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    We all know the last year has been difficult. Some challenging times for all of us and downright horrific experiences for a few members of this little community. It’s not been all bad though, for me the first lockdown in particular provided a chance to spend quality time with the family, something I’ve not always been the best at. The lovely weather meant my daily walks with the wife, exploring our local area, were a foundation for one of the happier periods of our nearly two decades relationship. Family games of cards after home cooked meals became really important to me, especially if I won. I also took some small steps towards redeeming myself on here after previous misdemeanours. Still some way to go, I take nothing for granted, but this place has become ever more important to me, which increases the sense of shame towards my previous incarnation around these parts. Oh yes, a mention for No.19 in the unmentionable. Glad I could share it with all of you. This intro ended up being a bit longer than I intended but what are your positive memories or reflections on what has been the most unusual of years? Happy New Year.
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    My brother has spent the last few years avoiding family contact. This has meant me dealing with my mum crying at every birthday, mother's day and Christmas. This year he finally caved and chatted on the phone with her, and the relief was immense.
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    The first 2 months of lockdown over here coincided with some beautiful dry warm weather. We live out in the country with lots of little roads and laneways so were able to go out walking every day with the dog as i was working from home and the Mrs job closed down due to Covid. Really got to appreciate the landscape and nature. Looking back it was a lovely peaceful time spent together that we wouldn't normally have got.
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    Right, I have no idea how this got it's name and maybe people know it as something else but here goes. Where i used to live there was a town estate of houses best described as terraced but with front gardens. These house had a downstairs toilet adjacent to the front door and had a little window just over head height. At about chest height there was a cistern overflow pipe sticking out of the exterior wall. As kids we would hang around and look for lights coming on in the toilet, someone using it obviously, so we would go up and scream/shout into the overflow pipe which would amplify and echo like fuck in the toilet scaring the shit (possibly literally) out of whoever was in there. Hilarious at the time.
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    When god created heaven and earth, she started with rainbows.
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    I saw a couple of fellas in the pub wearing rainbow headbands. I thought they looked ridiculous and told them as much but after I got talking to them it turned out they were really nice lads. Now I go over to their house and they give me loads of beer and ketamine and let me stay over if I nod off.
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    We had a fuck load of chances to win it. We gave that performance 20 times last season but took our chances. As for injuries being an excuse, well, yeah it is but it’s also fairly valid. I’d be surprised if any other team in the league could lose so many players and still be top. Alisson Trent Van Dijk Matip Gomez Fabinho (from midfield) Thiago Keita Salah Mane Jota If missing those players for significant number of games isn’t a valid excuse for dropping points, I’m not sure if there is any valid excuse. That’s a league winning side in its own right. I’m not saying ‘fuck it, let’s say it’s okay just because we’ve had injuries’, but I’m saying that the reaction to some lacklustre draws should be tempered by the fact that we have had a genuine injury crisis and we are still top of the table
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    I thought it was pretty lacklustre and didn't really hit the highs of the 'Wipes'. It was an odd mix of American and British topics and I think in going so high budget with so many stars it just lost the impact of Brooker sat in his lounge swearing at the TV.
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    We’re top of the league without playing well, a fuckload of injuries, and var fucking us over at every opportunity. I’m not unhappy.
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    Been waiting to get my life back properly since 2012, so that, whenever and however it comes. Whether it will be this year or not, as soon as COVID allows I intend to: Most likely be able to get a part-time job and/or consider finishing my degree as a full-time student, maybe even back at a brick Uni. Visit mates and family. Get the fuck out of Dorset for a while and see more of the UK. Travel abroad. Brother, Mum and I agreed during lockdown 1 we’d go to Lisbon together when we’re able to as none of us have been before. Get pissed in a bar with mates rather than at home on my own. Meet the new nurse in my hospital team in the flesh who sent me a video of herself singing ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer, topless in the bath after we matched on Tinder, before I made the link and told her. I’ve had the below exchange primed and ready to uncork since April. “Is it okay if I examine your chest please Ben?” ”Only fair, I’ve examined yours”.
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    Alcohol consumption is practically zero and I’m thinking of keeping it that way
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    So this is what it feels like when doves cry
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    I’m not at the knicker wetting stage yet for a number of reasons. Frustrating as it is dropping points against shite like Fulham, Newcastle, Brighton, West Brom and Everton. We’ve been incredibly spoilt the last two seasons accumulating nearly 200 points. That is a freakish amount and unsustainable in the long term. Even our best teams over the years weren’t operating at that level. We have been very unlucky this season with injuries. Even if the Mancs win their game in hand we are still top I believe. We are still in the Champions league unlike them. We have recent experience of being in a close title race. Unlike them. We have a world class manager. Unlike them. Thiago even in that brief cameo looks sublime. It’s not as bad as is being made out on here tonight. We do need to sign a centre back though. If we don’t then yeah I’m all in on the hysterical fanny bus. Not quite there yet though.
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    There have been a lot of questionable choices made over these last 2 games, and they've not worked out for the better. There's an ordinariness about the performances that can't just be put down to the absence of the leader at the back or the chopping and changing in defence. Complacency might be a factor. Tiredness might be a factor. Loss of form might be a factor. My suspicion is that Klopp and his coaching staff are reigning in the intensity to try and aid the overall durability of the squad. It's a long-term outlook that is hindering us in the short term because, as Pep Lijnders put it, "intensity is our identity." I keep reading on the FF about how we are by far the best team and the rest are ordinary/lucky etc. We've been just as ordinary as the others in a lot of games this season, so we can't assume that we'll just click up another couple of gears and start to streak away once more. By all means be cautious about how close things are, but don't go full-on meltdown and start describing us as a pub team either.
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    Most of the best films I’ve seen this year were released over fifty years ago.
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    Me and a couple of mates were walking back from a night out years ago and these two lads shot right past us on bikes, lad I was with mouthed off at them so one stopped, got off his bike and lashed a bottle at us which whizzed past my head. I instinctively ran after him and he scrambled to get back on his bike but couldn't so dropped it and ran off, his mate did the same. I chased and cornered them by a closed shopping arcade and one pulled out a hammer. I told him I'd shove it up his arse but then realised they were about 15 or 16 and I felt guilty and a bit stupid. I told him to drop the hammer and told them to both "come here" then gave them a group hug. I told them they had to be careful as I 'could have been anyone' then I told them to get their bikes and go home. They picked them up and walked off slowly and silently into the night. I'm not a violent person in the slightest but I tend to go straight to defcon 1 when I feel threatened, Tazmanian devil style, swearing, raging and threatening all sorts of repercussions on anyone in earshot. I think it's an anxiety thing, and at 20 stone and was, at the time, reasonably gym fit, it was probably a sight that would have given young lads that age a brief moment of pause.
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    Not a smarmy face as such but I've just seen this stupid looking prick in the Echo. I would say he needs to be punished by severe means of punishment and then again and again and so on.
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    Yes that was what I was assuming and we have gotten to the point were can add to the squad if we choose and we are 3 points clear. Back in October I'm biting your hand off for that. If we choose not to buy then that's a different thing altogether, I can't see anyway we don't pull the trigger, whoever we where looking at for next summer has to be bought now no matter the additional cost.
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    This makes no sense. I am worried BECAUSE they’re Man Utd; team I grew up ‘hating’. Them winning the title would be 100000x worse than if City or Leicester win it.
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    Mermaid Inn, Isles of Scilly. The last bastion of pub left in the UK.
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    I’ve just cancelled our holiday to the Maldives. I think you’ll agree I’m the real victim of all this.
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    Aah good to see my old warship still alive & kicking