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    I've quit. Bit of a wrench after nearly 5 years and a couple of CAMRA awards but given that the bar is small I wouldn't get more than 10 people in it with the reduced footfall and social distancing. I used to take over 6 grand a week. I was paid a weekly retainer plus 20% of turnover. I'd be amazed if it takes a third of that now. Since lockdown I've been delivering 5l containers of real ale to peoples houses all over Leeds and it's been incredibly busy. I've really enjoyed having evenings and weekends to myself for the first time in years too. The delivery setup has gone to the next level. I've set up a company called The Yorkshire Ale Man. I'm having a web site built, I've got some premises and I'm moving on to metal 5l mini casks which I'll be sending out with DHL nationwide. As they say, one door closes and another opens but this was my own decision. I want nothing to do with the shitfest that pubs are going to have to deal with. More hassle than it's worth and I reckon we'll see big localised spikes in infections. I still have the app on my phone with which I can access the security cameras in the bar. I was more than a bit stunned on saturday to see an ICU nurse who I know very well and who's been telling everyone there's gonna be another spike, sat drinking in there with her husband.
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    Wetherspoons - Selling tarnished cutlery that would give salad fingers the horn
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    I stand by everything I've said against the owners. Nobody here thinks that Tito Vilanova, Luis Enrique and Ernesto Valverde are all phenomenal football managers. Between them, they have 5 La Ligas and a champions league. We all know that's bullshit. What they actually had, was Leo Messi and they were able to scratch trophies out of him. We saw FSG's plan for this football club when they sacked Kenny and anointed Rodgers. I'm not prepared to congratulate Boston hedge fund owners, because they were able to convince a once in a generation genius to try his luck with us.
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    Tbh, the bare-faced cheek of the U.K. govt describing any other country as high risk is mind-blowing when they’re willing to send plane-loads of plague-infested Brits out into the world
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    Nobody does mate, dont worry. Give it 25 years.
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    Life is pretty much back to normal - except no foreign tourists. The only flights in or out are for expatriation flights. Tourist dependent towns like Hoian are having big problems from street vendors to the horrible huge resort hotels that have sprung up like mushrooms over the last few years. Because of the governments immigration policies, there are no more border runs to renew visas, visa agents and immigration officials are all collecting Mercedes-Benz brochures - its currently about $250 US for a 3 month visa extension. Somebody used Downfall for a brilliant parody showing the problems facing expats wanting to stay longer. 10000000_1358375291029162_7595785283947998092_n.mp4
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    I remember my Nan watching the wrestling on TV on a Saturday afternoon. Bearing in mind she was in her eighties the soundtrack went along the lines of: - kill him - smash his fucking face in - kick him in the bollocks - kill him Rinse and repeat.
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    Very sad news, Rest In Peace sir.
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    Can anyone sun this up for him?
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    M and S. A kinky sex and torture club for middle class couples.
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    No issue with him being fifth in line up front, but should never be first cab on the rank.
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    Origi is an enigma. There is obviously something there but he just doesn't seem to have the intelligence to provide his ability consistently,or at all of late.
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    It's been disgraceful that Liverpool have failed to locate any locals in recent times. The idea that there wasn't one teenager in a football-mad city capable of playing for a team that was struggling to make the top four was a damning indictment of the Academy. Now they have found two who look at home in the best team in the world. Just champion.
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    I did not come on here to be sunned at.
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    Vietnam has had 355 cases total (340 cured), 0 deaths. 80 days since the last community acquired case, only repatriated Vietnamese. Quarantine, tracking and mass testing. Borders closed immediately, schools closed for months, and an almost total lockdown for about 6 weeks. No public transport, essential services only and face masks compulsory in public.
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    Hehehe. Welcome to TLW. Enjoy your stay here.
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    Its never enough. What we've won is now in the past and we prepare for next season and do it all again. We are Eurpean, World and League Champions now we prepare to do it again next season. We are back on our perch and we plan to stay there.
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    Last time I went to Brighton I got some whelks on the pier and a seagull swooped in and grabbed a beakful then shat on me as he flew away. Avenge me, Reds. Just get these beat.
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    And his sisters got the XHamster
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