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    Fresh off of a fine Champions League away win against the evergreen Kevin Campbell’s current club, we now return to Anfield where, a generation and less flamboyant haircut ago, he became the last Everton player to score the winning goal for his team. While it’s fair to say that our league form has been dire with three defeats on the bounce, Everton also go into the derby on shaky ground, having lost two in a row after tomorrow's meek surrender to Manchester City.
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    Just had an email from the DHSC to advise me to continue shielding until 31/3 or until further notice. I knew it was coming and I know there's light at the end of the tunnel and I've had my first jab, but it's like I'm under house arrest and my home has become a prison. I'll have been stuck in here for a year by that time as I carried on shielding last time (after much nagging by my family). I know people have had things much, much worse than I have and I feel proper cunt moaning about it, but fuck me I'm fed up.
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    I'd take down her particulars.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9267063/Policewoman-faces-sack-allegedly-attending-lockdown-breaking-family-party-drink-driving.html Policewoman, 24, faces the sack for breaking lockdown rules by allegedly going to a boozy family party - before drink-driving home and crashing into a house
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    The Drowning man is going to singlehandedly save our season.
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    The problem with a window and running the season on again is that all the European places are lost, as are the relegated teams. Once a game is started I have minimal editing powers so can’t reinstate, or transpose new teams on old teams. It would have to be start again if we want a full league and the CL. But, the database is built which is the biggest time dump, so it’s just a matter of moving things around and renaming things where needs be, not too arduous. Genuinely though, I need a couple of weeks away, it’s far more time consuming than you’d think and I’ve currently got too much on the go. I’m up for another crack soon though.
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    Excuse the long Everton-style post, I've been mulling on this for a while and I'm bored at work so thought I'd write it down. I don't think there's an agenda out to get us or anything, I don't know what's going on, but I'm pretty sure we're getting shafted, absolutely shafted, on marginal decisions. You know, the fairly soft "seen them given", "even themselves out over the season" type shouts? I've had a look back through our games at all of the decisions that have both gone for us and against us - I've tried to be as objective as possible, but even doing so I reckon we're about 12 decisions down (we've had 17 go against us and 5 go for us). I'd expect any team to be about even, possibly even a couple up or down, maybe even half a dozen up or down if they're having a good or bad year with it - but to have 12 more calls go against you than for you? It's like flipping a coin 22 times and it lands on heads 17 times, you'd feel pretty pissed off. Here's my working - some might disagree with some and that's fine (I've ignored things like the Salah offside at Brighton for example), and I should stress again that I really don't think all of these should have gone our way. I just think that we should realistically expect a few more of them to have gone for us. Leeds (H) – we get a fairly contentious handball penalty at 0-0. The other penalty was a stonewaller. We’re 1-0 on marginal decisions. Chelsea (A) – the Christensen sending off was a stonewaller. The penalty they got was debatable in my book, but I’ll be magnanimous and say it was reasonably clear. 1-0 on marginal decisions. Arsenal (H) – there’s a slight shout for handball on Jota’s third (it wasn’t decisive). Again I’ll be magnanimous and say we got the benefit of a marginal decision. 2-0 on marginal decisions. Aston Villa (A) – there’s a pretty strong shout for a penalty on Mo at 1-0, not given. 2-1. Everton (A) – right well fuck me, there’s the assault on van Dijk and a complete non-award of a penalty, let’s call that one bad decision, followed by the ludicrous offside shout at the death. 2-3. Sheffield United (H) – a very marginal penalty shout given against us. 2-4. West Ham (H) – we get a pretty soft penalty. 3-4. Manchester City (A) – they get a penalty of the type I haven’t seen given since. 3-5. Brighton (A) – they get a penalty when the VAR tit decides to stick his beak in at the death. 3-6. Fulham (A) – there’s a pretty clear shove on Mo in the buildup to their goal, the definition of marginal. It isn’t given. Don't think our penalty was remotely contentious. 3-7. Tottenham (H) – there’s a pretty marginal offside shout on Son’s goal and they don’t even draw the fucking lines. 3-8. West Brom (H) – their player has his arms all over Fabinho’s face as he climbs, less of a fuss than for their goal against the mancs that got Maguire all upset. 3-9. Newcastle (A) – Darlow grabs Mane’s legs as he’s stood in front of an empty net to stop him reaching a loose ball. 3-10. Southampton (A) – there’s the Stephens handball, the Walker-Peters tackle on Mane and the Walcott assault on Milner. Three marginal calls, all go against us. 3-13. Burnley (H) – I’ll merge these: that a foul on Mane after he’d got a shot off target away wasn’t given as a penalty, but then a foul on Barnes after he’d got a shot off target away was. 3-14. Tottenham (A) – a goal ruled out for them for a tight offside, and a goal ruled out for us on a ridiculous handball mockery. 4-15. Manchester City (H) – I’ll be charitable and say it wasn’t really contentious to not send off Dias, and the contact for the penalty was a bit soft, so call it 5-15. Leicester (A) – offside lines drawn with crayons to overrule the on-pitch decision for the equaliser, and a clear foul on Mane in the buildup to their second. 5-17.
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    Belated birthday wishes to both yourself and @Lee909, Shep. Missed this yesterday. Soz.
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    I'd take a bad tempered draw, with a few really bad challenges.
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    Said it in the match thread, the ref last night was very good. None of the shite you get from atkinson, mason, taylor and co. Seemed to use his commonsense and appeared to have no preconceived ideas unlike the afore mentioned cunts. Even VAR operated in the way we all expected it should.No long drawn out shit with dodgey lines drawn on screen. If only we could see this standard of officiating in the PL!
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    My name's Rachel Riley and I'm here to say
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    I thought he was ... not great? Seen some stuff online about how he was our best player but IMO he was far from it. If it were a pre-season game and you saw him put that performance out there you'd be thinking "well, he's young, he looks like he understands the game all right and maybe the on-the-ball stuff will feel more natural when he's not overawed." But to be honest, it was more or less fine, and that's kind of what we need from him right now. No one is looking for him to be van Dijk, just to be significantly better than Rhys and Phillips. Which he was, so job done, I suppose.
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    I'm a victim of the poor form we've been in this year.
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    Not at all, some of my favourite vinyls are black.
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    When being part of a Govt who’s incompetence has led to thousands of avoidable deaths isn’t the worst thing you’ve done
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    I've decided we are going to win it. The older I get, the more I see and people I meet I find that frame of mind, how people see themselves and where they want to be is huge in where they end up and how they are viewed. Some are self confident have an unwavering belief in themselves and their vision, others find it in an object or faith in a higher power. On the other hand negativity breeds more negativity its like you become what you think. Klopp got us believing, like Gerrards goal against Olympiacos we collectively felt success was inevitable. We rode that belief right up to our first loss against Watford and then we wavered the feeling of immortality gone. All roads have bumps in them its how you react to those bumps because regardless the driving doesn't stop. Time to bring back the belief! the inevitability of success and enjoy the bumps as part of the ride. I watched that video of the united fan foaming at the mouth about Liverpool and thought that is everything I dont want football to become for me. Take a step back, its a sport. Highs without lows is just a plateau you'll eventually be numb to it, like klopp said this is a challenge there is an interest in seeing how it's taken on but it won't be overcome by believing it can't be. Success is inevitable.
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