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    Preferred the original Craig David version.
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    That's a very polite way of putting it.
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    Steve Nicol isn't on their list of options so for that reason I'm out. I'm not even 100% sure I was going to pick him but I would have liked to have the option.
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    My missus took this one of her today...
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    Due to be released today. Lets see how the Tories deflect this. Lets see how the BBC report on it throughout the day and coming weeks. Lets see if anyone at all is held to account for all the bullshit and meddling. I fucking hate this government.
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    Fuck me 11 years for such a great player since this thread was used..... Anyway watching BenStokes chasing after that ball yesterday brought back a great McMahon memory ...
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    I’m not comfortable with the referendum being revisited again and again. The focus should really be on the country moving forward. The UK are leaving the European Union. The people democratically voted for that. Let’s try make a success of it, or at the very least, the least damaging possible.
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    Rush has to be in a Liverpool all-time XI, in my opinion.
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    Remember when Mourinho was at Real Madrid and him and Guardiola has some ridiculous ding-dongs? We all just sided with Guardiola because we all know Mourinho is a prick. Looking back on it now, Guardiola’s comments then were the same as his ones now. Plucky little Barcelona coming up against the oppressive Madrid regime and then being shocked when Mourinho stood up to him & threw some equal hissy fits of his own? He’s taken jobs where he’s inherited very good sides, which have massive advantages in the transfer market. Although he had a bit of rebuilding to do at Barca, he still inherited the majority of that dominant side, including the best player of all time. Every time somebody challenges him (Mourinho, Klopp, Solskjaer, Arsenal etc) he cry’s like a little bitch and that the whole world is against him. I’d loved to have seen his opinion on Malaga or Wolfsburg if they’d have continued their FFP bending ways before it went south for them (or what he’d think of Leipzig now). He’s a fucking sissy. Hopefully he doesn’t sign a contact extension and fucks off next season because I’m sick of the pretentious little mewling quim.
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    I dont think they've ever taken money out of the club like the Glazers do but what they are is ridiculously over cautious about spending anything and just keep it in the club. We always get told by the FSG propaganda merchants that the increase in revenue is going to benefit the club. There seems to be too many excuses to spend anything and our transfer budget for the last six years is wholly dependent on what player sales are made. I will be pissed off if any other clubs carry on as normal spending money, especially ones that have nowhere near the income we have. City will just spend what they usually spend. If clubs like Southampton, Arsenal, Palace and Brighton end up spending more than us then the fans have every right to worry and criticise them. They aren't as bad as the two twats who owned us previously as they haven't put debt on the club in the way they did and weren't as disastrous at running a business as them. They were just managed all their businesses on brinkmanship and refinancing money.
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    You did read that, right? Because, even a cursory glance shows that it says membership reduces inequality and there is a trend of this reducing over time. External's are at a higher risk, so surely this is the exact opposite of your point(s) as the EU protects it's members from exploitation? Try a little closer to home and what the Tories rammed through last night, whilst free from EU involvement, that's where the real problems begin and end.
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    I don't know anyone who voted Leave on the basis of being told (by the lie bus) that it was the best way to protect the NHS. If anyone did, I wonder what they make of the sight of the Tories putting it on the table for trade talks with the US.
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    45,000 people have officially died of Covid-19 in the UK. About half have died in care homes. So that's approx. 22,500 that have died in hospitals. There are 1250 hospitals in the country. On average that is 18 dead in each hospital, over about 16 weeks. Hospitals are not pumping out dead bodies but that does not mean that is a hoax or that you or your sister are being lied to. Hancock is trying to cover for his government's disastrous handling of the epidemic. Freddie Mercury died of pneumonia but we all know it that was the true cause of death. There are 65,000 excess deaths this year in the UK. That would be the real figure I'd be looking at.
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    Don't because fireworks are shite!
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    Ole: Rivals are trying to create a VAR narrative! Wtf! The shit weve been labelled all season. LiVARpool. Divers, Asterix, null and void and there's a narrative against United. He really is a Moyes level gimp.