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    I suppose Maguire’s tackling stats are boosted by him tackling both opposition and his own team mates.
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    Since I've been self employed and not had to deal with working in the typical office environment I have found I miss absolutely nothing. I'm totally fucking skint in cash terms and living on about £20 a week, but not having to deal with managers fucking about trying to justify their own existence or micro managing like fuck to try and engineer examples to get promotion etc. is more than worth the drop in income.
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    It's traditionally been right at the top of world rankings for miracles to be fair.
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    I hope we do sign Lewis, because I desperately want us to win the title again and do it by spending fuck all money, just to boil piss in Manchester and London. That's why I want us to sign Hudson-Odoi as well, I want to recycle players that Lampard thinks are shit, and then dunk on his head using his own 'shit' players for the ultimate piss-boiling. Same with Lewis, relegated club, fucking nice one, we'll have him ta, watch us develop him into twice the player Wan Bissaka or Mendy is, you fucking idiots. I want a hat-trick of titles out of this Liverpool team, which would match the two trebles that United achieved in the PL, the one we did from 81, Arsenal in the 1930's, and Huddersfield back in the 1920's. Then I want us to be the first club to win a 4th. And I want all this done largely retaining the same players we have, and then adding fucking nobodies and kids, and I want to live off the fume of opposition fans hating us for doing that.
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    Disgusting from the Telegraph suggesting Klopp is looking to plug Lovren’s hole. They’re both married men FFS.
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    The MiL got me a green CT cardigan a few years ago for Chrimbo. The Mrs thinks she gave it to me in error (she was in the latter stages of cancer and was starting to lose her marbles) but it is so comfy, I love wearing it around the house. Not the exact one but pretty darn close.
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    Yeah they could just take it back from what they've been siphoning off for the Red Sox, right? In all seriousness, you need to get away from this idea of owners funding clubs. They can't do that even if they wanted to as it breaches FFP. John Henry can't just go to the rest of FSG and say "revenues are down from this Covid thing lads, so let's write the Reds a cheque for £30m to cover it". That's not how it works and not how I'd want it to work anyway. I want the club to be self sustaining and spending money that it makes on its own merits, not using dodgy funds sneaked into the club via the back door through inflated, fake sponsorships like what City are doing. Criticising them for not spending money the club has made is one thing (it may or may not be valid, I have no idea to be honest), but criticising them for not throwing their own money into it is a different argument entirely, and one that's a bit daft.
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    Good job Rooney is a blue (manc) because he'd be hobbling around in his pair as they'd be on the wrong feet.
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    I've been working from home since the lockdown and I don't enjoy it for multiple reasons. Yes I'm saving a decent amount of money on food and travel and avoiding public transport has been great. But now I feel as if the lines between my home life and work life are blurred. When I left the office I would switch off from work until the next day. Now I find myself working more and more for some reason. I miss the interaction with colleagues too, as well as friends/former colleagues working nearby. I just feel at home I'm stuck indoors all day and it's driving me mad, especially with the kids running around not giving me a moments peace. My current accommodation isn't suited for a home office so I'm going through the hassle of looking for a new place. On top of that I'm getting more and more wound up by the missus (who works part time so is home most of the time) who wants me to take on added chores and tasks since I'm now at home full time, things I wouldn't do when I'm at the office and I'm not best pleased about that. Does that make me a whiney cunt? Possibly but either way I have felt a lot more tension with the misses since lockdown. The long-term effects could also be a worry. If you're not needed to be in the office, you could eventually become dispensable. Why would companies pay someone a decent salary to sit at home in the UK when they could potentially pay half that amount to someone sitting a home in a much cheaper country? I expect outsourcing to become a major problem over the coming years. Looking at it from a less selfish perspective, I'm worried about the economy of former office heartlands. It's not just coffee shops and sandwich bars that are suffering from a lack of office workers. Countless businesses will continue to suffer if city centres remain deserted. Bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, builders, electricians, plumbers, security, cleaners, transport workers. The list of industries dependent on a thriving office environment is endless . These people will be struggling and will lose jobs and the knock on effect will continue.
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    It wasn't Israel. Or America. A lesson learned today. Don't piss off the pensioners.
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    I find it odd people wouldn't want a back up left back? Last season when one of Trent or Robertson were missing we lost out attacking impetus. For how we play, full back is literally one of our most important positions, if not the most important. We need back up that is similar to the player that's there. Not a complete change to a defensive fullback every time one of them is suspended or injured.
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    I've probably watched Jamal Lewis play all his games for Northern Ireland. He is rapid (was a decent level athlete at school apparently) and can play football on the deck, and he has a great temperament for a kid. Perfect defensively, no, but he has time to learn. When we played Germany in Belfast in 2019 he had a pretty good game considering the opposition (facing up to Werner & Brandt). As a back up to Robbo I think he'd be good. He wouldn't be rushed in, he'd get his three months to work on the system in training, etc. and I reckon he'd be pretty ready come the winter schedule. £10m seems reasonable, £20m seems unreasonable, if Laurouchi is going the other way, maybe there's a price in the middle both teams might think works.
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    All that red and green just reminds me of Souness, Mark Wright and the horrible early 90s fashion.
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    The echo now spinning it that it needs to be a robbo type deal for is with laroucci covering the fee the way Stewart did for robbo and Lewis mightn't be interested as he's used to playing every week. So they've thrown in a few excuses for when the deal falls through for the fsg fan boys to cling to. Or klopp is fucking boss? He couldn't spend a fortune on a full back, knew pretty much anyone would be better than moreno and he was happy to have a project? We only moved for robbo as we couldn't get chillwell on the back of Wagner's recommendation, chillwell I think at that point hadn't played a premier league game. Robbo was not bought as a world star, he was a project and klopp combined with robbos willingness to listen and work became a world star. There's no secret Edward sauce, Edwards secret sauce is what brought is balotelli or etoo as the only 2 options to replace Suarez. Our secret sauce isn't very secret. It's the manager.
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    Scholes was 23 nearly 24 before he was 1st choice ahead of Nicky Butt in the Manchester United midfield. At 26 Ferguson bought Veron and pushed him out to the left. Liverpool players raced about the things Joe Cole could do in training. So fucking what. Paul Scholes was a good midfielder who could pass the ball. He couldn't run, couldn't tackle and wasn't as good as Alonso, never mind Gerrard.
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    Do those machines keep it chilled? They're a great idea. As I brew my own, I don't really have a need for something like that. I buy odd cans and bottles to try things, but I keg my own so have a fridge with 3 taps. I then also have those 5L mini kegs I'll "can" to too - they're a bit like the ones you've got there but a different style. You see maybe ghost ship in that style in the supermarket. I've got a little tap and co2 connection for them so they stay fresh for around a month.
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    Much like a snooker table, the city of Liverpool is 15 reds for every blue.
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    Page after page after page of Beef saying the same thing.
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    Attractive young girls seem happy to strike up conversations with me out of the blue. They clearly think I’m an old man who’s zero threat, not a romantic possibility and probably a little pathetic looking.
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    Just been looking at the Cotton Traders website. Their clothes look reasonably priced and comfortable.
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    I’m 52 years old and almost certainly won’t be popping out any sprogs now, so I’ll happily take my chances with the vaccine.
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    I've watched odoi loads. He's nowhere near the level you're talking about for me. Most clubs make mistakes selling players and the only big mistake there I would say there is de bruyne. Salah they never gave a chance and didn't feel they needed to, they sold him at a profit, which is their business plan. Sturridge they sold because they couldn't keep him fit. We got 12 months out of him. Lukaku they sold for a massive fee at the time. But that's all old news and doesn't matter. Odoi is so middle of the road, yes he's had an injury but he's been back from that for ages. The list of players who were going to be great when they were teenagers and turn out shit is much larger than the list of players who make it to the stars people predict. For me odoi is one of them. Williams? You did watch him the other week? He can barely even stand on his left leg. One guaranteed way to destroy the boy would be needing to chuck him in for 10 games should robbo pick up an injury. To be honest, I'd give chamberlain a role covering both full backs. Our full backs are more attacking than our midfielders and it's a kind of midfield role. He was a winger by trade and we might get more out of him in those positions than we do in midfield or attack where I think he's been ineffective since returning from that injury.
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    They introduce the problems so it's easy to excuse when the deal doesn't happen "we wanted Lewis, but he wasn't prepared to not play every week", they used to use the same line about Werner till Werner spent 2 months basically begging us to move for him, so then we had to shift the goalposts to "it wouldn't look good buying a backup forward after the furlough debacle". Oh hang on. The furlough debacle fsg chose themselves to do and then later back tracked? It's a fucking nonsense and the echos willingness (and to be fair all the other journos who's career completely depends on keeping the club sweet) is fucking embarrassing for them and for the people who swallow it. It's like believing a word Laura Cuntsberg comes out with regarding Johnson and his puppet master.
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    I’ve been dying to try this for ages, what a great beer. Goes down lovely.
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    I keep on seeing people saying this and it’s missing the point a lot in my opinion. There isn’t a binary choice between locking down and then we miss cancer referrals and the like OR we open everything up and don’t err on the side of caution and we can treat all these people, improve their mental health etc... If we assume for a minute that cases will rise as we open up more (and you might not think they will but I think it’s clear the majority of people advising the government on this do), lets say they get anywhere near the stage we were at in April, do you think that we will then have more or less resources to look at cancer referrals and treat people in the hospital? Will hospitals be more or less safe in this scenario? The more cases and deaths there are the more people are scared to go to health care settings, the more people have their mental health affected, the more people are worried about going to their GP and the more unsafe hospitals will be. One of the reasons we bring in lockdown measures and other restrictions is precisely so people can get treated for cancer or heart disease and attend hospitals as safely as possible. Erring on the side of caution is the right thing to do when it comes to an infectious, novel virus. Suggesting we don’t err on the side of caution seems a little nuts to me.