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    Blur, no contest. Don't listen to them now but absolutely loved them from She's So High to Parklife. Ocean Colour Scene were fucking brutal. That song about the train is up there with my most hated songs.
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    Saudis pulled out citing human rights abuses after visiting a sports direct factory
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    The irony being that an effective early lockdown would have both saved lives and protected the economy. That horrible, corrupt sack of shit was too busy wanking on about being a Superman for Capitalism to take the actions that the economy needed.
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    it is mad how many fan designed kits are really good but the people who are paid to design the kits are absolutely shite at their jobs.
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    They must have a template for these things. Liverpool already have their own [Most promising player in world in particular position] in [Unproven Liverpool youth player in vaguely similar position] so not spending this summer makes perfect sense.
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    Yes. Unless we finish 4th, then it'll be a disgrace that's ruining the sport.
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    I’m not too keen on them. These are lovely, think they only have them around Easter though.
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    Raped is the word they're looking for.
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    Dang, let me in already! I’m, like, super hyped for this drop. The L.F.C. road jersey is dope, I’m gonna be super stoked to cop.
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    Have a look at what the NZ PM has said, they are trying to reset their economy. Training, grants and exports. Found it.
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    It really is a balancing act between economy and safety. It is simple to say of course safety first always but people need to earn money. Essential business, supply lines everything the world cant stop. Its shitty as fuck, every possible safety measure should be taken, fuck off vouchers spend it on testing, track and trace. You can't have long term lockdowns or random ones I know people who have spent a fortune, accrued debt to re open their business and they could face another lockdown. Im not being a sociopath, saying fuck it let it do its thing but surely there's smarter ways than this random cluster fuck by the government. Sad thing is is this is a real opportunity to change things for the better for people, to actually implement big changes be innovative but we know for an absolute fact that after this it will be the very wealthy making a fortune and the worst off paying the price, the same as it ever was. The mobsters in charge aren't going to change anything when the game is rigged to benefit themselves.
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    Tony on his way to the barbers
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    I remember that feeling in the mid 90s to mid 00s
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    He's literally just taken a role as a paid advisor to the Saudi finance minister. The myth of the 'good/moderate' Tory will endure, though.
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    Sign up to Nike and put your bday down as August. You’ll get 25% off the new shirt and training kit.
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    Spot on. Talk is cheap but the average joe doesn't have to make these decisions. If only it was as easy as going on Twitter and proclaiming that if everyone stayed away from Bournemouth and waited for a cure then all would be well. Some people on Granada reports yesterday saying stuff like "oh people can go to the pub but I can't see my nan, they don't know what they're doing!" Well no, nobody knows what they're doing, that's cos it's a global pandemic involving a new - one might even say novel - virus that behaves in ways nobody has ever seen before. They probably wouldn't know what they were doing if an asteroid hit or there was a nuclear war either, if you do though feel free to take the reins. Let's ban pubs until you're allowed to see your nan again, put the 50 odd staff on the dole, rinse and repeat until there's no PPE for nurses because there's no actual fucking economy.
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    Most businesses instruct staff not to challenge people because the public can be rude, aggressive pricks and no one on minimum wage needs that shit.
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    Thanks for the compliment you bald cheating bastard. But do us a favor and fuck off along with your shit irrelevant club.
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    The Cure are boss, unfortunately they aren't the Stones. I don't really get why the Stones are in this if the Beatles aren't.
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    Going up to the allotment in an hour; loads of booze, big fire, some home cooked scran, a load of tunes on the Spotify Bluetooth speaker. Won't get back home til 3am ish, great just sitting in the fresh air, staring into those flames, cool beer in hand.
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    Judging by the voting and comments, we are looking at a Radiohead versus Genesis final with the winner getting a specially commissioned set of Star Trek figurines.