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    Same as it ever was - 7 games to go in the league and Liverpool have nothing to play for. Pathetic.
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    Nah, littering is a cunt’s trick. Always has been, always will be. If you can carry food and ale to the beach, you can carry the packaging away with you. All fast food drive-thrus have plenty of bins. If you’ve got enough energy to drive to one, sit thereand eat your food, you’ve got enough energy to get out of it and walk to the bin. Scruffy pricks.
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    I've only ever been to two Labour conferences, both under sufferance. The first was under Brown's leadership and there were the likes of Ed Balls, an economics expert talking about stuff like how the country could harness post war economics as an alternative to austerity. The second was under corbyn. There were loads of old white blokes outside waving Palestinian flags and Eddie Izzard was walking around the lobby in high heels. There was nobody recognisable giving speeches either, MPs had been banished to some kind of naughty step and the vibe was very much that they were there to do what they were told and speak when they were spoken to, most of the speeches were by delegates, random council staff from Trafford and the likes, talking about solidarity with kashmir. Both myself and everyone else I know who are members of a clp (three different ones between us) have largely the same experience. You 'get told' what the clp has voted for, if you go and raise an unpopular view you get shouted down. If you email and ask why you weren't invited to an important vote (I was never told when they'd be meeting to vote for their preferred party leadership candidate, for example) you don't get a response. If you complain about this to region or the national party, you don't get a response. During the election working for a Labour MP I was writing pamphlets and posters and making it up as I went along as there was nobody above you delivering any kind of strategy or support. It was every man for themselves. The people around corbyn focused their election efforts on stuff that would make the news, such as trying to oust high profile tory MPs even though they had no chance of winning, rather than concentrating any resources on areas where labour could actually win or retain a seat. Crucially, and this is where I was well and trying finished with the corbyn project. There was talk about a year ago about replacing him as leader (with his agreement) with someone that might have a better chance of winning, as it was felt that due to all the Brexit shit that an election was coming (probably this year). The people who suggested this were allies of his but who wanted to see a labour government. But the people in his immediate circle convinced him to stay, knowing that he couldn't win. We went into the election knowing we'd lose, everything was about fighting your own fires with no support from above. It was a disgrace. A lot of pople latched onto the corbyn project because it gave them some power and influence. They rocked up to meetings in caps and Che Guevara t shirts with banjos autographed by Jeremy and told elected MPs "just remember who you're working for". They were the type of people we've all met, the type of people who berate the work experience kids for having 'no common sense' and claimed to have been from the University of life. But they didn't know shit about shit. They just said solidarity a lot, blagged their way into council committees for a few extra grand a year and tried to bully anyone that stood in their way. I'm not saying these are representative of everyone who joined under corbyn, but in my experience they're the ones who've wielded the influence. Needless to say, these are not firm foundations for acquiring power and forming a government. But many of them didn't care, and as a pragmatist who simply doesn't want to live under a tory government into his 50s and fucking 60s, that's unforgivable.
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    We've just been through 30 years without winning it and with hindsight it's not that hard to understand how that happened. 30 years sounds like a long time but it's not really, it's only 6 or 7 different attempts at it. We got really good 3 times but each time there was someone better. Those 3 attempts took 3, 3 and 2 years to build plus another 2 years to accept the attempt had failed. That's the guts of 15 years not really doing that much wrong. The only mistake we made was showing patience and that was only a mistake after the event. Solskajaer could build a couple of really good sides (he won't) but unfortunately for him if he does he will end up running into our magnificently constructed machine. Before you know it 8 years as become 11, another plan is needed with the target of winning it in 3 years. If that fails 16 years is just around the corner, with each year the pressure builds until it becomes a noose around the neck, panic and anxiety transfers from the stands to the pitch and a hard task becomes impossible. It will take a generational player or a manager better than Klopp to get them over the line, good luck with that. This current Utd side as some prick teasers in that will cause them serious issues. Wan Bisaka and Martial both have enough about them to build around for the future but I can tell you with a high degree of certainty neither will make the grade. Maguire is too expensive to abandon and he's shit, Pogba has no interest in being there buy will do enough to squeeze an improved contract from them. Rashford has made himself indispensable for 10 years despite not being much more than decent. In closing fuck Ole the wannabe prick.
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    The news on Dec seems promising. On Wednesday afternoon he was all set to get a lorry load of volunteers from Mayo, Galway and Roscommon to join the 15th International Brigade and fight Franco's forces of tyranny in Cordoba. Thursday and Friday, mostly asleep. This afternoon he's had his catheter removed which was a great relief and in his drowsy state he told me he loved me. So overall I'd say good and bad, mostly good. Chances are he will be home on Tuesday as long as things keep going according to plan. Thank you to everyone who has given towards some flowers etc and for all your concern and good wishes. He knows nothing about this thread and collection, so he will be humbled and made up when he finds out.
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    The youngsters in the club need to be coached by him as soon as.he hangs up his boots. Commitment mentality and a lot of underrated talent. Best free we have ever secured and that includes Gary mac
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    Friends and Comrades, I bring good news during these dismal times. On Tuesday, KMD7 (Declan) who is known to all of us after his many years of service, some of us better than others, had a life saving Kidney transplant in a hospital in Dublin. He hadn't wanted to say anything, or want me to say anything, but he has been ill for a long time now. Not only was the operation a success (fingers crossed for the long term), but better and more amazing than that, the donor of the Kidney was his wife Mary. She has been an absolute superstar, stood by her man and literally saved his life. She had her operation on Tuesday morning, Declan had his in the afternoon/evening and both have come through as well as could possibly be expected. I did say to him a while ago that it could be worse, he could be getting one of my Kidneys and I wouldn't recommend that to anybody. He is groggy and sore as you would expect and in good spirits. He is likely to be in Hospital until this time next week, depending on progress. Mary is due home this weekend, again, all being well. I'm sure you would like to wish Dec and Mary all the very best for a speedy recovery. Dec has been part of the furniture here for longer than the furniture. I thought it might be a nice gesture, in true TLW fashion to send Mary some flowers for her return home. I'm reliably informed that sending flowers to Declan is a bad idea as he will eat them. Being a dunce, I have no idea how we do a donation, a gift or whatever, so our lovely social secretary @Champ has kindly offered her expertise in this matter, so if anyone wanted to chip in, it would be a wonderful gesture and most appreciated. EDIT: You can send donations via paypal to cath.platts@sky.com Failing that, send @Champ a PM and she will give you details for a bank transfer.
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    If he'd have played more for us he'd have done exactly the same.
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    Most of these bellends won’t be match goers, but that doesn’t remove the association with the club. i just don’t understand the mentality. You know there are thousands of twats lining up to have a go at us, but you do it anyway. It’s fuck all to do with celebrating the title - and again I’m not saying that to dissociate our support from this behaviour. What I mean is that I’ve lost sleep about the outcome of seasons for years since I was a kid. I’ve lived massive highs and massive lows. I went to the big parade in 05 and I’ve been off my face and loud after big wins and horrible defeats. On Thursday night I watched loads of footy related stuff till about 1am then went to sleep. I then watched a load more yesterday. It feels great - a mixture of relief, satisfaction and happiness for the players and manager. If I lived in Liverpool I might have gone so far as to stand in the street and sing with any red neighbours. But what the fuck has going to the pier head 24 hours later got to do with any of it? It’s not a spontaneous expression of joy, it’s a selfish decision to have a party. I know someone who died of COVID he almost certainly contracted at the Atletico game. It’s wilfully disrespectful. The way you act around COVID is all about consideration and respect - whether that’s going into the middle of the road when you’re out for a jog and there’s others on the pavement or not leaning across some dozy fucker taking ages in the meat aisle. This behaviour is akin to the fuckwits shitting in boxes on the beach or having illegal raves in Manchester and London. It’s wilfully selfish: ‘I don’t care - I’m going to do it’. Lots of the people acting out in these various ways (at least in Liverpool, Brixton and Manchester) would oppose this government on many things, especially Brexit and certainly the handling of the lockdown. But this kind of premeditated wilful selfishness is the perfect expression of Johnson-ism in action: act the cunt because other people are doing it and you’ll probably get away with it and because you feel you’ve got an inalienable right to give the finger to the rest of the world while asserting the identity you think makes you special, no matter what real harm you’re doing. Want to celebrate WW2 nostalgia and white Britain while fucking over your grandkids? Vote Brexit. Want to line your own pockets and those of your mates while fucking over deprived local authorities? Become a government minister? Want to show how defiantly scouse you are and get smashed? Take your pyro down the Pier Head in a pandemic. Not only does this reflect the government’s nihilism, it feeds it. The strategy for this lot who don’t have a clear ideology, any basic level of competence or any redeeming character attributes between them is to sow division. It’s whataboutery on an industrial scale. ‘Don’t blame us, blame the scousers, the southern working class on the beaches, the black, the racists, the people who go to JD Sports and Primark, etc etc’. It works. They want this stuff to happen. They want us to blame each other and get defensive and blame Cummings. I’m also mildly embarrassed by the scale of our celebrations. Sure, there should be a big fuss about it and a proper parade in due course for the likes of us and and the players. Sure, we can’t police who can come along and we have lots of supporters who don’t feel it like we do and will jump on the bandwagon. Sure, the 30-year wait makes it unique and a massive relief, but it’s one title. I’m pleased Sky and BBC have made a big fuss, and it is special, but it can be overdone so that it can begin to feel a bit like Everton winning a derby and bringing out a DVD after a while. I guess what I’m saying is that there is nothing about what happened on the pitch that should lead anyone to think they should be congregating in town at all. Onto City then next year.
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    Interesting and brave admission, mate.
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    I just asked my sister about that- she lives in Coventry. Supposedly, the two black guys had been threatening people with knives and were chased and cornered, with a bit of a mob forming. They were arrested to get them out the way as the police didn't have enough backup available. Knives may or may not have been found in the bins following the arrest. That's the trouble with Twitter, there's usually no context to anything, it's really dangerous.
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    This Tory government is going to bring the country to its knees quite simply Labour has to win the next election or there will be two generations of the working class bypassed in a mirage of lies surrounding austerity,covid and Brexit. I don't really care about left middle right of the party all I know is whomever the leader at least the general thrust of the policies will be for the good of all. Look at the housing development scandal 45 million diverted away from local spending at the stroke of a pen that's how the Tories operate and it's there for all to see. There is one goal and that is to remove Tories from power whatever has to be done to achieve that needs to happen.
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    Article in The Guardian with authors of famous detective series on how they see the series ending and if they’d kill the detective off. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jun/27/me-and-my-detective-by-lee-child-attica-locke-sara-paretsky-jo-nesb-and-more?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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    Whether we’ve argued, debated, abused each other or whatever. We’ve done it on here because we care about this club & we’ve all wanted that title back, we’ve been passionate during the process. Enjoy it everyone - it’s back!
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    Milner vs. Bournemouth Like most of the season, an impressive display of skill and determination.
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    In the glorious weather, I had a hankering for the mouthwatering, simple seafood we ate lots of in Lisbon a few years back. Got on the phone to the local fishmonger, had a delivery that evening and stuck the BBQ on. Whole grilled mackerel with garlic prawns and scallops served with lemony, herby potatoes (I love these - preserved lemons, garlic and whatever mix of herbs from the garden, usually rosemary, sage, mint, parsley). Hit the fucking spot, it was sensational: Next week we have an order for a bucketload of the prawns so hoping for another nice day to stick them all on the BBQ and serve them with some good sauces and homemade bread.
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    So the 30 year wait is finally over and it feels amazing. I was 7 the last time we won the league and its been a painful 30 years of near misses and massive disappointments. The 90s were so so poor for us in a time when we had the players and the talent at the club and should have won the league with the players we had. That team of 96 should have won the league but it all fell apart. With the league won and is also winning the CL we need to ensure we stay where we are and for me we need to also end another long wait which is the FA Cup. Its been 14 years since we last won it and although its no longer regarded in such high esteem it is a major trophy and I'm desperate for us to win it again. It still has that magical feeling for me.
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    Craig Charles just opened his Radio 6 Funk and Soul Show with YNWA. He followed it with Get Down With It by Little Richard, never had such a pleasant 10 minutes cleaning up the kitchen after tea.
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    We are extremely fortunate to have this man in charge of our football club I honestly don't know of anyone who could have done the job he's done with the budget he's been given. He really is in a league of his own when it comes to Managers long may he stay here as I can only see more silverware turning up .
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