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    We've a shitload of dry powder...
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    Our powder is drier than Gandhi's flip flops.
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    Think of all the success we've had since we bought Mane and Salah, then realise that we wouldn't even be bidding for them today if they came on the market at their prices that we bought them for.
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    Spot on. Plenty of spite behind that big, stupid fake laugh.
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    Always wondered what Judy Murray looked like as a kid.
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    Here comes fucking Christmas. Her Indoors has said she's having her lot here which will involve vile niece (bint) and twat of a boyfriend (cockney wanker) in attendance. Those of you who have paid attention to my previous posts on various Christmas threads will know the dread I face. (This is September the 2nd and I've already seen some ads.) Two hopeful outcomes here. 1/ A certain sporting event takes place in which people are able to attend and I can sort a ticket and fuck off to Liverpool. 2/ Another lockdown. Otherwise I am almost certainly going to be on a murder charge.
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    Took me ma to Pensarn in Wales on Friday as she'd not been out anywhere besides the local shops since March, during the drive she suddenly announced she'd read a story once about a kid being beheaded and dumped on the beech there.
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    She is coming out later tonight with a catheter and needs to have an operation in 3 months to repair her bladder which is leaking into her vagina.
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    You beautiful, beautiful people. Bit overwhelmed here reading this tbh. It's extremely humbling and difficult to process. I've been posting here for nearly a decade now and it's been a haven, getting me through some tough tines,a lot of which has been spent battling one type of ailment or another. I love the forums and have befriended some lovely folk on it. It's truly a special place. The good news is that the kidney my wife so kindly donated is to date, working perfectly. A super kidney as my surgeon Mr Robertson called it. But then again my Mary has always been Superwoman to me so not altogether surprising. The greatest human being Ive ever met and has literally saved my life and endured the pain of the Op in her uniquely calm manner. The procedure is a lot harder on the donor than the recipient but not one complaint from her. Amazing lady This will have a dramatic impact on my health and life so really looking forward to getting on with it once we get over this recovery period. Much thanks to ToxtethOGrady for starting the thread. Love you guys. Received this today from you all. We love it. Dec and Mary Xxx PS. CHAMPIONS
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    We would be if we'd made enough on player sales to cover it.
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    Homes under the Hammer this morning and some bloke gets a house in Bootle at an auction. On the next bit they show him entering the house and he makes sure that his phone goes with the Z Cars dirge. What the fuck is wrong with these people, you would think they would be embarrassed.
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    You grew up on a Ferrero Rocher? They really spoilt you.
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    Thirded- really enjoyed it. This was one of the best deals I ever had on Steam- Child of Light is worth a play if you haven't done before, although the rhyming couplets get a bit annoying after a bit. It's a shame those UbiArt games dried up, they were much more interesting than yet another Ass Creed game.
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    Didn't put the team first when he head butted Materazzi in a World Cup final.
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    We used to know a bird we nicknamed Hopkirk because her mate was fit and she wasn't so we just ignored her.
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    Whilst i agree with most of this, it's easy to forget that Kenny was (understandably) mentally destroyed after Hillsborough and as such wasn't making the most rational of decisions. Similar to Houliier post-op. Speaking of Houllier, that "it's your team, boss" spiel that he comes out with about Istanbul is utter cringe and massively disrespectful to Benitez. He needs to knock that on the head.
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    Great report Dave - I’ve seen Vincent Kompany had a pop at there being no documentary for City winning their first title in 40 odd years. it would be a very short documentary- won the league - 40 years later won the lottery - won the league again. No one cares the end.
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    This is what FIFA looked like the last time they won a trophy