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    Had my two year old grandson in our garden this afternoon, so happy now. It was bloody cold but he was so excited to see us. Good times, he’s had two doorstep visits since Christmas so he couldn’t believe he could come in today (obviously straight through into the garden)
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    Thank you and for you too. I can honestly say the worse part for me this last year is not seeing that little lad. He says ‘nanny’ now too.
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    Reina Arbeloa Carragher Skrtel Aurelio Mascherano Alonso Kuyt Gerrard Babel Torres Sub: Dossena
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    A lot of positives tonight, but probably the best was not having to listen to Jamie Carragher.
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    Dear Arsenal, Thanks for your interest in the game on 3 April 2021. I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. Please keep an eye on fixtures announced by the Premier League in the future, and maybe try a bit harder. With kind regards, Liverpool FC
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    Everyone's doing the Jen Hanley stance
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    The team that won the league won all six of the six game run in. Yermam finished 10 points off the pace, tailing off pathetically with 2 losses and 4 draws. It was there for the fucking taking. I guess at the end of the day, when all is said and done after 38 games, you’ve just got to say to The Golden Eel, fuck off you spawny cunt.
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    Fucking great performance by the boys, would have been a travesty if we hadnt got 3 points from that. Ref was shit, arsenal bench and players were shit, screaming at every tackle by us, standing less than 2 metres in front of our free kicks and throwing the ball away yet the ref fucking did nowt. he's giving lacazette free kicks yet Sadio's getting hands in the face and the twat waves play on. I couldnt give a fuck about tyler and his shit about Trent. It sticks in the throat a bit but at least neville hides any bias he has in commentary about us. Tyler can get to fuck with his would Liverpool have approached the game differently if chelsea hadnt lost. Fuck off you gobshite. Apart from maybe the opening 10 minutes, we bossed the game and only poor decisions and finishing saw arsenal still in the game at half time. What a difference Jota makes. He doesnt piss around. Puts the ball in the net and any debate is afterwards. Maybe Mo, Sadio and Bobby can start to follow suit. Neville said on commentary weover complicate stuff in front of goal and take too many touches. Jota, wham. Pick it out of the net. We really should have scored at least another 2 with Sadio not getting enough on a header and Leno making a good block when Mo was clean throuh. But they're minor gripes as 3 points, a cleansheet and 3 goals are important.
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    I was backpacking in Sumatra during that 1-0 win Yossi game. I was in a tiny village in the highlands and paid through the nose to get back to the capital in time for kick off, driven by a drunk taxi driver. When I got there the only place open was a gay bar with no customers. The owner tried to pull me, despite me being straight. I still hugged him when Yossi scored though.
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    The business end of another European campaign, and it's up against the most decorated side in the history of the competition. Of course we've met them at the very pinnacle of the game, twice, but in 2008/09 we were paired with them in the Round of 16. At the time, Real Madrid were defending La Liga champions but they'd been stuttering in the league, totally overshadowed by a Barcelona side that would go on to claim the treble of La Liga, the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League. Real Madrid had ditched coach Bernd Schuster and replaced him with ex-Spurs coach Juande Ramos. He himself was only going to be kept on until the end of the season, when Florentino Perez would win the club's presidential election to return to the post and bring with him a new coach (Manuel Pellegrini) and a ridiculous spending spree to sign some real quality additions. Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Karim Benzema and Xabi Alonso would all sign that summer, and Benzema is still there now. We went to the Bernabeu for the first leg and kept things tight. Madrid could neither go around us or play through us. Xabi tested his international teammate Casillas with one of his trademark long-range efforts from inside his own half but it took until late on for us to claim the advantage. Benayoun had been making a habit of scoring important goals, and he it was that got on the end of Aurelio's free kick from wide on the right. We'd just come off the back of a period where we'd drawn a few games in the league and got knocked out of the FA Cup by the blooshite. We'd laboured to a dramatic 3-2 win at Portsmouth thanks to a last minute header from El Nino. Thanks to a highly professional performance in Spain, we had a priceless lead and an away goal to take back to Anfield. In the charts, Lily Allen was in the middle of a month-long run at the top with 'The Fear'. It's a fairly ordinary pop song free of the chavvy schtick that characterised her earlier stuff, and the music from it features a lot on programmes even today. It's very familiar. We owe these entitled tapping-up merchants for Kyiv and also for the Champions League group games in 2014. There's no Ramos so pantomime villain duties will have to fall to someone else. Real Madrid have often looked disjointed this year, much as we have. Though they still possess a lot of quality to hurt us, we possess an awful lot of quality to hurt them. The Bernabeu is undergoing a massive renovation so they've been played at their training ground. As there are no fans in attendance, I don't suppose it matters that much to them. For us, just be professional, be brave and don't give in to 'The Fear', and we can again bring back a lead to defend for the second leg. Who know, by then we might actually have sorted our shit out at Anfield too.
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    Now the season is over, I've added season 2 squads to the spreadsheet and reset the transfers accordingly. Season 2
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    His movement reminds me a lot of a young Robbie Fowler. Great anticipator, quick reactions, pick that out son.
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    Fuck. Ing. Beautiful, that. Great results all round today. I also cooked awesome fillet steak and drank bloody Maries and I'm now balls deep into a fantastic bottle of malbec. Worra day.
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    And fuck Piers Morgan, the broken clock, attention seeking fuck.
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    The issue with Roma having nice kits is Roma are a set of cunts and no red should ever wear their colours.
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    On a lighter note, My daughter came round yesterday with her 3 little ones who are 6, 4, and 2. We all sat in the back with my Grandkids playing and they had a ball. It was the first time in a year and it was lovely. I had to go inside for a bit though as my eyes were getting a bit watery because of the 'pollen'. Hearing them playing and laughing is one of my greatest pleasures. I'd missed it, I just didn't realise how much. What a day.