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    Just take it slowly. Reduce by one pint per session until you get down to eight. You’ll get there. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.
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    I think in Scotland they are really trying to target the care homes due to the stick Nicola got first time round for that, I hope your dad gets it soon. My folks haven't heard yet while my aunt in the North West had it today. I'm sorry to hear people have relatives and friends in hospital I hope they get better. We managed to vaccinate 700+ yesterday including a decent chunk of the high risk renal patients. We had load of community care workers too the relief was palpable on some peoples faces. Ended up working 19 hours yesterday with that and the national data updates for the patient group I'm involved with. To be fair yesterday while busy was infinitely better than the day beforehand when we scrapping the barrel running around the hospital trying to get the scared and the refuseniks from the staff to have theirs. It's mad how group think works, I was on one step down ward where two of the nursing staff are ardent antivaxxers* and it's just spread to the rest of them, I and a SpR went to each of them individually managed to get one domestic cleaner, one nurse and one caterer to come. There was a HCA (healthcare assistant) who I spoke to who said she didn't want it as she wanted to see how the other staff felt afterwards, we were standing all of 2 meters away from a woman of her age who had just been moved from ICU and was on oxygen support, baffling... the forces personnel who were there at the time couldn't get their head around it I think the general disinformation in the population is having a deleterious impact on the staff given comments I've heard (even regarding family members). I challenged a couple of lads on the bus this morning about it when they were gassing loudly about not getting the lockdowns (of course with their masks around their chins). One of them said "they show us bodies all the time on the news of war zones why don't they show us what's happening". *The stuff they were quoting at me was the usual shite in the population, but the thing they kept returning to was they didn't 'believe' in the vaccines, I'm not really sure where you can go at that point other than to leave the door open i.e. that they can speak to the lead pharmacist/ ID/ microbiology consultants.
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    If Williams and Phillips were considered stop gaps he wouldn't be playing two central midfielders at centre back.
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    Not just that, it was all the drama it caused. His son showing up at Melwood with a cricket bat wanting to batter him, his Mrs turning up on the bounce at the Formby house owned by the club where he was taking his side piece and the bizzies being called out. All stuff like that, just not what you expect from an LFC manager.
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    Speaking of Dusty, my missus took this amazing picture of her this morning...
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    Why do ghosts only play Ouija? It'd be as funny as fuck if you started a game of monopoly and the tokens started whizzing around the board and the cash was swirling around the room like in the Crystal Maze.
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    All good points Ronnie. But I fear you're discounting the shitfest unfolding before our eyes as regards officiating of games. Even if we were in last season's form this season, we wouldnt be running away with this league and Im not sure we'd hunt down any team either. The officials aided and abetted by VAR, Mike fucking Riley's PGMOL, the PL and to a lesser extent FIFA \ IFAB, have completely fucked up the game I love. How can anyone in their right mind say that first goal against Villa is legit? Not suggesting for one minute you are by the way! The game is supposed to be equitable for both sides, it should be 'fair.' Some will say life's not fair or fair is a word kids use. No, it's not. The rules of the game demand fairness for both sides. It's a basic tennant of the game and why teams are 11 a side, change ends at half time and why the ref is supposed to have no affiliation with either team etc. That goal tonight is just criminal. An offside player has gained an unfair advantage by being yards offside allowed to run nearly 10 yards to the defender with the ball, blind side him, nick the ball off his toes and play a pass to a teammate leading to a goal. Anyone in PGMOL, the PL or tv pundit saying that's legit is just talking shite. The defender playing an 'offside' player onside was never intended for that scenario, even more so now lino's are told to keep their flag down. Offside was introduced to prevent that very situation of an attacker standing between the goal and last defender. With their absurd decision tonight, the officials have just overturned 100+ years of football history, And that's why I think we'd struggle to retain the title even if we were as good as last season. Brighton last minute pen against us for that joke contact? Oliver saying Pickford should have been sent offbut they 'forgot' in the fog of the offside? One of Sadio pubes sticking out of his shorts and making him offside so Hendo's last minute winner is ruled out? We'd be lucky to be 4 or 5 points clear based on last season's performances with this officiating. Sorry, Ronnie, Im not unloading on you. Ive seen lads on here saying they are almost finished with the game. Probably like you, Ive been a seassie ticket holder for more years than I care to remember but even Im thinking when the club send out seassie renewals, should I bother because it's not 11 v 11 players any more, it's which dickhead is ref or on VAR and what fucking insane interpretation of the laws of the game are they going to use to decide the result on the day. This madness has to stop else only the cheats and nobs will bother with football any more. As I said, not unloading on you but the game I love is being killed by the lunatics in charge.
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    I remember when Rodgers left. Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Leicester, there’s this cafe, on the banks of the Soar. Every fine evening, I’d sit there and order a half a Fosters. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I’d see him there, back with his wife and kids. He wouldn’t say anything to me, nor me to him. But we’d both know that he’d made it, that he was happy. I never wanted him to come back to Liverpool. I always knew there was nothing here for him, except pain and tragedy. And I wanted something more for him than that. I still do.
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    Not sure if I’ve told this one here before (I probably have), but a few years back when I was involved in a charity in El Salvador we brought some Salvadoran lads over to Anfield. It was a surprise for them, they only knew they were coming to the city, but we brought them to the ground on matchday. Long and short of it, the one who was the biggest fan went with my pal into the ground to see the game, and was blown away. The other lad came with me to the pub to watch it on the telly, and spent the whole time with his jaw on the floor, chatting to all & sundry, etc. At full time we hung around outside the stadium, as the guys just wanted to soak it up for as long as they could. And sure enough, an hour or so after the match ended, Brendan came out. He headed straight to his car, but we approached him and asked if he’d have a quick chat with the Salvadorans. And he was an absolute gent, chatted away in Spanish for a good five or ten minutes. They were delighted. For that, he gets away with a large amount of knobbery. He could have easily just smiled, shaken their hands, and done one, but he really made an effort and it meant the world to them. As a man he’s alright by me.
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    They couldn't be arsed after the Champions League final. We were at the top of the tree in Europe and had the best manager with an exciting team which most players would have loved to be part of. Could have bought a creative midfielder or forward to put pressure on/relieve the front 3 but all we did was give Origi a new contract to protect his value because his contract was running out. Then two teenagers who cost about £5m combined. The cunts then tell the manager there's bills to pay after getting £260m in TV revenue and more matchday revenue than ever. Glad to see we've sat back and let everyone catch up to us. These pennypinching twats infuriate me.
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    I've got no idea whether it's an anti-Liverpool conspiracy, a pro-Manc conspiracy or whatever but I really don't think there's any remorse from the Premier League for the state of decision making in games at the moment. There've been 9 different teams top of the league this season and there's 8 points separating the top 7 at the end of January. The Story Of The Season is going to be how competitive and amazing the PL is (Anyone Can Beat Anyone), and the fact there've been some dodgy decisions just adds to the OOH CONTROVERSY ALERT narrative. In years to come Tyler will be talking about "the famously open 2020-21 season" on comms ad fucking nauseam. The PL probably piss themselves when someone benefits from a dodgy decision and Twitter just descends into loads of stills being shared and smug mancs going "cry more". Hype, hype and more hype, they couldn't give a shit about anything else. I think someone has said on here before (apologies, I can't remember who): the PL aren't arsed about what's right - the established fanbase will probably all continue to tune in anyway: we grumble about it but we're addicts and will keep coming back. Making it controversial and (as a result artificially) competitive might bring in a new breed of fan though - hooked on the drama and the confrontation of it all, and guarantees a level of hype which keeps it front and centre. We're a few notches away from WWE and it's fucking shit.
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    Sorry peeps, shit did not hit the fan in terms of work, but it did in terms of lockdown and the combination of working from home and homeschooling... In the meantime, I'll get this year's comp started in the next day or 2!
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    Cunting fucking Judas cunt has just shit in my wardrobe.
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    Anyone thinking their decisions aren’t dodgy is living in a dreamland.
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    Absolute must win. Most likely scenario is we don't score. Most likely to make me rocket punch the earth off its axis is us scoring early and then sitting on it with fans saying unless we change something we're going to concede here followed by "Fuck off", "it was coming"... "here comes Origi". Fuck me im fuming.
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    There is no dignity or respect given with this bastard disease. The death and the amount of death is terrible, but the lack of respect in the passing - alone, family distanced, or not allowed to be near those who have passed, little or no support in grieving, nothing more than an elbow touch or kind words from 2 meters. The tragedy behind the death is as sickening and as heartbreaking, as the deaths themselves.
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    I've never eaten a deep fried pizza (or Mars bar) in my life. I survive purely on heroin.
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    That should take the pressure off me being considered the wealthy land owner of the forum.