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    In the gloomy aftermath of Villa and the Goodison derby, you would have offered me consecutive wins over Ajax, Sheffield United, Midgetland, West Ham, a 5-0 at Atalanta and a draw at City I would have ripped your arm off at the roots, never mind snapped your hand off.
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    He is proving an excellent taker of penalties. And I still never feel confident he is going to convert them.
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    Love watching footy on my own, Mrs goes upstairs to potter around and she says the whole of the downstairs basically sounds like this.
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    We can take our foot off the gas in the CL after the next round of matches provided we don’t get beat. We are 5 points ahead of City (2 minimum when taking into account their game in hand). We will get 85 points this season which might be enough. If we get 90 points that will be enough. What the manager has achieved since the Derby has been outstanding. We’ve had to find a totally different way of defending and therefore of playing. We frustrated one of the best teams in the league and soaked up pressure in a way we haven’t for years. We are very, very well placed.
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    Just happy that we won the title while still at Melwood. Kind of like an elderly person, once they know something that's long been on their mind has been resolved, and they can now let go and rest in peace. RIP Melwood. Your name will be forever in our hearts and minds.
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    What did the Evertonian say in the wool shop? We want merino lad.
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    It's really terrifying how close America came to the brink with a second Trump tenure. I don't think a lot of people who don't follow politics looked beyond his Tweeting and crass stupidity to fully understand the scale of the havoc he was wreaking on its institutions. He was essentially hollowing out its civil service and replacing everyone based on their own personal loyalty to him, rather than their abilities or standing in their professions. You'd have essentially had a State department incapable of doing its job but would be stacked to the rafters with bell hops from his golf resorts. People don't often get how important America is to things like Britain's national security, so it's essential that things like its intelligence agencies are functioning properly. There's also the hugely destructive idea that 'truth doesn't matter', science and facts don't matter, all that matters is what I tell you and wishful thinking. I mean as rabbit holes go, that takes you all the way to the end of humanity, pure and simple. No institution, organisation or social construct, let alone a country, can survive when people will willingly suspend belief in their eyes and ears, that's Poundshop 1984 territory. He's undoubtedly the most malignant political force to have governed a Western nation in any of our lifetimes, possibly far longer. This was a Stalingrad moment, and thankfully we're all now relaxing amid the ruins of the Tractor factory eating borscht while Yevgeny plays the Tetris theme on the accordion, while bloodied members of the Wehrmacht are paraded past to catch a train to the Stalag for a date with some nettle soup and NKVD electrodes.
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    Covid-19 vaccine candidate is 90% effective, says manufacturer Interim analysis of vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTech far exceeds expectations of most experts Sarah Boseley Health editor Published:11:47 Mon 9 November 2020 Follow Sarah Boseley A vaccine against Covid-19 is in sight, with the announcement of the first interim results in large-scale trials showing the Pfizer/BioNTech candidate is 90% effective, according to the manufacturers, whose analysis shows a much better performance than most experts had hoped for. The high percentage of those protected makes the findings compelling. Regulators have said they would approve a vaccine that is just 50% effective – protecting half those who get it. The company says there are no serious side-effects. “Today is a great day for science and humanity. The first set of results from our Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial provides the initial evidence of our vaccine’s ability to prevent Covid-19,” said Dr Albert Bourla, Pfizer chairman and CEO. “We are reaching this critical milestone in our vaccine development program at a time when the world needs it most with infection rates setting new records, hospitals nearing over-capacity and economies struggling to reopen.” The trial will continue until there have been 164 confirmed cases so there is potential for the efficacy rate to change, but a finding that 90% of infections were prevented will excite politicians and public health leaders alike and brings into view a potential end to the pandemic. The phase 3 trials have involved more than 43,000 people. People from black and ethnic minority backgrounds appear to have been as well protected as everyone else, the company says. Gathering the required safety data will take until the third week of November, says the company. The dossier will then be submitted to the regulators for approval. Speedy licensing could mean the first doses in healthcare workers by the end of the year.
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    All I remember was our game was cancelled because the daft useless bint managed to get herself killed.
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    I was at this game last year - happy days! The noise when Milner scored that last minute pen was brilliant.
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    It’s a heat resistant thingio. For putting pans and trays on when they’re hot. And for ramming up my arse, obviously.
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    Absolute top "Adrianna vs. Maguire" analysis there, Dave.
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    His builder moonlights for SAGE and knew there was never going to be family Christmases all along. PS You’re all too kind
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    The sad thing is he died not long after we moved in, within a few months so I didn’t really get to know him. She obviously mentioned what he did afterwards as she knew we were Liverpool supporters. I didn’t know his relationship with the club until afterwards when I read Last of The Boot Room Boys. I knew his wife really well though and she stayed there until she passed away too. She was always very kind to us as kids and was a wonderful lady.
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    How good was Alisson yesterday? He makes tricky and difficult things look routine. A very good point, all things considered. The fact that were feeling like they really needed to beat us so early in the season, but failed to is great.
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    Champ is the glue that binds us all together. Forum royalty.
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    Few points from me that you may want to consider for next time: The tomatoes look like they've given up. The sausages look so bad that one of them feels so embarrassed it has tried snuggling up next to the abomination that is a potato based product on a breakfast plate, to get away from the rest of the sausages. Simon Weston doppelganger Eggs. A potato based product on a breakfast plate Ponce cut on the toast Fat, masquerading as bacon All in all, the word moribund, springs to mind.
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    We won this fixture last season thanks to a last-minute penalty from Big Game James after a foul on Sadio. Of course all the talk afterwards was of how Sadio had milked it, despite penalties having been given for a lot less before that and especially since, with the media and pundits turning a blind eye if it's an English player or one wearing a United shirt. That shit about diving is STILL being thrown at our players. All they can do is get on with the job and be the best they can be. That game was our 8th win out of 8 at the start of last season. In the early 90s, Leicester played in three play-off finals in 3 years, losing the first two (to Kenny's Blackburn and then Hoddle's Swindon). They finally made it third time lucky in 1994 by beating Derby to reach the top flight. Brian Little had really lifted the club in those years and they had some very handy second-tier players, but not enough quality to avoid relegation. Little himself abadoned ship partway through the season to take over at Villa, and Leicester replaced him with Reading's Mark McGhee. The Scot had come highly rated by old Whiskeynose, and just like anyone rated highly by him, he didn't amount to much. We beat Leicester comfortably 2-0 in April 1995 on our way to 4th place in the league, which was a significant improvement on the Souness era. We'd won the League Cup a fortnight before this game. Robbie and Rushie got the goals against Leicester. (Watch from about 18:55) Take That topped the charts again (it seems like everything they released got to No1) with 'Back For Good'. It was boring, it was sappy, and it got women's knickers wet, despite being sung by a bunch of Manc oiks. I bet Stig loves it. Leicester can be a real threat if Vardy's fit and firing, and they've got others like Barnes, Maddison and Tielemans who can cause problems. That was also being said of them last December when they were being talked up as title challengers when Liverpool rolled into town post-Christmas. That title talk disappeared as the Foxes were given a footballing lesson. That 4-0 win at the King Power was probably Liverpool's best away display of the season, and it sent out a statement that everybody else was merely an also-ran. Dominant. Ruthless. Clinical. More of the same please, and we can try to quickly reclaim top spot back for good.
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    I’ve not read any of the other posts but I’m satisfied with today. The first half was incredible quality. Peak El Classico stuff. Two great sides, both teams playing really well. Absolutely superb stuff from both side. 2nd half was like a game of chess, and I have to admit, I enjoyed it almost as much. I love these proper tactical battles. Both sides continued to play well and eventually just cancelled each other out. I’d have taken a point before the game and I’m not going to complain about it now. They were missing Aguero and we were missing the best centre back in the world, one of the best defensive midfielders, one of the best central midfielders and one of the best right backs only lasted 60 mins... Slightly frustrating not to take advantage of our early dominance but when you take the above into consideration, plus they missed a penalty, I’m not gonna complain.
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    Top top "That was Mum's week that was" analysis there, Dave. I hope you're paying her? That'll be a no then.