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    I started going on my own 76-77 season when I was 13, but usually with my Dad for the midweek or European Cup games, but with him prior to then. The atmosphere in the ground then was just unbelievable. I still think the loudest noise I ever heard was the roar when Davy Fairclough scored the winner against St Etienne. My ears were ringing for days. The only tickets we could get for the semi final against Zurich we're for the Anny Road and lads were running the length of the pitch to try and get in the Kop before kick off. I was going to try but my Dad stopped me saying if I got caught I'd get chucked out. He was right and I'm glad because not only did we see the Bizzies grab a few lads, I wouldn't have seen the Kop, live, in all its glory as I'd only ever been on the Kop before. Magnificent. I can't go anymore, haven't for over 20 years because of illness, so I treasure the memories I have.
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    I'm not a jealous person in anyway but I'm jealous this morning reading about standing on the kop during these times. I'd love to have done it even once.
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    Sorry to hear that H, I'm an armchair fan myself but also have great memories, I used to go with my Dad and his mate up until I was about 13 but in the Main Stand, then when with me mates it was sometimes in the Kop but mainly the Anny Rd. I remember one time when collecting tickets he made me look at Billy Liddell getting out of his car, the older ones hero. But yes a special place, and tear came to my eye as I looked at that Ray Clemence picture and his tweet We are so lucky to have been part of it whether it was the 60s 70s or 80s and now some of that has returned, and though it won't be the same hopefully I'll return too one day, I only go when they're down here and I don't think this much chance of that come Feb 2nd. Treasure your memories mate, as I've said we've been fortunate to see something very special.
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    He was mates with our local butcher in Huyton when I was growing up. I was in there with my mum one day, I was about 7 and remember just standing there while Ray was behind the counter talking. He came out and started talking to me but I was dead shy. Next time we went in Ronnie (the butcher) said Clem had been back and left a present for me. He’d bought me an autograph book and the first two pages were filled with all the autographs of the 1971/72 first team squad. One of my most treasured possessions. Hope it works out for you Clem.
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    It was special although scary at times, you could literally be moved 20 yards in all directions from where you started. At away games I always chose a stand ticket which in the light of things may have saved my life as I swapped my Leppings land ground ticket for the stands the night before that dreadful day. Never missed standing on the Kop once it went all seated.
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    Don’t understand anything of that at all. Is it good or bad? If it’s good, I’m all in. If it’s bad, they’re twats. What should I think?
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    Singer Paul Heaton has been praised for his generosity, after the final editor of Q Magazine revealed how he supported staff when the publication closed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54485919
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    Every page of this thread needs this beauty on it.
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    Andy Gray: "Heh heh heh wee Scholesy, he cannae tackle, heh heh heh...!"
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    Code its bellend moves like that which make people think you're a massive cock.
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    If there’s one man who’s going to keep the restaurants open...
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    Can't claim credit for Boss's post, but here is the clip in full:
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    I wish the villa game was on ppv so I didnt have to watch it.
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    Took this, this morning...
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    We have got to smack these gobshites back down and fucking hard, really really dead fucking hard.
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    Not seen him listed but I really like some of Richard Ashcroft’s solo stuff if we’re struggling to get it up to 64.
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    Shame he didnt do that when he was our manager.
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    Jesus Christ. Not a despicable cunt? Do you even remember the shite he came out with whilst managing us? Far worse than anything Rodgers did.
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    As @Bruce Spanner says, there's loads of nice craft lager type beers out there that are more flavoursome. If you want to move from those more delicate flavours into something more rohbust there's some of the German and Belgium wheat beers as an example of which there's loads available in your supermarket (maybe not always so much in the pub) h I'd say take a look at the erdinger or franzikaner range as a start. Optionally, there's the IPA direction (craft from a keg rather than the English traditional way from a cask), which i always think Punk IPA is a good jumping off point - the benefit of moving from say an Estrella to a punk is visually normally punk will look pretty similar to a lager (although the post lockdown stuff was initially a bit more hazy) and it's cold and fizzy pretty much like a lager, so the big difference is just the hop profile. You can get that all over the place now in pubs and the supermarket. If you enjoy those hoppy flavours that come with a craft IPA, there's such an incredible.world of choice out there. There's literally no end to it - and a lot of those craft breweries will do things that may introduce you to other styles like saison, porters, stouts etc.