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    Nothing, the only difference between 2020 and 2019 was that other people ended up living the same lifestyle as I do, except loads of them bitched and moaned about not being able to go out anywhere because of Covid when that's been my situation for several years due to my life being a steaming pile of shite. You'd like to think all of this will have made people realise how grim life is for a number of people year in, year out when there are no pandemics. But it won't, people will resume being massive cunts because in a normal year their lives are totally unaffected.
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    Please fuck right off with that Bruno shite, makes you sound like one of those ‘Boris’ cunts.
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    Hearing that we’re in for the Automobile Salah. Carmo. Car-mo. You know, like a vehicle and the first name of one of our footballers.
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    And the results are in, bin lids both positive, Mrs Stouffer and I both negative. I imagine that's certain to change in the next 5 days. Gonna nail their bedroom doors shut.
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    Best Film - Slim pickings this year, probably have to go with The Invisible Man Best TV Programme - ZeroZeroZero Best Album - Haven’t listened to much new stuff this year, er, McCartney III as I’ve got that on now Fittest Bird - Forum favourite Rita Ora Fittest Bloke - Me Best Moment - Number 19 Worst Moment - Losing one of my dogs Best TLW Moment - I’ll echo what others have said about Dr Nowt, CD, Elite etc... we’ve all survived another year and that’s the only thing that matters really
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    I’m looking forward to seeing Steve, a man not built for this world, who has just had his heart ripped out by possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He’s just spent Christmas, alone, in an unfurnished flat, filled with even less cheer. He’s not seen a soul for weeks and lost the cat in the break up, he loved that fucking cat. I want to hug him, hand him a pint then sit back in that weird, knowing silence, and repress our emotions, for hours as we get plastered and damn the world to rights. Before finally giving in and broaching the unmentionable ‘you were too good for her anyway, ‘nother pint?’
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    Getting back to the same old tedious shite lives we had before covid made it even worse.
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    Gary Neville doesn't want the league suspended but was all for it in March and null and void. I can't think why that is.
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    I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed in 2021. It will be the same shit show albeit no Donald fucking Trump around.
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    Having made a lot of sourdough this year, I decided to venture out and make a chocolate focaccia, served warm with Nutella, cream cheese, raspberries and pomegranate seeds. Neither a pudding nor a bread for lunch, its a perfect, indulgent brunch/afternoon tea snack.
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    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it already but that Elton John film is fucking awful. No cunt comes out of that with any credit. An inspector calls with Alistair Sim is another gem on last week from the soooperb talking pictures. Alistair Sims Scrooge is the finest character ever portrayed in a Dickens film.
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    West Brom are going down. It's all well and good packing their own box against the likes of us and City, but when they actually have to come out and win a game they've got nothing. Look at them tonight, getting destroyed by Leeds. Pricks.
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    Cheers man, I really appreciate that. Not me in The Guardian mate, but I’ve read and been told of loads of cases which match if not exceed my experience of them to date, so there’s been plenty of us singing the same song. There are numerous patients of my clinical team who were listed for a double lung transplant and had been needing 2 week courses of inpatient IVs every 6 weeks for time, who received Kaftrio on compassionate grounds well before it became freely available on the NHS this winter. Many I know of now haven’t been in hospital needing any IVs for a year and are enjoying relative health they couldn’t have dreamt of. My old dear saw this in a magazine recently and sent it to me. All very strange to have lived long enough to witness and benefit from, given the picture in the 1970’s and how new this treatment innovation is still. I’m grateful beyond words, while obviously thinking a lot about the many patients who haven’t enjoyed my good fortune and their families, and not wanting to be too crass given the pain so many are suffering due to Covid.
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    Cheers Cath and Dec, that means a lot. Suddenly feeling well and having clear lungs as a baseline is very strange after a lifetime, but truly incredible. I could feel the meds working within literally an hour, haven't coughed once since the day after I got them 7 weeks ago - it made my mum well up when I saw her as she's so used to me doing so constantly - and started Couch To 5k last week, which was seriously painful but previously unthinkable. The whole thing is mental, even more so for coming in the middle of Covid, having been locked down on my own for much of the year. To see how happy it's made family and friends even during a shitty time all round has been life-affirming.
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    And on the thiago situation, as frustrated as we all are, there's no point in rushing him back if he's not had the required number of sessions. If we can't beat Newcastle with the squad we have then we have far bigger problems. He's had no preseason and we don't know how he'll react to our training and match intensities. Get him to ten sessions and in the match day squad for Southampton.
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    Bojo is doing a press conference at 5pm. Assume he’ll be sucking his own cock that the UK is world leading in the vaccinations, that we will defeat the virus like how Penicillin helped us beat the Nazi’s and give it a big “V is for Vaccination”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of this vaccine coming out of one of our world renowned Universities, which will help millions / billions around the world, but it’s got nothing to do with that gob shite. Hopefully he’ll set out a clear and, given his previous blustering and unfulfilled promises, achievable route out of this. I’d also like to hear how the doses etc all work.
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    That's the problem with people like him, trump and Musk, they're surrounded by yes people most of their professional lives to the point that they think they're right about everything, even shit they're not qualified to know about.
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    There isn’t a fanbase around that uses the “haha lol I was fishing got you” line more is there?
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    if im honest, a night away from my kids. That might sound terrible, but we've 2 young children, the eldest recently turned 5 and the youngest will be 2 in February. Since March its been 24/7 with them, no get out at all. Added the youngest doesnt sleep well so myself and the missus are constantly tired, we noth just need a good nights sleep without one of them waking us up, just for bloody once. If thats not possible, then maybe a nice, safe holiday on lake garda perhaps?
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    I liked when you were able to push a button and talk the commentary out.
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    I'm well into my 30s now, haven't a clue how that happened Rog! My good mate Rich! Miss those nights out in Liverpool, fucking hell they were great.
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