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    Blur, no contest. Don't listen to them now but absolutely loved them from She's So High to Parklife. Ocean Colour Scene were fucking brutal. That song about the train is up there with my most hated songs.
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    Saudis pulled out citing human rights abuses after visiting a sports direct factory
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    The irony being that an effective early lockdown would have both saved lives and protected the economy. That horrible, corrupt sack of shit was too busy wanking on about being a Superman for Capitalism to take the actions that the economy needed.
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    it is mad how many fan designed kits are really good but the people who are paid to design the kits are absolutely shite at their jobs.
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    They must have a template for these things. Liverpool already have their own [Most promising player in world in particular position] in [Unproven Liverpool youth player in vaguely similar position] so not spending this summer makes perfect sense.
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    Yes. Unless we finish 4th, then it'll be a disgrace that's ruining the sport.
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    I’m not too keen on them. These are lovely, think they only have them around Easter though.
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    Raped is the word they're looking for.
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    Dang, let me in already! I’m, like, super hyped for this drop. The L.F.C. road jersey is dope, I’m gonna be super stoked to cop.
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    Have a look at what the NZ PM has said, they are trying to reset their economy. Training, grants and exports. Found it.
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    It really is a balancing act between economy and safety. It is simple to say of course safety first always but people need to earn money. Essential business, supply lines everything the world cant stop. Its shitty as fuck, every possible safety measure should be taken, fuck off vouchers spend it on testing, track and trace. You can't have long term lockdowns or random ones I know people who have spent a fortune, accrued debt to re open their business and they could face another lockdown. Im not being a sociopath, saying fuck it let it do its thing but surely there's smarter ways than this random cluster fuck by the government. Sad thing is is this is a real opportunity to change things for the better for people, to actually implement big changes be innovative but we know for an absolute fact that after this it will be the very wealthy making a fortune and the worst off paying the price, the same as it ever was. The mobsters in charge aren't going to change anything when the game is rigged to benefit themselves.
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    They have took the piss making the two kits look completely different. Yes NB has the two different kits but the design was identical. Now people will be paying £70 for a top that isnt even the same design as the players wear. This is outrageous in my opinion.
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    She's just toasting all the kids her fella literally murdered in the last few weeks. Disgusting behaviour.
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    Although the same design as our home kit, that shirt is ace. Couldn’t Nike just have given us a white version with black and red trims instead of that green monstrosity?
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    The Cure are boss, unfortunately they aren't the Stones. I don't really get why the Stones are in this if the Beatles aren't.
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    Going up to the allotment in an hour; loads of booze, big fire, some home cooked scran, a load of tunes on the Spotify Bluetooth speaker. Won't get back home til 3am ish, great just sitting in the fresh air, staring into those flames, cool beer in hand.
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    You have a collection?
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    I don't think it's fair for shop staff to enforce masks especially as the coppers have already said they probably won't turn up to a mask incident if called. These poor folks have got enough on their plate (shop staff, not coppers).
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    I don't even know what you're on about now. The minimum wage in this country is around 75 quid for an 8 hour day. That's just fact. We had an incident here just weeks ago where sewing machinists in Leicester were getting paid less than half of that. The cost of living is significantly higher here. So if someone is working on £70 per day in China, I would guess they're doing alright unless they live in Beijing or Shanghai. However, we don't know where these workers are. We don't know how much they're earning. All you shared on the subject is a headline grabbing 70p per shirt. There is zero context around it to work out if it is good or bad. But if as suggested they could do 100 shirts a day (so on an 8 hour day that'd be about 12 shirts per hour which doesn't seem unreasonable assuming they're just stitching up ready made parts and we're not expecting them to hand embroider a liverbird), they would earn around £17.5k per year. The national average wage in China is £9k per year. So they would be earning 90% above the national average. The UK national average wage is £35k per year, so that £17.5k in China is the equivalent of earning £66k per year here. Amongst their Chinese compatriots, their standard of living would seem good. However, we don't know how much they get paid per day. We don't know where they live. We don't know their working conditions. We literally know nothing. So if you have an argument that we shouldn't import ANY products from countries with a low cost economy, let's have that discussion. However, we all use goods made in China every day. Our last shirt was made in Thailand where the national average wage is below that of China. We have goods made in these regions not because of their expertise, but because labour is cheap and worker rights is low. I believe this to be a bad thing, but is the very basis of our entire economy, not just LFC and Nike. I am 100% confident Nike get their kits made as cheaply as possible. I am equally confident other major manufacturers would and do behave the same. And those that don't would probably like to, but don't have the same scale to achieve the savings Nike, NB or Adidas can.