of 18. I mean fucking hell.
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    She should change her name to the Real Duchess of Sussex. Or The Artist Formerly Known as the Duchess of Sussex.
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    Nice of Batman to lend his support
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