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    Update re my partner. She is doing well and eating for Liverpool. They found a cancerous lump on her breast a few weeks ago and she is taking tablets to shrink it and then it will be removed. She is awaiting a procedure to assess her bladder damage in the Spire in November, then an op hopefully soon after. She has gone through the ringer. Told her about all the well wishers on here and she was made-up. Your support means the world to me.
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    After a day of being livid, and a bit mopey, I've decided we'll be alright. Pickford's just the goon who's pistol whipped The A-Team and locked them in an outbuilding. Klopp, however, will spy the tractor, propane tanks, sheet metal, and a curiously handy supply of welding equipment that is our squad. Cue exterior shot of our war bastard bursting through the doors, all patched up defence and rocket launchers up top. *play theme tune Henderson driving flat out, Thiago spraying M16 passes, and Matip strapped to the front like Tom Hardy in Fury Road. When the dust settles we've won the league, and Klopp's smoking a cigar. I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Siege mentality, fuck everyone else. Anyone not pulling their weight and giving their all every minute of every game can fuck off. No passengers.
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    I take back what I said about Oliver. He did see it and therefore some of the responsibility lies with him. He should have made the decision on the red card himself and then let var over rule him if he was wrong. Instead he let Coote deal with it and probably knew there'd been a giant mistake but it was too late for him to act then. I think the reason he was straight in with the red card on Richarlison is because he knew VAR fucked him over the first time.
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    Phillip Schofield continues to piss me off. He's on every show going, fronts those scamming cunts WeBuyAnyCar.com and now has a book out telling his 'battle' of coming out of the closet.
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    Mike Riley is still the MD of referee training so there is no chance of any improvement in officiating any time in the immediate future. An absolute shitstain of a referee and how the fuck can he train others?
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    The fans that ring up are worse.
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    The Guardian Prize cryptic crossword this weekend was biscuit themed. I still need four answers. I bet @Tony Moanero finished it in minutes...the bastard!
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    The first day was OK until the last couple of miles when the soles of the feet and shins started to ache. The second day, although shorter was harder as the terrain was rougher. Trails and narrow paths walking over tree roots and stones. Third, forth and fifth days were brutal. The climbs and descends and again the terrain killed me. Feet, shins, hips, all in bulk. I was honestly thinking I might not make it through till the end. Don't quite now why but after about two hours into the sixth day, a lot of the aches and pains except the aching feet cleared up, which made the last two days much better. I was lucky in that I didn't get any blisters but I always had that sensation that I wasn't far away from on. I think I got lucky with the time of year I did it and also the covid effect as a couple of people told me that in the height of a normal summer it's way overcrowded. If I do go on another walking holiday, I'm not sure if I'd go for as many days. The highlight was going to Lanercost. The priory was shut but the church was open. I had a walk around the graveyard and came across a grave from the 1800s with the word Liverpool on it.
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    I find myself getting angrier by the day
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    Fabinho is probably far better than most fourth choice CBs in the Prem so with an abundance of cover in midfield there was never any real prospect of the club spending big on a CB last summer. However there is a legitimate debate as to whether Matip should have been sold to replace him with somebody likely to be available more regularly.
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    She has a great sense of humour. Must have to put up with me. She is the funniest accountant I ever met.
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    Like they say, laughter is the best medicine. Never lose your sense of humour. Humour gets you through.
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    Having seen the Everton response on Twitter, I think the decision was absolutely fair enough. Coote sat in the VAR suite and reviewed all the footage of the incident, then all of the footage of Dirk Kuyt on Phil Neville, and the Gerrard two footer 16 years ago, and the Van Dijk tackle on Dries Mertens, and every other tackle made by any Liverpool player in the last 37 years and decided that Pickford's actions were kind of in the middle of all of that so no red. That's how decisions are made, isn't it?
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    Anyone leaves any food and she eats it haha.
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    Still my favourite Moyes GIF. EDIT: Actually that was my second favourite behind this masterpiece.
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    I'm already on the warpath this week, if Johnny Cash beats Otis Redding there is going to be murder.
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    It has been obvious since before the referendum result that these bastards wanted no deal. They are so brave and trust the great British people that they continually fed them lies. It seems a lot of project fear was in fact project fact. Shocked I am
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    Thiago is the best midfielder since the mad Sissoko early period where he melted planets.
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    I wish I had the patience and/or the ability to cook. I promised to do tea last night so cooked up some mince with vegetables and made myself a coffee whilst the mixing up some beef stock in a mug. Coffee infused mince is shit
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    People still living in fantasy land. The blairites which is the vast majority of the PLP are economically right wing and as liberal as a lot of conservative MP’s are which makes our democracy a fucking sham. The idea that these cunts would ever entertain left wing economic policy and therefore it’s Corbyn that was the problem is laughable. The fact that they were happy to sabotage a left wing Labour Party at all should tell you enough about them but to do it when facing the most economically right wing Tory opposition it has ever faced is sickening. They didn’t do it as some sort of response to Corbyn saying get in line either. They were doing it from day one. He was happy to have a shitload of them in his cabinet. They wanted him out and for various reasons. The fear that members would get more of a say and potentially democratically choose somebody else to represent them. If they had backed the left wing policy as they fucking should do as a fucking Labour MP they wouldn’t have had any problem either but that was obviously a step too far for these cunts. Our politics is now a complete mess, probably bigger than it’s ever been. We’ve now had a Corbyn who has offered us all of these policies and it’s inspired a lot of people to vote again and it also pulled back a lot of UKIP voters as it gave them a reason to actually vote labour again. That’s dead now and it’s for good. Some people seem to think that we’ve just changed the face at the top but that’s not the reality and I think they’re going to be in for a shock when election time comes up. The tories will go further and further right whilst labour basically just tries to occupy the same position as the tories in everything bar immigration which is going to guarantee a Tory majority for the foreseeable future.
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    Brutal. Imagine if Marr, Kuntsberg or Peston did this?