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    I'm no conspiracy theorist but any rules brought in specifically to deal with Corona should be removed as soon as safe to do so. I think if you give a government especially one with as many self serving sociopaths as ours its a slippery slope. The Covid passport makes me uneasy overall, more so with being able to enjoy domestic freedoms rather than international travel. It becomes a tip of the wedge to a credit system like China's with complete control and authority because without compliance you are stripped of all access to infrastructure youve paid towards your whole life. I know measures need to be taken to save life but I find some of the solutions a bit scary. These aren't normal times but the solutions shouldn't be allowed to be normalised.
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    Be even weirder if he was .
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    We used to get, "don't be afraid to fail - but fail fast". They said failure meant you were trying new things which was to be encouraged, although if you did fail you'd get bollocked and probably sacked. They introduced something called comparative performance too, where you'd get graded compared to how your peers were performing. The chief exec was from a banking background where you can get away with that, because it's all about money in the win column. But how do you compare a UX designer to a copywriter? So what happened is you were encouraged to try and "stand out", so people would do things like get involved in litter picks or join the company choir (back when all that was trendy), then they'd get bollocked for spending too much time away from their desk. When the deputy MD got laid off (he was a former apprentice contestant who used to wear pants that were too small for him), he went around the entire building shaking hands with everyone, but bizarrely he brought his dad and his 10 year old son and you had to shake hands with them too. The marketing director was some yank who fancied himself as trendy (he'd been called America's best dressed man by maxim or something) and he used to come in on Fridays wearing stuff like black kilts and yellow timberland boots. He'd sign off every email with "make today an OUTSTANDING day." It's quite surreal in those places, they're kind of Orwellian in that everyone knows it's a load of bollocks but can't admit it, double speak and double think. You always have to be on your guard with what you say. In hindsight, it's no coincidence I had not one, but two nervous breakdowns while I was working there.
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    Was almost worth losing last night for this.
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    It's weird, 99.99% of the population work so they can pay the bills. There's no shame in that, I don't know why everything has to be dressed up as something it's not. Why is it not the done thing to be asked why you're there and to reply "because I need a job?". Linkedin is a fucking nightmare for that type of doublespeak. Most people on there are there because they've been told you sort of have to be, most people hate it, yet they're posting something like "I got to help a client today, that's why I get up in the morning" then someone posts underneath "very inspiring", wheres what both want to really say is that they've got bills to pay and there's a shortage of well paying, public sector jobs these days with adequate pensions schemes.
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    Excellent article in the News Letter (the Unionist paper) giving an insight into what is going on:
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    Jammy bastard, series 2 is even better. Sorry to hear about your tooth, worst pain in the world.
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    Benitez a nob head? Go and support Man City or Chelsea you over opinionated spoilt twat.
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    I think her legacy is a moral/spiritual one rather than just an economic one. The country we find ourselves in now, where everyone is on the make, where avoiding tax is seen as fair game even if it means your surrounding national infrastructure is unfit for purpose etc, mostly started with her because it speaks to the idea of the individual being sacrosanct. I think Conservatism before her had been about, erm, conserving stuff. The country's institutions, all that shit. Even shit like banking was perceived as a career where you had some kind of traditions and governing 'rules', she ushered in the age of the yuppy where that went all out the window and it wasn't about rules, decorum or how you carried yourself - but purely about how much you could stuff in your wallet, no matter the cost. The current Conservative leadership are the ultimate product of that. Not especially bright, care nothing for insitutions or patriotism, absolutely every decision in any crisis is about number one and how much money they can make out of it.
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    I might try posting that on LinkedIn and see what the reaction is. I do like my job, its quite interesting as jobs go, but if I win the euromillions am I coming back to work for a single second? Am I fuck. I wouldn't even go back to the office to drop off my equipment, I'd just paypal them the money to avoid the trip.
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    Chip Buttys insurance company have just received his latest photo...
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    Wow how many Rinus Michels have we on here now. Great stuff!
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    Come on Bruce. You know this isn't true.
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    Bus driver was unscathed. The rest of them can have at it but leave the bus drivers alone.
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    I do IT support and am usually the fucker who has to sort that out with the same amount of notice and training you've had, all day everyday.
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    The falsest of false 9s needs to play if we're to get the best out Mane and Salah. It's been obvious for the last 3 years. It's no coincidence that they get crowded out whenever we put someone else in there. I got ridiculed in the Haaland/Mbappe thread, but putting him in there would result in more of what we saw yesterday with Jota. No pressing effect on their midfield no winning the ball high up the pitch, and tightening space in the positions Mane and Salah normally deploy. I agree Bobby personally has been below par for a good while, but his unselfish play still make the two other look a lot better than without him. Football isn't as simple as just replacing Firmino with Jota and thinking the top 3 will score more combined. If Jota plays, it should be instead of Mane or one of the 3 midfielders.
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    We don't look like comeback kids this season. Playing against Real Madrid is one of the biggest games in world football and most of our players look like they we forced to play by their parents. Too many players have called it in this season. It was like the Everton game we should of been well up for it and the first half performance was a slap in the face for how timid and poor it was. We can beat these but its going to be about attitude. Theres valid reasons for us to be a shadow of the team of the last few seasons but some players are putting in too many scruffy performances. The whole club is having a mare this year.
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    I know society is becoming harsher generally , but I find the disrespectful tone of comments towards the three musketeers massively disappointing. For an outlay of less than £100m they have given us an absolute dream of a 3 or 4 years. Mo's performances and figures are other-worldly, and I can't believe the casual way his achievements are grudgingly accepted with almost a dismissive shrug by some fans. Sadio has also been absolutely fantastic and to me still appears to be trying his bollocks off even though his health has obviously suffered from the long covid thing. Bobby has obviously lost his way a bit on the pitch , but was the pivot for all of our success over the period involved. I personally think that we should give Sadio a complete break after the season to recover his health, and look for Jurgen to assure Sadio and Mo that they remain , with Diogo , our main men . I think Bobby could be used as a number 10 type player with limited playing time if he is happy to accept that role.
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    Drop Mane and Trent and fire Keita into space. That would be a start.
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