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    Glad to see this thread is now back on track. For a week or so before the Derby I thought I was on the wrong site as I saw words like class associated with that shite. The club is rancid from top to bottom. Bring on the European league. Fuckin hate them.
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    Interesting. I've been having a little think about who we could potentially target, outside the obvious and those we've already been linked with in the past. Buying from the Premier League appears highly unlikely for me, what with the astronomical fees that Premier League clubs will want in the Winter window. I've also ruled out clubs playing in the Champions League, as they'll be less inclined to sell during the season, especially if they progress beyond the group stages. Here are who I think could be intriguing potential targets that I like the look of: Nikola Milenkovic at Fiorentina Kristoffer Ajer up at Celtic. I'd also consider a flyer on Connor Goldson at Rangers as he ticks the homegrown box, without the ridiculous price hike. Milenkovic would the be most expensive of those 3, but with Fiorentina not in European competition this season, and in all likelihood they won't be again next season, the young Serb ticks a lot of boxes for me. Contracted to Florence club until the end of the 2022 season. I reckon he could be had in the region of £25-£30 million. 23 years old, but with good experience at International level having won 23 caps for Serbia already. He's a fraction taller than Virgil, so would help cover the loss of Virgil's aerial ability. He's also very comfortable playing at right back too, as he's played a number of games there for Fiorentina, so offers a touch of versatility if we ever did consider changing to a back 3, or if we ran into injury issues in that position. Ajer is a player I've seen a fair bit of over the past couple of seasons, and one who to me needs a move to a better league to kick on. Again, he has some versatility about him, as he's very comfortable playing further up the park in a defensive midfield role. Very composed on the ball, and another 6'5" lad who is more than decent in the air. Just 22 years old and is contracted to Celtic until the end of the 2022 season. Quite surprised that he didn't move on in the Summer, as there were plenty of rumours floating around that he wanted to move on from Celtic Park. A fee of £12-£15 million would be more than enough to secure his signature. As for the flyer in Connor Goldson, I considered homegrown players outside the Premier League, and barring a few young potentials, Goldson ticks a number of boxes. He's 27, so is more experienced than those above in terms of age, and has played in all tiers of the Professional Leagues in England. He's also a leader, having captained Rangers on a number of occasions. A touch smaller than Virgil, he's still very good in the air, though he lacks the ball playing ability in comparison with the others. Again, he's contract until the end of the 2022 season, so I reckon he could be snapped up for £10 million at the most. A big plus for Goldson is his homegrown status, and I reckon he'd jump at a move down South to give any aspirations he has of playing International football that little more of a push. I've gone off to Squawka to grab their comparison matrix to compare the domestic seasons of the 3 above, as well as Caleta-Car that Ne Moe mentioned. https://www.squawka.com/en/comparison-matrix/?compare=hU63Iyjx1EX1vtv0ZtyK7
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    I'd counter by saying that this is the important stuff, people, rules, laws, regulations and impositions that are going to dominate ours and our childrens lives for years are of the utmost importance and should never be relegated to anything other than such. If we allow apathy to creep in then liberties will be lost through acquiescence. If you're OK with that then you never have any recourse to argue when your heating bill goes up, your job is outsourced, funding to your kids schools is reduced, working conditions are reduced, laws are made and broken, money is siphoned off to their donor friends and so on ad infinitum. I however will not stop screaming, ever.
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    He's a cautionary tale, not just for football but for life. The man who dumps his loving wife and kids for the office floozy, who makes him get a Tony and Guy haircut and buy a second hand Lotus. Six months later he's on his own again living in a flat above pizza hut, looking at family photos on his phone and drinking Kirov vodka.
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    I missed a penalty in an U11 game on Scargreen in 1979, never missed one before or after. I would have been at Liverpool or AC Milan 10 years later only for that. Sure the keeper was about 15 and dived early off his line. I could have been a great. European Cups, Endorsements, shagging a Spice Girl. Cunting Oak Albion.
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    Marcus Rashford's Twitter is amazing today. The lad seems to have started the much needed revolution.
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    Yep, it always happens at the wrong time as well and details them for years. Dave Prentice did an article about Clive Thomas last year and why they moan about him so much. Apparently they were on the brink of dominating the English game and losing to Liverpool in an FA cup semi final completely derailed them until 1984. This is despite them losing the semi final replay 3-0, having an average team full of very average players, finishing 9th that year and Liverpool winning the European cup 2 years on the run then followed by Nottingham Forest, us again then Aston Villa. They were knocked out of the UEFA cup in the second round in 1978 and the first round in 1979. Then didn't qualify again until 1985. But losing an FA cup semi final stopped their worldwide dominance. They really are the most deluded set of fans in the country.
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    We're back into Bob Dylan vs. Shakin' Stevens territory with this one. Pioneering genius vs. Pantomime dame.
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    Not fussed by either but gone for Ozzy as Hank looks like he should be in Toy Story.
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    The Chelsea flag with the Shankly Gates still on though was tremendous, excruciating fanbase.
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    I've no idea what people aren't doing you a courtesy for, as this thread has been unreadable for a while now. But it's a mess in an extremely serious event and so I don't want to be qouted by anyone as proof of anything in this shitshow to be honest. Anyone, in any way talking down this pandemic (I'm not saying you are) or suggesting they know more than the experts (I'm not saying you have) need their fucking heads examined and then slapped about a bit. SO I'd rather my posts are left out of it.
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    There is no doubt Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a pioneer and one of the first rock n roll stars. These recordings are from 1938 and its all there
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    I am expecting not to be able to remember the name of the VAR official in maximum 43 days, never mind 43 years. We go on about our past, they go on about a past they never had.
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    Jedd I think Trumps election affects us all in potentially massive ways . His dangerous foreign policies , his refusal to act on climate change and his support of Brexit and Johnson to name a few . I don’t think it’s obsession or lashing out that drives people to post but genuine concern that we are looking at the possibility of Trump remaining as the most powerful man on the planet for the next 4 years
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    You only do two days in lockdowm, that's the day you go in, and the day you come out.
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    To be fair, Everton fans are the best at 'getting over it'. I mean, when do you ever hear them talking about missed opportunities, past refereeing decisions or perceived injustices from their much more successful neighbours.
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    I have found myself wondering whether the loss of Van Dijk will - while not quite be a blessing in disguise - be compensated in other ways by the rest of the team showing a bit more focus and aggression now that they know the best CB on the planet isn't behind them to cover for it. It reminds me a bit of some cricket matches when teams pack their order with all-rounders to shore up the batting, and an element of "fuck it, we bat deep, somebody else will cover if I get out cheaply" that subconsciously creeps in, and the team doesn't score many more runs than they otherwise would have. If the team picks just six batsmen then those players know that it's on them, there's no back up if they fuck up, so the subconscious focus is right there. Klopp seemed happy with the mentality. Structurally we've defended better, but there was a bit of scrap and digging in which makes me hopeful we'll be alright after a bit of fine tuning.
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    Although nothing that they've ever done should have made this a surprise, last night actually shocked me. The casualness of speeches. The passing of the blame due to absentee parents, IMO a dig at the black community similar to the jibes thrown at Rashford, the clamour to make someone correctly labelling them scum the big news. This vote should be at the front of every newspaper and the headline of rolling news. GOVERNMENT VOTES TO LET CHILDREN STARVE Some of the kids in my school come in hungry every day. Their school dinner, at the moment a sandwich and crisp effort due to covid, is the only meal they'll have until the fruit we sneak them the next morning to avoid embarrassing them. I've seen kids pocket other kids leftovers in their bags and a colleague told me of a time they caught a kid eating a glue stick. An actual gluestick because they were so hungry, but embarrassed to ask due to the stigma. Everyone who enabled these cunts into power should be ashamed of themselves and they need to be told.
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