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    Is a disgusting alcoholic drink driving Tory wife beater. Shit goalkeeper, even worse person. Fucking shithouse.
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    For all the demonising of Starmer, it's important to remember that Corbyn kicked this whole thing off with his statement, which he released despite having had a conversation with his duly elected party leader the night before. Much in the same style of "I'm not deleting my tweet" RLB, it's been nothing but a series of "fuck yous", as one would expect from someone who's broken the whip more than a poundshop Indiana Jones, and his chosen successor. But when their bluff has been called the indignation and outrage has flown thick and fast. It's just protest politics and he doesn't care who he's protesting against. He probably views the Labour party, save for a handful of close friends, as being no different from the rest of the people and organisations he's railed against in his career. But if you showed Corbyn a crystal ball and he could see he'd never have been in number 10 for the next 20 years, but he could have had plenty of chances to profess his outrage at various establishment injustices, he'd have taken that IMO, and that makes him a bad party leader and someone who clearly doesn't care as much as he says he does. It's no good for the many millions doomed to perpetual Tory rule though, and that's why I don't swallow the bollocks about what a lovely man he is. Personally I don't want hugs or solidarity, I want a functioning government that doesn't take back handers and is content to see my kids starve.
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    We won that game, just like we won at Everton. We have basically had 4 points taken off us and we’re still top of the league. No fit players now ffs.
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    As someone who doesn't mind Force Awakens and Last Jedi, it does make me quite annoyed that they exist now we're seeing the Mandalorian explore a post-Empire world. Because we know this world has to lead to the awful First Order and the waste of Luke Skywalker. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, though I'm sure many would've argued the case before 2015, but Filoni with a more neutral guiding hand would've been the best option for looking after the franchise. This world being explored post-Jedi is an interesting, fractured place compared to the re-run that Force Awakens did. So yeah, Mandalorian is great but it's a shame the sequel trilogy exists because they did not jive with Mando's universe at all.
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    Love Ahsoka Tano. She is one of my favourite characters in the Star Wars universe. Was very sceptical about wether they could bring her to life. Can’t argue with anything about Dawson’s performance as her. Even the holding of the lightsabers was bang on. And as Jules pointed out about that name shout, it certainly made me sit up and take notice. That would be an amazing appearance if it happens.
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    I've just seen a millionth repeat of the handball goal and frankly Shilton would do well to shut up and hope nobody mentions it. He is absolutely shit. He's fast asleep while there's a ball looping into a dangerous area of his penalty box. It's his fuck up and he's spent 34 years blaming others. Truly, Jordan Pickford is Shilton's heir.
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    I don't rightly remember tbh whether I've already posted in the thread to thank everybody for all your heartfelt condolences and outpourings of support, so let me do so now. This place, The Mighty GF, has been like a second home to me for over a decade, the place is packed full of wonderful caring decent thoughtful people. On behalf of me and my little family I thank you all. Words cannot adequately express my feelings of gratitude at this incredibly hard time.
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    Maradona’s every touch in the 1986 World Cup. It’s remarkable stuff.
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    You know what I'm not even arsed anymore. The excitement of the game is gone and its properly turned me off. Even winnibg the league last season didn't feel as boss as it should have. There's just no point celebrating anything in a game and its killed football.
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    Lallana man of the match. Takes their danger man off and then fucks off without touching the ball.
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    Salah needs to fuck off with this shit. You just missed a game and left the team short because you broke the travelling protocalls
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    VAR is a decent system, it’s the interpretation that’s giving it a bad name. The interpretation has been so bad, in both actual incident and spirit of the game, that we all would likely have been better off without it. Having an idiot looking it at numerous times and slowed down in Stockley Park as opposed to an idiot on the pitch making the decisions in real time is still having an idiot making the decision. The money would have been better spent getting in officials from Europe who are better at the job, or finding officials in this country who are.
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    Point is that you could stop the video and/or draw those lines differently and show that Salah goal onside. It’s just an utter waste of time. If it’s that tight what is the fucking point?
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    He’s blocked me after I called him a fascist Tory cunt. People are so touchy nowadays.
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    Is that the one where the boy goes on about custard creams & He Man all day before lashing a Russian robot's head into a crowd? There is a sequel where he eats toast with a knife & fork.
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    Bowies mullet was shite, in a mullet comp he would go out in the first round to Limahl or Pat Sharp.
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    She's starting to give Rita Ora a run for her money. But hasn't quite caught her yet. Rita pulls ahead on the vibe she gives out that screams "even if I ate dick burgers for breakfast lunch and dinner, it wouldn't be close to enough dick to get me through a slow dick day".
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    Yep. It’s brilliant. It shows you what could’ve been done with the films. Still, at least they’re getting the Star Wars universe into gear at last. And I fucking love Michael Biehn, too. Wish he was in far more stuff like this.
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    The name drop towards the end was sensational. It's a great show.
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