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    Theres a Sarr man, waiting to be signed, he'd like to play with Mane, and I'm sure he'd blow our minds.
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    I didn't pay five quid (it was £5 wasn't it ? It's been that long) for the Rock to glory in one of the worlds finest example of Nouveau art. I've already linked it's increase in value into my retirement pot which currently stands at 3p. The Rock can go fuck himself.
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    At least you're not being sent to the Wirral on the wrong bus by Evertonians.
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    Here is this weeks post Saturday morning football effort. Cooked by Mrs Kurtz not me. No black pudding or kidneys though. I insist the beans are served separately.
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    I love the way Champ is the only one we can trust to do this. She's TLW's token nice person.
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    No way ' Oakley Cannonier' is a real name. That's a Championship Manager 18th season computer-generated name.
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    “Tell us never” makes us sound like plucky underdogs. Load of shite.
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    That's wonderful. I wonder if we can get an arrangement with the Barrymore pool pic on?
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    Gomez doing a Mina and chasing players into midfield leaving Van Dijk exposed.
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    What is Carragher on about? It was clear as fuck. Shut up you annoying tit.
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    1-0 up after 75/80 minutes and starting to look a bit shite.
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    Lingard is pretty consistent if you ask me.
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    Hallmarks of a serial killer that, if you watched any you'd know.
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    Nay worries mate. It’s cracking when someone nails one of our kits like New Balance have recently. When we get ugly shit and tacky ones I tend to retreat to my default of modern football is shit and ignore them.
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    When I'm Liverpool - Champions edition. Should get you in the mood.
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    Probably the same age as the ones doing the £115 tops.
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    Hopefully he’s injured until mid-October.
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    The time to start questioning what's really happening was the late 70s when Reagan and Thatcher (hawk, spit) first raised their ugly heads
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    Balloon art obviously. Duh. I just checked out the page and it’s mostly filled up with stuff like this. I’m not sure if she’s noticed that they’re accredited to other people on each picture. More recently there’s some of Amy’s own work which will seem much more familiar to frequent readers of this thread.
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    Ermahgerd. I’m picking up the artwork at dinner time on Sunday. Gonna need @Champ to do the impartial raffle. I can’t be trusted not to rig it for myself to win. It’s gonna look fucking amazing on my bedroom wall in between her shit Banksy canvas and my boss Tony Soprano/Pie Oh My one.
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    All three major political parties are complicit in the last few decades of fragmentation, marketisation, piecemeal privatisation and erosion of the basic principles of the NHS; that's the top and bottom of all the problems the NHS faces today.