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    she also without a hint of irony says she will report people to the police if she believes they're gathering in groups of more than 6, while her government yesterday voted to break the law. She is a cunt of the highest order.
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    I think the point of the hard lockdown was to stop the NHS being overwhelmed, and in that sense it did its job. the point of the lockdown was never to stop people catching the virus - which is impossible - and I think that's something that's fundamentally misunderstood by much of the public, and with a good few media agitators egging them on. Same old shit on GMB this morning, 'oooh I can go the pub but I can't visit granny'. Do both then, I don't give a fuck, whatever happens is on your head. "Cases are rising etc" well yeah they will, it's a virus, you bottle it up during lockdown and when you come out of lockdown it starts flowing again. "oooh if you don't lockdown you don't care about people etc" Look, humans have been living with adversity and disease since they first walked out of Africa and cracked a neanderthal over the head with a big hammer - just because. "Oooh you let my kid go to school and be exposed to TB/smallpox/diphtheria/consumption/scarlet fever/polio you cunt, I'm keeping them off until some future time as they all have been cured." "All events and holidays this year will be postponed as it is not yet 1929 and we've not discovered antibiotics so a simple scratch could lead you to lose your leg and/or die." We've just become a culture that can't deal with adversity and demands quick and simple solutions to complicated problems. What would happen if an asteroid was on the way I wonder? Build a giant umbrella? People can stay in the house if they want, but then can't complain when the economy collapses and they've got no job to go back to, or they can keep their kid off school for years, but can't complain when they can't spell and develop mental health issues.
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    The articles are all irrelevant. They're based off accounts before we won the CL. They mean next to nothing and show healthy profits. Also accounts don't paint a real picture, they paint picture the board want you to see. I'm amazed how many people think a set of accounts is like a bank statement. Even if these tweets are right, the question you should all be asking is what level of mismanagement of the club is going on if after winning everything in a 13 month period (which is all post these accounts) we're skint? It's incomprehensible. If we can't afford to support the manager after winning the fucking lot, we're doing stuff badly wrong. Fsg can't have it both ways, either their fucking great at this financial management stuff - like just about every news article they pushed through the echo for 12 months, or they're pretty shit at is as we're fucking skint.
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    They have thrived on being the local, parochial true scouse club for years. Now they want to be this big global force. Or being the true local scouse club but acting like Uncle Toms inviting scouse hating Mancs into their pub for buffets, letting them put their flags up. Also forming a bizarre friendship with Man City, despite their fans getting beaten up inside the Etihad during the league cup semi final. Just like when they were proud to be a proper club who had no money, doing things the right way unlike der redshite but as soon as Moshiri took over they were bragging about how much money they were going to spend.
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    The 'NHS collapse' thing is confusing. Build a handful of the 40 hospitals they promised, that would help. But more so, let's have a proper understanding of this disease. We've had enough time to study it now, there are some things that we're just not having relayed to us in a way that we trust. The Tories built this mistrust in experts problem, and now it's a real problem for the country believing anything said by anyone on anything. Going back to basics, taking a group of 100 people in different cohorts, how many of each would get ill, get hospitalised, get ventilated, die? Kids with no underlying conditions. Fat kids. Kids with asthma. Kids with .... list each here. Then onto teenagers, same split. Then onto 20-30 group. Etc. I want that picture given to us. I want your odds of survival spelled out in black and white. YOU then make your choice about what exposure to it you want. Go back to work, open the nightclubs, get the stadiums open again, no problem, but at least they're full of people who have no excuses NOT knowing the risk to them and those they live with.
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    I bought this G5220 last year and I just love it. Went with the intentions of buying a Tele and ended up walking away with this. Excellent quality and sound at a good price.
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    Dele Alli is one of those special breed of cunts that if he was on your team and one of the opposition players went straight through him and kicked up in the air, you'd seek the fella out at the end of the game, shake his hand and thank him.
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    I knew the league was won when I noticed that fewer and fewer people were calling each other “cunts” in FF threads.
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    Not even that, they have only done one side of the stadium and that was with a loan against the club. They were dithering about the ARE extension and now cancelled it due to Covid.
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    Today it’s grass on your neighbours for breaking Covid rules, tomorrow it’ll be grass on your neighbours for ‘non patriotic activities’. We’re heading for hell. Don’t forget your hats.
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    The reality is they have a certain business model, call it what you want, I call it "cheap". And it's okay to acknowledge that reality and still have a moan about it especially on a thread titled "Go fuck Yourselves FSG"
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    You couldn't go in the Arena bar in town without running into at least one of them.
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    Nothing but Thieves - Nothing but Thieves Like the last AoW by Mr Paak I’d heard a few of these songs before but not listened to the whole album. The ones I knew, Excuse Me, Wake Up Call, Itch and Trip Switch are all pretty good, so I don’t know why I never got around to listening to anything else. @Carvalho Diablo has nailed most of the influences, although Jeff Buckley is the obvious main one for me - Lover Please Stay is the most obvious Buckley homage of all time. There’s a lot of Muse, and Painkiller put me in mind of The Vines Highly Evolved record. On occasion it does venture into over-produced American style pop rock though, almost approaching heinous stuff like Imagine Dragons. Particularly Hostage - I can’t be doing with that one at all. All in all though, pretty good, I’m giving it 7.5 / 10.
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    It's funny, I did think about him when I posted that. He's an example of what happens without good leadership. He joined Liverpool when souness had pretty much lost his authority in the dressing room (if indeed he ever had it) and then Roy was too soft on them all. Souness on the other hand was someone who's lifestyle wasn't great till Paisley sorted him out and he got to benefit from a manager who knew every time he went out.
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    Are you still smoking loads of weed Audrey?
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    She delivers a tour de force in a little movie called Bound
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    I know it's only twitter and all that, but I'm always amazed how many of these people wishing death on folks have shit like 'be kind' in their profiles, they're also the type who'd probably end up crying in the corner if you pulled tongues at them. it's almost like they're full of shit.
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    I don’t understand why anyone would go anywhere near Alli. He’s been shite for ages after playing well in a sort of support striker role behind Kane. It’s so obvious without any knowledge of that documentary that he’s a lazy twat with a bad attitude. He’s one of these players who’s been indulged for too long. He kept getting picked for England for ages despite being complete shite (classic England to be fair). I also don’t know where this idea that Klopp would be great for him or players like him comes from. Klopp takes underrated players with a great work ethic and develops them. Alli wouldn’t stand 5 minutes under Klopp. He also wouldn’t suit any position on the pitch in any system Klopp plays.
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    Yeah, I’ll sort something out mate, don’t worry. I’ve got some of those vacuum packs but I’m not sure if they’re big enough. I just took a load of polystyrene to the tip last week which would have been perfect. It’s robust enough that I reckon it’d survive being folded in half but there’s some excess adhesive still around the edges so I don’t really want to do that. It’s taken nine long months to get to this point so it needs to arrive at your gaff in pristine condition and take it’s rightful place on that wall. £70 went to the food bank in the end and now we bide our time and see what Amy’s next venture is.
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    Paul Gorst 19th September 2020 Liverpool FC are bewildered at recent media reports linking them with Kylian Mbappe. Jurgen Klopp feels signing the French World Cup winning international would block 16 year old Oakley Cannonier’s pathway to the first team. Something about Michael Edwards’ transfer record, yada yada yada, the academy is moving to one big site with the first team, all that stuff. Just copy the rest of it from the same article as usual. Ta.
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    Fairly sure yer could get done for them if they are customs, trade marked logos left and right. I got done by MoonPig a few years back doing a card for SteveBaby’s remaining proceeds to go to the hospice. And they were doing me for the fucking TLW a logo. Had to write a big email with links to the thread etc. on another note, my 76s arrived today, royal blue and red, proper fucking nice. I will be wearing a hole in the carpet with these fuckers.