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    It strikes me how binary arguments are these days, something I think we are importing from the US. On the face of it, the EU haven't handled this very well - at least that's how its being presented, and its clearly being used by sections of the media as vindication for Brexit. But its like justifying burning your own house down because you liked staying in a tent last year on holiday. Certain aspects of the EU do need reforming, and occasionally, the UK government do get things right. It hasn't changed my opinion on Brexit being a massive clusterfuck and something that was driven to benefit a very narrow section of the population.
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    As always, be prepared for this to happen when the time for any reflection comes around.
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    Phillips throws his head in like it’s somebody else’s.
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    My best mate’s father-in-law passed away from Covid last night, devastated for his wife and kids. He’d been in hospital with it for just over three weeks and seemed to be getting better, but his oxygen levels dropped a few days ago and he was taken back into ICU. He was put in an induced coma yesterday as he had pneumonia, and his wife got a call last night telling her and her daughter to come to the hospital as he had a blood clot on his lung that was causing problems with his heart and he wasn’t expected to see out the night. He was only 70 and they discovered he had COPD when he was first admitted to hospital, but he was hardly on deaths door. I’m gutted myself as I knew the fella really well as he used to come with me and my mate to watch Runcorn play (my mate is a massive blue so the non-league is the only way we can watch footy together).
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    AOC is one of those players who is keenly missed until he becomes available.
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    As some of you may have read elsewhere, my aunt has Alzheimer’s and is likely to have to remain in a care home. So we’re clearing her house of personal belongings and came across some stuff. First up is the cost of being buried in a public grave in Anfield cemetery in 1952. My aunt Maureen who died when she was 6 months old. My Nan and grandad couldn’t afford a private plot. 17 shillings and sixpence. And the funeral director’s costs. 5 pounds 3 shillings and sixpence. I’d be interested to know why they put a postal stamp on the receipt if anyone knows. Next up is my nan’s cousin, the unfortunate Thomas Dobbs who was medically discharged from the army during WWI having suffered a broken leg, only to fall down St George’s steps in 1917 and fracture his skull, causing his death. Poor bastard. Taken 1915. And the wife and kids he left behind. Elizabeth Anne Dobbs, with daughters Elizabeth (left) and Rosie. Taken 1914.
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    I miss the days of nutters tracking Ian Ayre like he was Jason Bourne. Flight paths into Ukraine, number plates on Mercedes vans, a blurry photograph of someone at Melwood; all followed by the crushing disappointment of nothing happening.
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    It's like people who say "I like to speak my mind." Translation: "I'm a cunt."
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    Without their first choice defence, midfield and attack, Liverpool has lost their punch..
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    To prove he’s a special manager one of the greatest yes he does need to. He’s done well since Barcelona picking clubs who can buy pretty much anyone domestically and abroad. There’s no way this fella takes Bayern on and beats them like Klopp or Barcelona / Real like Rafa. Also do you think he’d have achieved anywhere near as much if he’d have gone to the Mancs, Arsenal or us instead? Na not for me and that’s all there is to it, since Barcelona he’s become a check book manager therefore any record he breaks or trophy he wins due to that clubs bending of the rules can get to fuck.
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    Hopefully it will be like the Dudek and Kirkland window and we'll accidently sign two centre backs!
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    He hates FSG so much he even named his kids Sell Up and Fuck Off.
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    One thing you can't say about Phillips is that he lacks commitment. He'd attempt an aerial duel with a low flying plane.
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    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 8 of the players in that side line up today against West Ham (A Becker, T Alexander-Arnold, A Robertson, J Henderson (c), J Milner, X Shaqiri, D Origi, Wijnaldum) Give them a chance guys!! COME IN YOU REDMEN!!
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    I just don't know how we can be in a situation where Origi is an alternative to Mane, and our centre back pairing is Hendo and Philipps? And how the fuck has Mane got injured too? Such a fucked up season.
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    To be fair, I've been after a plasterer for months, so I'm all in. In all seriousness though if anyone doesn't think for a minute the school thing is about education and not child minding, they're kidding themselves. It's all about child minding, although it seems to some extent that's happening anyway.
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    I think we need to give Bruce a break now from game screens , maybe he can post an update of everybody's stats every six or eight games or so , not as if we can affect it anyway.
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    I'm not an FSG out person I just think they do the absolute minimum and sometimes we need more. Klopp is their masterstroke and they deserve credit for it. Its easy to get frustrated its took 30 years to get back to the top so much hard work the last few years under klopp and it feels like we're prepared to let it slip away with problems that could be solved easily with a bit of intent from owners who have or will benefit hugely from onfield success.
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    If this thread doesnt get Pistonbroke back, nothing will.