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    A bit of the context I mentioned earlier. This is my nearly-7-year-old son at half-time last night: At his age I wasn't half as into it as he is, what with the ubiquity of football coverage and the interest of his parents. Mine wouldn't know if a football was blown up or stuffed. I was 21 before I got to Anfield while he was only 6 when he got to the Arsenal game in the League Cup: It was only recently that the penny dropped with me that the scarf he is wearing has now been to Anfield around the neck of four generations of his family: his great-grandfather, his grandfather (including the Saint-Étienne game), his mother, and now him. It's been a wild 30 years. Here's hoping the next 30 for him are as much of a ride.
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    Got pissed in the back garden yesterday afternoon. Came inside to watch the match. Fell asleep before kickoff and missed the lot. Ffs.
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    I arrived as a 22-year-old back packer at Dover, from Ostend by ferry, in 1989. As soon as I got off the ferry, the first phone call I made - in a phone box - was to Liverpool FC, asking about how I go about getting a season ticket - never mind having somewhere to live. It was my life's ambition - since I was 7 - to watch Liverpool play... to attend a Liverpool/United FA Cup Final at Wembley, the ultimate. Palace fucked that up for me at Villa Park, about 6 months later - but I was on the Kop when we lifted that title in 1990. I've spent the last 10 of the 30 years since, talking shit on here, waiting for us to win the title again. This place got me back to Anfield - with my son for the first time - thanks to Scott_M. We lost that day, to Crystal fucking Palace of course - and haven't lost at Anfield since. I'm hoping we win it tomorrow morning my time, with me online here. It's been quite the journey for me since 1974, when I first remember taking up the red cudgels... I'm old now - by employable standards, for sure - and, I don't know, this covid thing makes the whole thing about supporting Liverpool a little more global and ecumenical. When we win the title - whether we're in West Derby, Tuebrook, Nunavut or Melbourne - we'll be here. Two quid well spent this month, I reckon.
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    After 30 years, it will be like the first one all over again! It will be sweet. Through the 70's and especially the late 80s, it was almost 'another title, meh' because we were so dominant. It is hard to describe what a 30 year title drought is like when you were accustomed to winning the title virtually every other year. After that success, at the time, it is hard to admit your team isnt good enough. There was a degree of 'this season we will get it right' only to realise with the club buying out of the bargain bucket, it wasnt happening. Later tonight, if chelsea score, I'll be cheering. If chelsea draw, I'll be cheering. If we win it, I'll fucking burst into tears even though Im an arl arse. 30 years is just too fucking long. How did we get to here? I know some folk detest FSG, who they are, what they stand for and all that. But, they're the owners in 30 years when we get over the line. The club from top to bottom is on the right path even if it does get a bit rocky at times. I hope Jurgen can win us another one or two titles before he calls his time here. I hope the players win the medals they deserve. Im riding this wave for as long as I can.
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    To sum it up (in case Liverpool Lad is reading):- More than four years after Joe Anderson said they'd be in a new stadium within three years, they don't have any land, any detailed plans, any planning consent, the "world class architect" or the funding. But, don't worry. It's definitely happening and the redshite heads are all going to fall off.
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    Like all of us on here and no doubt all Reds, this means the world and it is quite hard to put it into words.... I was 18 the last time we won it and if you would have told me then that we wouldn't win it again for another 30 years I simply would not have believed you. I used to go pretty much every week back then, home and away - but i actually missed the game where we clinched it at home to QPR on the Saturday, but I was there (just) to see us presented with it after playing Derby on the Tuesday after - Dalglish's last appearance for us and Hansen coming out and doing a 'John Terry' to receive the trophy 20 years ahead of that prick! It felt good winning it that year after the heartbreak of what happened the year before. Of course since then in the 30 years that have followed we have known plenty more heartbreak - none worse than 2014 when for the first time really since 1990 it felt to me as if it was finally going to be ours again - only for our captain and one of the greatest of all time to suffer what he suffered and we just couldn't recover from that could we.....i have never felt lower about a football result than that day. The scars remain and have left a mark on all of us i think. I remember going away to Norwich that season and in the concourse at half time the songs of 'we're gonna win the league' and 'we're gonna win the football league again' were sang as loud and with more belief than i had ever heard them in my adult life.... All the years watching those fucking mancs dominate, winning title after title - us being also rans/putting in the odd challenge like 08/09 when somehow we managed to only lose twice all season, do the double over the team who won it and the team who finished 3rd but still it never really felt like we would win it. Last season of course - fucking hell, 1 loss, 97 pts - a higher total than any title winning side in history bar the one that beat us that year and their centurions one....you could not be blamed for thinking it is just not meant to be. But this side hauled themselves up won number 6 and then this season have put together the most incredible run - truly unseen......only for a fucking Pandemic to sweep the globe, you couldn't write it......the world stopped still, football a part of it.....of course peoples lives and health are more important than football, but fucking hell nobody could be blamed for cursing our fucking luck here, is it about to be taken away from us or at best handed to us in a meeting, when it was so close and so close in such incredible fashion. The game has come back, albeit in an altered state in an altered world and 30 years of watching us be unable to crack this pinnacle, watching the mancs dominate , watching chelsea's money buy titles, watching Man City cheat to titles, watching Leicester fucking City and Blackburn fucking Rovers scale the mountain - is about to come to a glorious end. The scenes that would have accompanied it are sadly not going to be enjoyed and seen, but the achievement remains undiminished... the release, the pride, the joy, the shoving the taunts back down the rests throats are all going to feel great, more than fucking great. The giant 30 year monkey is finally being thrown off our back, the doubt, the angst, the nervousness, the feeling we are cursed - all gone. I'll shed tears when it happens and i have no problem at all admitting that, i can only imagine most Reds will be the same. Liverpool Football Club - Champions. Feels fucking good! LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB - CHAMPIONS A liverbird upon my chest We are men of Shankly's best A team that plays the Liverpool Way And wins the Championship in May (or June or July)
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    I'm squesantly pleased for him.
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    After the Derby a few opposition fans were beginning to entertain the notion that if Palace lived up to their bogey team credentials and City beat us at the Etihad, we might wobble and bottle it. Last night was a message. It wasn’t just an emphatic win. We dominated Palace, hunted them all over the park for ninety minutes, and they never even got a kick in our penalty area. Last night we took that game and used it to crush any hopes others had that we’d fuck it up. And it was beautiful.
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    I loved that game. Get the fuck in. 7 months sober - last bender started at Palace away on 23/11. Who’d have thought then that I wouldn’t be able to raise a glass to lifting the curse? But I lifted more than my fair share over the years. Pretty emotional after that.
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    I was young, fit and gorgeous. Now I’m old, fat and gorging.
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    My daughter is. Mixed in with autism and her inability to experiment with food you can imagine how bland her diet is. Gluten free cereal is alright, but she has to take her own lunch to school to ensure no cross contamination. This is usually cucumber, grapes, lettuce, ham, plain crisps and a gluten free biscuit (£1.40 for 8 bourbon biscuits!) She won't eat half of the lunch but she'll pick at it all. Evening meals are usually anything from chips, waffles, plain white rice, sausages, gluten free fish fingers (£3 for 10), gluten free cheese pizza (£4), gluten free nuggets. Sweets she'll only go for Haribo and she loved smarties before her coeliac diagnosis. Was close to ecstatic tears the other night when I found Aldi do gluten free sweets called Choc'ums which are blag smarties, peanut m&m's and crispy m&m's and they only charge 79p for a big bag. Her eyes lit up when I gave her a bowl of the smarties, she's not eaten anything like that for over a year. Fucking hard. She can't eat party food if she's ever invited to one because it's laced with gluten and she can't understand why she's not allowed the food. She can't even have McDonald's because the nuggets and fish goujons have gluten in and the same oil is used for the chips so cross contaminates. Her class went on a school trip and they made my daughter sit there with a mcflurry while all the other kids had Happy Meals. Could have burst into tears when they told me. Don't get me started on the cost of gluten free food. Robbing twats. You can get bread on prescription. About 12 loaves a month. Can really see a 6 year old going through three Warby's a week, can't you? We just buy a loaf a week and give it to school who insist on making her toast with it. She never eats it.
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    I was 13 and so blasé about it. But the real takeaway from the last 30 years was missing out in 2014 and thinking in subsequent years that I'd probably never see it happen again in my lifetime. Even the appointment of Klopp, thrilling as it was, merely meant Liverpool would regularly compete for the top four because one of Man City or Chelsea or whatever other club would be picked up as the plaything of oil barons, would always be in the ascendant, and deny Liverpool a fair shot at glory. The luck that accrued to Leicester was a once-in-a-lifetime moment and that moment had now passed for everyone. Yet here we are. I'm so goddamn happy.
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    They literally just changed the name. One season ended another one began under a new name. 3 points a win, 1 point a draw and zero points a loss the same as the previous season. Same teams apart from promotions and relegations, same players aside from the usual transfers. They repackaged it to sell but football was exactly the same. Do we divide the FA cup by who sponsored it, the league cup the champions league. It's ridiculous. Liverpool will be champions of England for the 19th time. Anybody who separates being the champions into league champions and premier champions is a fuckwit beyond measure and highlights themself as a marketing sheep, the mark that office yuppies target because they are thick as shit and easy to manipulate. The kind of trebor extra Mong strength like United fans who when they had less titles than Liverpool would wipe everything Busby and his babes achieved from their history so they could say United had more prem titles than Liverpool but then when they won number 19 it magically became 19 titles and then 20 and if it happens we win 21 before they do I guarantee Busbys titles will be consigned to the bin as they declare football began in 1992 again. Fuckwits.
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    30 years. I was 6 when we won the league 89/90 and I don't remember it. I have memories from around that age like Italia 90 and have a vague recollection of the goings on around that fateful day in Sheffield. I also remember the 89 cup final day because I had a bobble hat, I also remember my auntie and uncles wedding that summer of 89. I still can't recall the 90 title win. Maybe it was because we used to win it so often that it didn't resonate as success was just there all the time I don't know. If its your first (from memory) title how do you think you will react? I couldn't really absorb last night. I went to a small BBQ with her family and watched it. Came home intending to have a few beers and stay up late but ended up in bed far earlier because I couldn't quite comprehend whats about to happen despite know its going to happen for months. If you've seen us win the title before how will it compare? Particularly for the likes of Stringvest and Tokyo who had to endure a 17 year gap after 1906 then a 23 year gap and then a further 16 or so year gap after before we started having a consistent reel of titles.. My suspicion is that will be and is the biggest. We have managed to not win the league title in 30 years but have still stayed relevant throughout. Its not like we have mopped up domestic cups but the 06 Champions League kept us right in everyones minds as a top side. Its all of a sudden become very surreal to me. I don't care if its tonight, next week or the week after.
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    You should see their list of murderers.. you're on it! so am I.
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    Exactly! I'd rather shit in my hands and clap!
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    This will be my first. I was 10 when we last won and growing up in a country (Australia) where Football (call it soccer here) was classed as a second class sport so it took a bit of time to develop an interest especially as coverage was minimal (pre internet/ no pay TV etc). USA 94 was when I really began to engage with Football, and not after (95/96) became a fully fledged Reds fan. Went through some tough years in the late 90s but there was just a connection, and the love for the club has grown from there. There have been triumphs and heartbreaks thought that time (with plenty of bleary eyed mornings watching the team) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though I live many thousands of miles away, in many ways I have never felt closer to the team than now. Such a loveable group of individuals led by Jurgen and Hendo but then you’ve got Robbo (personal fav), Virg and the front three etc...... It will be the true culmination of a great journey to get to this point but I am positive it is not the ending either.
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    I was 22, buying my first house, in an area managers job in retail and engaged to a stunning looking girl. Glory days indeed.
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    I was his agent there for a little while. His career has really taken off since we parted ways. Let that be a lesson to any of you aspiring actors out there.