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    The tension created by the build up to this is amazing- Same for this one, although for very different reasons-
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    That final four in the CL is the perfect encapsulation of this horrendously soulless season. I hate all four clubs with a passion.
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    Maybe the dry cleaners are still shut
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    My parents had their first Phizer jabs yesterday. No side effects so far thankfully.
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    Carragher annoys me more than McManaman. I suspect I may be alone in this.
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    I think signing Thiago and moving to a slower build-up game with shorter passes was an attempt to evolve our style a bit, but without defenders who can play a high line we can't compress the play enough to make it work. Right now we have to keep the defensive line a bit deeper, press harder, and move the ball more quickly when we win it back. Because we're so narrow in midfield and we don't have defenders on the halfway line, our midfielders have to cover much more ground than is ideal when the ball is lost - both to counter press and then to regain shape if the press is beaten. The lack of energy from the front three on the initial counterpress hasn't been fucking helping either. Thiago looks shit because he doesn't have the energy of someone like Wijnaldum, the aggression of someone like Henderson or Fabinho, or the directness of Trent. If we swapped out Thiago with the 05/06 version of Momo Sissoko we'd probably look better, but if we swapped out any of the front three for their 18/19 versions, or even just got Van Dijk and Gomez in the back four, we'd look fucking shitloads better.
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    My folks have had both (Pfizer) jabs now. No side effects at all.
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    Gobshites on memorial posts. Today is dominated by the remembrance of the 96 and to give thanks to those, either living or sadly no longer here, who fought and are still fighting to clear the names of family members and those wrongly accused. However, we seem to get knobheads who want to take potshots at the team on such posts because we aren't doing well. "Sell X player", "Hala Madrid", "Klopp out", "we lost because of..." The majority of these posts are from foreign fans or fans of the team we have just lost to and I can understand in some cases the language barrier; they may post because they see the name Liverpool FC and not fully understand the context of the post but in things like this, the official account should switch off comments. Modern football fans are a pain in the arse.
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    I do think it's about time the royal family stopped wearing their fancy dress uniforms completely. Yes some have earned medals, some haven't even earned a pass out parade. But nobody gets to wear their uniform once they've left completely. it just takes the piss seeing them draped in gold braid and parading around like some tin pot dictators. The queen is the head of the armed forces and she doesn't waltz around dressed in military uniform. Wear a fucking suit like everyone else.
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    It is a fairly big task. Loads of uncertainty at centre half - can Matip (stop sniggering at the back) really come back and contribute on anything like a regular basis.....Is Gomez capable of staying fit...Will VVD be the same....and then what are going to do to ensure have enough cover and depth back there? Midfield is up in the air...Wijnaldum - who knows....Milner is 62....Henderson ageing an injury prone....Thiago not settled at all...Keita a waste of time....Ox same... Forwards - lots of questions about Firmino and Mane. Overall age profile of squad quite high. Plenty to do/plenty of questions/puzzles to solve. It feels like we could be entering a period of transition/this teams cycle is at or near its end.
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    I had my first jab yesterday evening, nothing report except a bit of an ache in my arm. Nothing to do with the jab, mind.
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    Agreed. Although anyone not getting the red, white and blue, true Brit AZ jab is a traitor.
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    Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor not some kind of mutant with claws and virtual immortality!
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    3 financially doped sportswashing operations making up the 4 semi final places along with a legacy club that has relied on significant benevolent state support in the past. Football has always been dominated by money, but I can't remember it being so egregious and rubbed in your face in the highest echelon of the game. City's continuing dominance of the domestic game hardly seems to raise an eyebrow anymore either, if they were to win the league at a canter again and a domestic Cup next year would anyone talk about what is happening? Everyone in the media held that they were poor last year as they amassed 81 points, won the league Cup and charity shield, made the semi finals of the FA Cup and Quater finals of the champions league. I think in retrospect what Liverpool achieved during 19/20 was absolutely incredible as was keeping pace with Dynamo Abu Dhabi the year before and that over time that achievement will only grow as the monopoly/duopoly of the financially doped clubs with an occasional appearance from United or ourselves sets in.
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    We created enough chances to go through IMO.
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    Lack of goals from midfield is killing us.
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    It doesnt help when you have governments who you wouldnt trust you to sell you a vacuum cleaner running it all and here is where the problem lies.
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    There’s a Robin that regularly visits our garden. I think it may actually be my late Dad so I enjoy our conversations while he’s here. Of course I am aware he might not actually be my Dad but still...
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