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    Nah. I want the ‘since 1995’ chant to be around for a while longer.
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    Started on the Christmas booze early today.
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    Walking towards the outrageously long queues in the supermarket and seeing a checkout just opening and darting in before anyone else gets onto it.
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    Fair enough. Realised I sounded like one of their wives anyway.
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    Finally finished my isolation yesterday. I'm still fucking knackered and can't smell anything but I'm over the worst of it. Tony, I hope your dad gets better. Good thoughts going your way.
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    They are a faux club. Fans, outrage, morals etc etc. Deserve no respect.
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    They all taste a bit shitter than they used too. We no longer live in quality street we live in maximise profit Street and the world has lost its confectionary flavour. I vote for none, I vote for the past. Death to the corporate willy wonkas!
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    Got to love how France, and particularly Macron (who's a total power-hungry bellend), have their hand on the throttle for almost all of our ability to trade with the EU now. What fucking retards thought this was going to work? What utter amoebas thought there was a solid plan for this? Idiots. Fucking idiots. It's your fault. You stupid cunts.
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    Quality Street. Mackintosh’s, though. Nestle just isn’t the same.
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    The way media cunts and people on social media refer to Boris Johnson as "Boris" like he's one if their mates or some loveable rascal. Fuck off, he's a massive twat who would step over you in the street if you were dying you bootlicking twat. Phil the power Taylor I'm looking at you, you fucking twat.
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    Finally justifying his price tag.
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    I've put this on here before but years ago we were in a pub and Sheffield United were playing arsenal (I think). She asked who was playing then when I responded said "what all 3 of them? Like tag team "
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    ESPN have published a round up of VAR decisions in the Premier League this season, showing that Everton have benefited more than any other team (with a net +3 decisions in their favour) while Liverpool have been worst affected (with a net -5 decisions against us). Mind you, that's just facts, so it can easily be ignored.
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    This has aged pretty well, if I do say so myself. Fuck Arsenal and all belonging to them.
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    Are these cunts just cynically corrupt when it comes to their handling of this whole thing?, are they criminally negligent?, or is it a combination of both?. It could be any of them because it's all so blatant. You look at the tin pot dictatorships in some South American or African countries for example and think to yourself, how the fuck are they getting away with that? and then you realise that it's actually happening right here, right now. Is it being too naive to think that there's got to be a time when they're rounded up and prosecuted for their crimes, because that's exactly what they are. I've a feeling it is, but somethings got to give. When all this is over, if not before, the people have to do something to show this is unacceptable and they have to be made accountable. They deserve to be politically and financially ruined. It's the moral duty of the people to make it so. Rant over.
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    Yeah, bit of lint in my eye there or something ... Seriously though, they all come across so well. Jurgen is as good on gauging character as he is on spotting ability.
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    He's boss with the kids, too. If this football thing doesn't work out for him, he could always become a children's entertainer.
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    My Mum rang me earlier to say that she's got an appointment for the vaccine on New Year's Eve. She's 78, hasn't been out of her house since March and is recovering from bowel Cancer. To say I'm relieved is an understatement. Hopefully all our loved ones will get theirs soon. My heartfelt thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this horrible virus.
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    Because he's the best left back on the planet and he plays for us?
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    Bobby’s teeth even make AirPods look yellow .
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    It just shows how much the on pitch officials are out to get Everton and help us. It's a good job VAR is there to stop the powers that be.
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    While I like them, I can't help but feel that Heroes and Celebrations are cheating cheats what cheat.