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    They've only ever wanted to create herd immunity. This is just another step on the way. If you look at every single initial major decision of this government and then do the opposite, we'd have got through this much better. We'll be sound, we'll have herd immunity in no time. Fucking about pretending to lockdown at the start "stay at home, but the pubs are open". Don't worry chaps, we'll write an app, but Google and Apple can fuck off, we've got mates to feed. PPE, don't worry, well get our mates to get it, much better than specialists - we won't buy any useless stuff. Don't wear a mask, they're useless. We'll build some nightingales, but we can't hire the staff, but it'll be alright. Lockdown is over, can we pay you to go back to the pub and spread the disease? While you're at it, would you mind going on holiday and bring that new Spanish strain back? Oh and now the disease is starting to pick up, let's get the kids right back into school with absolutely no test and trace in place, because well kids can't spread germs can they? And 5 year olds are fucking great at following instruction and remembering all they're told. Oh and follow that up with letting the unis open up too - fuck that distance learning, we need money in from the students for the shit houses we and our donors rent to them. And students are clever right, they won't go out and party and fuck each other to death? Oh, the virus is rife in the north, but we don't need a lockdown because it's just those dirty northerners. Despite the science saying the regional tier controls won't control the virus, let's keep it anyway as it means us in the south can keep going as normal. Here's lockdown2 now it's spread to the south. Lockdown 2 is over, keep those dirty northerners locked up while we party in London despite figures being higher than parts of the north. Oh and then when the disease is rife in schools, let's take the councils to court for trying to close schools. We only need 3 tiers, but her comes a 4th. But the main thing is you can all have 5 days Christmas and the opposition are cunts for suggesting otherwise. I don't see why the vaccine decision should be deemed any different to every other major call they've made during the last 11 months. They look at the outcome that gives the best chance of the economy opening up more quickly and choose it. Even if that's 1% chance of being right and 99% chance of it all going to shit. They're just gamblers on a roulette wheel shooting for "00" with people's lives, livelihoods and the entire economic future of the nation.
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    Right then... Homemade effort today. Not in shot is either my perfectly coloured cup of tea or my excellently cooked toast. Also out of shot is your ma’s cum face. Do your worst. Oh, and Happy New Year x
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    It was announced last night by his wife that he died on 31st October. Fucking gutted. He was genuinely in the conversation for the greatest MCs of all time and, as my avatar has attested on here for decades now, one of my absolute favourite artists. I reckon he deserves his own thread. Oh and to all those helpful people who like to say how shit they think hip hop is whenever there’s an opportunity, that’s sound thanks. I already know. Madvillain - Curls
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    What an absolute twat this fella is.
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    First the positives... I like the confidence of not having the plate perfectly positioned on the table mat. You’re obviously a guy who like to challenge societal norms. You’ll probably end up being tortured by the Secret Service at some point but, until then, you have my respect. The bacon looks decent but is clearly trying to dissociate itself from some of the other ingredients. Areas of concern... The three stray mushrooms remind me of those Budweiser frogs on their lily pad. Although I quite liked those little fellas, they’re a bit past their best, as are the mushrooms. That hash brown looks like it could have done with a bit more umph. The eggs a little less umph. A personal preference but tomatoes would be nowhere near my cooked breakfast. Especially a solo adventurer like the one adorning your plate. You either have them or you don’t, no halfway housing in this mans breakfast army. And finally... Free the beans. Their days of living in the breakfast equivalent of a Nazi created Ghetto are over. Thanks for sharing.
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    A few times a year - in a normal year - I host a pub quiz for our union branch. It's usually about 30 people who don't always see that much of each other, getting drunker and sillier and enjoying each other's company. And I genuinely love it. God, I can't wait for the next one.
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    I'm a couple of hours away from the end of isolating. Been a pretty grim ten days, though I realise it could have been a lot worse. The most stressful times were in the middle of the night, when you can't help but think of the worst. I think i read that at Day 7 if you haven't improved then you'll easily go downhill. Felt pretty good today, although got a bit breathless getting a shower this morning (first time I've felt breathless), and the tight chest comes and goes (it's here now). Will feel weird stepping outside the house tomorrow, but looking forward to going for a walk around the block. The figures are scary - it's almost as if the virus is accelerating its efforts the closer we get to the vaccine.
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    I got my test result email earlier today saying the swab I sent was no good and they couldn't get a result off it. It told me to put in another test in what I presume was a generic email, so I've been trying to get a home test kit all day. The site says that there's none left and to try in a few hours but it's the same result every time I've tried. My symptoms started on Christmas Eve, but we're never really that bad and I feel fine now and apparently your test has to go in within 8 days of your symptoms starting. It's 8 days today. Whatever it was, I really don't think it was Covid, I only put the test in because I'd only come out of hospital on the 19th and you know what they say about hospitals, you go in with one thing and come out with another and because I'm classed as extremely clinically vulnerable, I thought it was best to err on the side of caution. I just think it's a bit daft that if they knew the test was no good, why didn't they automatically send out another instead of letting you try to sort things out yourself? Maybe that makes too much sense. Anyway, like I said, I feel fine, no symptoms, so hopefully I'll stay that way.
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    To capture the serial killer targeting old ladies in the South East of England and finally remove the finger of suspicion from hard working local building contractors.
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    No sausages or black pudding. Frozen hash browns. Tomatoes that look like Giant Haystacks sat on them. I’d rather eat dry Shredded Wheat.
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    I didn't want to start a conversation. I wanted you to move out of my way, oik.
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    Nothing, the only difference between 2020 and 2019 was that other people ended up living the same lifestyle as I do, except loads of them bitched and moaned about not being able to go out anywhere because of Covid when that's been my situation for several years due to my life being a steaming pile of shite. You'd like to think all of this will have made people realise how grim life is for a number of people year in, year out when there are no pandemics. But it won't, people will resume being massive cunts because in a normal year their lives are totally unaffected.
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    Probably my favourite MC of all time and deffo in the conversation about who’s the greatest. That flow was ridiculous. He was an underrated producer too. There wasn’t anything clever about his beats but he always had an ear for the best samples.
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    Fuck 2020!! Wow he passed away in October RIP MF DOOM. A unique artist with a legendary flow.
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    Was just watching her mate. Fuck me what a woman, she's perfect, and like you say a class act. It was Robbie Williams that called her moonface years ago, the massive cunt.
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    Amen to that. Fuck new year too. The kids are self isolating in their rooms and we can't have karaoke. Thinking about all of the poor bastards who've got it really shitty tonight. Big luvs. Stouffer. X
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    Salah is one of our best ever players and history will treat him as such, wonderful player.
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    Been waiting to get my life back properly since 2012, so that, whenever and however it comes. Whether it will be this year or not, as soon as COVID allows I intend to: Most likely be able to get a part-time job and/or consider finishing my degree as a full-time student, maybe even back at a brick Uni. Visit mates and family. Get the fuck out of Dorset for a while and see more of the UK. Travel abroad. Brother, Mum and I agreed during lockdown 1 we’d go to Lisbon together when we’re able to as none of us have been before. Get pissed in a bar with mates rather than at home on my own. Meet the new nurse in my hospital team in the flesh who sent me a video of herself singing ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer, topless in the bath after we matched on Tinder, before I made the link and told her. I’ve had the below exchange primed and ready to uncork since April. “Is it okay if I examine your chest please Ben?” ”Only fair, I’ve examined yours”.
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    The Night Manager - 10/10. I’m years late to this but it’s fucking brilliant. A genuinely tense spy/crime thriller and the best Le Carré adaptation I’ve seen. The casting is fantastic. I hated Tom Hiddlestone when this was first on which is probably why I swerved it. How wrong I was though; he’s superb. However, Olivia Coleman, Tom Hollander and Hugh Laurie are all brilliant too. I assume it was co-financed by a US production company as the production values are sky high with incredible locations. In fact that gaff in Mallorca is my idea of heaven on earth. If anyone else is as daft as I was and missed it first time around, get on it. It’s available on iPlayer.