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    I’ve got my own room downstairs, I put all my work stuff in the extension bit we’ve got built in the kitchen though. Don’t want my room contaminated by working in there all day. I don’t spend anywhere near as much time in here as I thought I would when I was putting it together to be honest.
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    Not so long ago there wasn't a forward in the world I'd have taken over Bobby. I remember writing that although Kane is a better number nine than Bobby, he wouldn't be a better number nine for us. No-one would be. At that time Bobby was perfect for what we did. Now, I hate to say it but there's loads I'd take over Bobby, and the irony is that Kane has now developed his game to a point where if I was creating the perfect number nine for this team it would actually be him (minus the hair, the chin and the drool). Kane would score forty a season in this team and he'd probably create twenty for Salah and Mané. He's now the perfect all around centre forward. He can drop off and play through balls, he's clever on the counter attack, he can score from outside the box and he's a poacher as well. He'd also solve the problem of us never getting penalties and free-kicks. Honestly, he's wasted at Spurs because he's genuinely world class and could play in any team on the planet. And I hate saying that because he's such a cunt.
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    Before I even start on the food the 1950’s wants their fucking plate back.
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    Stuff in general. I really like having one room in the house that she isn't allowed to fill with absolute fucking rubbish. "Oh, your office is really big actually isn't it?" Not overly. It just has a desk, sofa, telly, and bookcase, and nothing else. If I started filling it with shoes, candles, bags, etc, it would look like every other room in the house. A carboot sale in a phone box.
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    I'm pretty certain the plan was always for Fabinho to be 4th choice centre back. With Thiago coming in we anticipated that he wouldn't get as many games in midfield, so would drop in to the back four at times alongside VVD. We saw this as early as the Chelsea game, which was the 2nd/3rd game of the season. We started the season with 8 players that can play in the midfield three, 9 if you include Shaqiri. This is the most squad depth we have had in a long time. Our backup eleven thinking at the start of the season was Adrian, Milner Fabinho, Matip, Tsimkas, Keita, Jones, Ox,Jota, Origi, Shaqiri knowing full well that a number of those players would get games in other positions. This is where we are at. City currently have Laporte and Ake sitting in reserve, we can't afford the luxury of spending 100 million on a 3rd and 4th choice centre half. We gambled on VVD not getting injured and it didn't pay off. You are right about Matip and Gomez being injury prone, but could we have moved them on in the summer and replaced them? I think most people would have been strongly against Gomez being sold and Matip is a very good player for the 12 games a season he is available. In the long run, I do think we have reached the end of how far we can go with FSG. We need to move away from needing to sell before we can buy every season and living off a net spend of around 30 million. FSG must realise this too? They can't compete with City, United and Chelsea year in year out.
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    Ah, a significant day in American politics so of course Red Phoenix rises from the ashes to spout some absolute horeshit.
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    After that last derby, Ancelotti is my most hated out the lot of them. Dirty Everton cunt that he is.
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    We started the season with three centre backs, which violates the first rule of squad-building, that you should have two players for every position. That our only non-injury prone centre back is out for the season is unfortunate, but could have been mitigated against if we had three fit and healthy alternates rather than two who are made of crisps. I personally don't care whether it was Klopp or FSG or both who decided 1.2 centre backs was enough for a 60 game season. It was a shocking decision which is the major reason why we're struggling to cling on to a top four place rather than pissing the league like we did last year.
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    So my sister has just rung me about my ma, turns out that getting onto the ICU is now a lottery and one where she hasn't got the ticket due to a bad heart. Haven't told my dad this yet and dreading doing so, the next 2 days are crucial for her so I thank you all for the well wishes much appreciated.
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    Don't think they are even that good , perfornances on the briefings has been toe-curling at times, but they have a compliant media and a large proportion of thick or disinterested drones in the populace.
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    When me and the missus piss each other off we go down the classic Steptoe and Son route....Does wonders for the marriage Although when watching TV I make sure the knobs are on my side
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    Yeah there's nowt wrong with that, I just find the phrase a bit patronising, 'oh he's upstairs playing with his toys - the dickhead'. No, men need their own space because women take over the whole house with their smelly shit and crap telly.
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    Patel is doing the rounds, other than Johnson himself I've never seen anyone so utterly out of their depth, reminds me of when the Beeb put that cabbie on the telly by accident.
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    Jesus fucking Christ. All of the grief you've given people over breakfasts in here and you have the cojones to post that. Vegan black pudding? Fuck off. Sardines? Where to fucking start? They look like you ate them last night and regurgitated them in to a pan like a penguin feeding it's young. This is an absolute disgrace, you fucking rocking chair. Repped.
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    You'll win nothing with kids.
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    The capitalization is putting me off admiring the hottie. Is Sam Caught the fish's name? Is Sam Anymore the name of the hottie? 2/10 see me.
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    Just leave Keita out of the squad. He's rarely in it anyway. Problem solved.
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    I liked Ancelotti but he lost his L.A. privileges after the derby. I don't hate Rodgers. I don't particularly like him either though. I find him a bit nauseating and his off the field conduct when he was here wasn't befitting of an LFC manager. Of the top six though he's comfortably the one have the most time for. Other than Klopp of course, before some smart arse tries to pull me up on that!
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    Used to have a room exclusively for drums, had two kits in there. Drums for days. Now the nursery.
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    Not sure people are too arsed about this one but I'll plod on incase. Through the play offs: Jurassic Park Karate Kid Die Hard Beverly Hills Cop The Dollars Trilogy Jaws Muppets So the final 32 is: Rocky Terminator James Bond Jurassic Park Bourne Films Indiana Jones Toy Story The Matrix Marvel Back to the Future The Godfather Dirty Harry Lethal Weapon Halloween Batman Lord of the Rings Star Wars Star Trek Carry On Hammer Horror Monty Python The Dollars Trilogy Sherlock Holmes (Rathbone) Mad Max Jaws Karate Kid Muppets Miss Marple Alien Wallace & Gromit Beverly Hills Cop Die Hard
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    Ancelotti is a massive cunt after all the shit he pulled after the derby. Going on about Virgil's tackle on the Colombian for weeks afterwards.
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    Tony should know that. His Ma's an expert in organology.
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