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    BT Sport in full 'it can only happen in the Premier League' mode. Joe Cole: "This says to Thomas Tuchel this isn't the Bundesliga or Ligue 1." Cringe.
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    59 mins dead for 10k today. Only 2nd time run 10k - last time was 1.02 so really made up!
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    Crack open the bisto lads.... big Sam’s back
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    I can hook you up with a moody Chinese one if you want, Bobby? You’ll be on the Huawei network though, and not the official Gates platform, through I’m sure some enterprising scamps will find a patch at some point.
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    Hiding those mangled trotters there, sneaky catfish.
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    Aye, our 13 year old was alright in the first lockdown but she’s spent a lot of time either side of Christmas locked away in her bedroom, culminating recently in lots of huffing and puffing when we’ve had the temerity to ask her to do something and a general reluctance to spend time with anyone else in the family. Being a nasty bitch at times too. At first I was happy enough to put it down to lockdown stress and teenage girl hormones but a couple of weeks ago I’d had enough and saw my arse about it. After a fucking almighty telling off we sat her down, told her we appreciated that Covid has made things crap but reminded her of everything she has, everything she gets, how privileged she is compared to some others and how we don’t have to allow her to have any of those things. Seems to have done the trick. For now anyway. She’s back downstairs playing Switch with us, coming on walks to the park and not speaking to the rest of us like we’re cunts. Like a breath of fresh air.
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    Save the best til last. Anyway, 9 Mile - Eminem goes the extra mile
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    I really wish we had given this lad a go much earlier instead of crippling our midfield
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    A very, very unexpected bonus.
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    Sian Massey is the best lino in the premier league I don't think I've seen her get a decision wrong. She deserves a shot at the refs job no doubt.
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    Get Farter. Workers try to eliminate a colleague who spends all day farting in their open plan office.
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    Shivi Ramoutar who’s on Saturday Kitchen at the minute
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    She’s a scouser. She’ll be bang into IPTV & Kodi.
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    It’s funny how people think we “allow” these players like Bellingham to go to other clubs as if they have no say in their own future. A few intelligent players or their advisors have realised how beneficial it is at a younger age to go to a weaker league where they can start games and let the hype build. Sancho is an absolute nap to come back to the prem at some point and be absolutely Shite. In an alternate universe Minamino went to Leipzig for his release clause, banged a load of goals in and some genius on TLW is slagging the club for not paying his stupidly low release clause.
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    How the fuck do I get this vaccine. Says I'm not eligible meanwhile all these old bastards are walking around like cock of the earth.
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    A well-known political philosopher wrote a book about the issues with this and Amazon banned it from being sold because he raised some of the issues you're talking about here, citing several studies of people who received puberty blockers. They sell Mein Kampf, but heaven forbid we even question this particular issue! I didn't read it, and I'm not certain I would have agreed with his conclusions, but it's actually rather frightening to me that a private company can essentially use their massive platform to remove someone else's speech. I mean, he's free to sell it elsewhere, but what happens the next time someone approaches a publisher to say they'd like to write a book about this issue? No chance any publisher is going to put something out that won't be carried by Amazon!
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    Liverpool home, away and third kits should be in our traditional colours every season. Kit manufacturers have been messing with our change strips for years now, though, so I’ve long since accepted it. However, fucking with our home colours is a step too far.
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    Smashed PB for 5k today....27.22 2 mins off previous best. Absolutely made up with it.
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    Haven't felt too bad today after my jab last night. Woke up abut 2am sweating a bit but cold, went straight back to sleep though and haven't felt too bad today. Slightly lethargic if anything and a bit achy. I feel like I'm in Wolf of Wall St waiting for them old ludes to kick in.
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    On a lighter note, My daughter came round yesterday with her 3 little ones who are 6, 4, and 2. We all sat in the back with my Grandkids playing and they had a ball. It was the first time in a year and it was lovely. I had to go inside for a bit though as my eyes were getting a bit watery because of the 'pollen'. Hearing them playing and laughing is one of my greatest pleasures. I'd missed it, I just didn't realise how much. What a day.
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