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    I walked home from work about a month ago; it was probably -20C and with the wind even colder. It’s about a mile and a half. Because I choose wrongly for a wife I had to make my own cup of tea, it was orange pekoe. I found some Club Orange in the cupboard. There is a specialty store that sells them (along with real HP sauce, custard, etc). I dunked those bastards like a Marine waterboarding at Gitmo and savoured every bite. These are the moments that make life worth living.
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    Niurse I know who I've said I'm old enough to be her Dad tells me she's about to hit 40. And I still am.
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    That Ben Davies deal was the biggest waste of time and just sums FSG up. Too many injurimy prone players eating up wages and contributing fuck all. This has been coming since the club decided to put their feet up and smoke cigars after 2019. I know we won the league the following year but we needed to capitalise on being Champions of europe and make sure we had a younger team coming through to phase out the players approaching or passing their peak.
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    I REALLY HOPE this comes back to bite me on the backside if we turn things around next week but fucking hell, the Club couldn't have fucked up more if they tried this season. Its lurched from one mistake to another, one fucking disaster after another. Tonight was the crowning turd on the dog pile. Poor team selection? Check Half assed approach? Check Mistakes? Check Shit subs? Check Shit refereeing? Check You wouldn't believe this team won the league last year, they look absolutely shot. That Real Madrid side were strolling about with a couple of players in their mid 30's in midfield and 33 year old relic benzema up front. A side that are a pale shadow of what they were. When Mane got tackled by 35 year old Modric (and outrun) that just about summed up this season. The players What the fuck has happened to some of them? Firmino, Mane, Salah? Between them they can't control a fucking ball these days. Mane looked like he had two fucking giant bars of soap on his feet second half as he did his best Djimi Traore impression. What the fuck has happened to him? Wheres his skill? Sublime goals? Pace? All fucking gone. Salah too, good goalscoring record but the ball just bounces off him half the time. Tonight no one was running. I saw Robertson fucking WALK BACK in the first half when Madrid where attacking down his flank. In a fucking CL QF. Thats not Robertson. TAA all over the shop, making mistakes. Fabinho giving the ball away. Our over reliance on a a midfielder who has already said his goodbyes and the only one who can stay fit. We've also managed to turn one of the best Midfielders in Europe, multi trophy laden Thiago into Jay Spearing. Jurgen Again, too busy with his focus elsewhere first half of the season. Arguing for subs, moaning over fixtures. Meanwhile the team was getting badly exposed and the run just after Christmas was not addressed. He continued to persist in two Midfielders at Centre half until both got injured. Bizarre subs and bizarre team selections. Keita tonight. Just totally fucking bizarre all round from someone who is usually so switched on with a siege mentality. The board Where do you begin? We played a Champions League Quarter final tonight with 5th rate CB we've been loaning out for years from the ressies and a bargain bucket centre back from a nearly relegated German side we got on a temporary free. No vision, no planning. Cheap ass approaches in the transfer market. Not building on our momentum. We only got Jota because they agreed on a cheap structure to the deal. The guy in the street could see our injury woes coming (we've been on about them AT LENGTH on here), but no, not the fucking Club. And again we are back to scouring for cheap deals and being clever. Fuck off. Anyway neg away. Tonight tipped me over the edge. The lack of fight and intensity, the shite passing, shite subs, shite co commentator, shite ref and a shite stadium.
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    If you can’t see how his body shape, attitude and defensive awareness is a constant issue then you’re completely blind. He got absolutely roasted by Vinicius all game. Instead of trying to get a grip of him he just hid and let him get in the blind side of our inexperienced centre back or in the channel between them. He had a major part in all 3 goals we conceded. He come out with a rocket up his arse and showed some intent. They scored and his head completely went. He spent the rest of the half trying to cause a fight. He was absolutely Shite.
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    Any cunt who starts a Facebook post (usually one one of those community pages) with the words; “To the man/woman who (insert some insignificant event that has been perceived as a crime of the century)”.
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    Or he'd have broken down and been substituted off.
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    The quandary with Trent (and Robertson too) is that both were part of the most obstinate defence in club history. So we know both are highly capable defenders in the right system, which they trained for over several years. You therefore need to look at what has changed around them that may have prompted lapses in form.
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    Salah put more than a shift in. He was pressing all night. I honestly wonder what game people watch. For the goals we conceded I don’t see how Salah could help Trent other than playing right back for him. He doesn’t follow his man for the first goal and cover his centre back from a long ball. He makes a brain dead header from another long ball and on the third just let’s their left winger drift into an unmarked position while he picks nobody up and doesn’t tell the centre back he’s coming. These were just the goals as well. Never mind the other countless brain dead defensive position and decisions he made all night. It’s basic schoolboy stuff he gets wrong time and time again and it’s baffling that it’s not being addressed.
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    I'm with Max: I call them all sorts, too.
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    Vincius scores from the left hand side of the penalty spot, after the ball is delivered from the left hand side of the pitch. There’s absolutely no reason why a right back would move to the central-left hand side of the penalty area, or really why a right back would ever be culpable for a goal originated and scored from the left hand side. Phillips is the closest player to him once the ball is in the box, as he should be being a centre back occupying that space, but he is too slow off the mark and stuck in no man’s land in front of Alisson.
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    Pretty much this is where I stand on him, given the hype and expectations he’s been a massive disappointment and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep to see him sold, but I don’t think hes a bad player and it’s been one of those that simply hasn’t worked. This era’s Kewell in a lot of ways.
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    There's always been a certain fatalism about being a red since the late 80, where victories in competitions come as a pleasant surprise rather than an expectation, which is why the likes of Istanbul live so long in the memory. I thought the days of pretty much expecting a non performance in a big game were gone, or of expecting to get unceremoniously dumped out of, say, the FA Cup by some also rsns were over. I actually started to feel that way after the world club championship win, because if there was ever gonna be an anticlimax or a banana skin in terms of prep and style, it was that. But no. Sadly it's starting to look like us doing well was a blip and not a new normal. Sad thing is that over the years we've produced inferior teams that you rooted for, and talented ones that you resented because you knew they were capable of better, these lads are starting to fall into the latter category for me. They started to actively piss me off, now I'm firmly in the apathy stage. The five stages of Liverpool grief, of which that is the latter.
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    I know it’s simplistic, naive and let’s face it probably inaccurate but you like to think of the Unions as the good guys, there to protect the vulnerable, so it’s somehow worse when they get implicated in stuff like this.
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    His brace against Comoros is particularly memorable.
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    It's the new Ann Summers design. Lets all thank the holy lord he didn't draw this 1 is a menace, 73 is a problem.
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    With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps starting the biggest game of the season with the same midfield that lost 7-2 to Villa wasn't the best of ideas.
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    72,000 crowd. Must have been a record attendance until the Hibbert testimonial.
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    Or , what are they doing in my area , it took me 30 years to afford it here ?
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    First time getting smashed up the rear end will do that to a fella.
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    I guess the moral is don't wear big fuck off heels when going through Polish airport Covid checks
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    A Man Needs A Maid / Heart of Gold medley Spotify link. Gorgeous mash up from the new Young Shakespeare live record. Beautiful.
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    Every. Single. Time. It's a reflex at this point.